Cancer Staging and Bucket List

7 July 2016

Knowing your death in order to make a bucket list. In this argument i’m going to argue that you do need to know your death date to make a efficient bucket list. Useing the book “The five people you meet in heaven”, and also the movie “The bucket list”. I’m going to give prime examples and reasoning from these two in order to create this argumentive paper. In the book The five people you meet in heaven there is the main character named Eddie, Eddie is a war vet and currently works at Ruby pier. His whole like he wanted to do somthing with his life and not end up like his abusive father and work at ruby pier his wole life.

Eddie woudl always tell his mother about the dreams he has for when he grows up but his father would always laugh and counter attack his thoughts. His dream was to be a mechanic. (? ) He met His later to be wife Marguerite (ch 1) at ruby pier. When he grew up and married marguerite after the war she wanted a baby to start there lifes (165), But Eddie was always scared to have a child. They planned on adopting one but Eddie backed out of it. So just by the few things it shows that Eddie has a hard time with going through with things like his goal in life and having a child.

Cancer Staging and Bucket List Essay Example

I think if Eddie would have made a bucket list of things to do before he died he would have had alot more funnier healthy life, because after his wife died he had nothing but the pier and thats not the way to spend your final years of your life. And becasue he did not know he was going to die at the time given he was always like well I have the next day to think of a bucket list theres no rush, I’m not going anywhere. So I think it just shows for Him that he just pushed it off because his death date was a question mark, And if he would have knew a time line then I think he would have headed in the direction of Edward and Carter.

For the movie The bucket list, there was the rich Edward who had every thing and then thier was carter who didn’t have much but he had enough hope and love from his family. They were both hit with cancer and of course edward had done about anything you could think off so hes not the one that created the bucket list, but it was carter because he wanted the rest of his life to mean somthing and not just stay at home surrounded by people crying and not

doing anything with the rest of his time left. So by knowing his death he was able to think of a bucket list of things hes wanted to do, and edward decided to do these things. If they didn’t know they had the cancer or were told it woulnd’t kill you I’d doubt they would consider doing the bucket list only because Carter would think he has more time with his family to spend because hes not going to die. And edward would have just went to being the same people who he was.

So I think just by knowing you have a time line is very crucial it gives you the proper motivation to create and go through with the bucket list. And its not like carter was the only one that got somthing out of the whole thing, because of Carter edward was able to see his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years before he passed away so Cater gave edward somthing to remember as well. My own personal Story to back up why it takes you to know the time line of your death to create a bucket list is about my mother.

My mother was hit with lung cancer stage 4, this happened out of the blue. They told my mom and us what her time line was but there was always hope that the time line would get pushed back, I think She should have made a bucket list but on the other hand money was a problem so With Edward and Carter Edward was the reason the bucket list went through because he could support it. So really theres alot of other facters that come into the bucket list because not everything is free.

But she did have one wish during christmas was to go to Clifton Mills to see all the lights and she was able to do that and even if its one thing or 5 things on the bucket list you can complete I think it changes everything. I’m sure edward would have been happy to be a Mechanic for just 5 days. So my Arugment is based on knowing your death time line in order to make and go through with a bucket list, because if you don’t know you always will say I have the next day and so on. Maybe you could consider your life how it went was a bucket list, Only you could be the judge.

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