Canadian Political Economy

4 April 2015
This paper on the Canadian political economy states that Canada is seen as a thriving post-modern economy but, at the same time, sufferers from problems of political identity disintegration and economic regionalization.

This paper states that Canadians are overwhelmed with uncertainties about the capacity of their political system to achieve their economic goals. The author believes that the federal state is moving towards neoliberal control, which downgraded economic tasks to lower levels of governance and raised power to the global and continental tiers. The paper describes the many changes that have taken place in the role and organization of the Canadian government to achieve this neoliberal economic policy.
“Since the Canadian government settles trade treaties but can execute them only in areas of its own constitutional jurisdiction, provincial participation has been necessary to realize what are understood to be the profit of liberalized trade. For this reason, Ottawa has encouraged improved provincial participation since the 1970s.

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In contradiction, an increased provincial function in trade policy has resulted in diminished provincial capability for industrial policy.”

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