Candy Corner

10 October 2016

Candy Corner is the first retail outlet in the Philippines to combine traditional packaged and novelty confectionery with the concept of customers’ choosing and combining their own selection of sweets. The first Candy Corner store in Glorietta 2 was opened in October 1996. The business grew most during the economic turmoil of 1997 and 1998 with growths of over 300% both in volume and sales. Now, with over 11 years’ experience in the confectionery retail trade, we are proud to have a total of 77 outlets nationwide, of which 49 are company-owned.

We aim to promote the experience of fun by providing exciting and unique candies to everyone. Thus, the company has focused its efforts and resources in research and development, especially in its merchandising department. We currently offer over 300 varieties of confectionery to our customers, including some of the world-renowned brands in the industry. The latest addition to our roster of products is Jelly Belly, the world’s number 1 gourmet jelly bean, and America’s Original Dubble Bubble. Candy Corner’s growth and expertise in management is evidenced by its continuous expansion.

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The latest additions to the Candy Corner line-up are new in SM Taytay and SM Muntinlupa. Aside from the Candy Corner brand, we have also expanded our market reach and again introduced new and exciting store concepts such as Buzzy Bees Cafe, Nuts about Candy, Snak Shack, Good to Go and Cacao. With our strength in sourcing worldwide and the privilege of getting very prime locations in most malls, the Candy Corner Group remains to be the premier source of confectionery for people ages 3 to 50.

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