Cango Video Analysis

2 February 2017

The speech Liz gave to the Hudson Valley Business Association was not organized. Recommendations: * Although Liz did not have a plan for CanGo initially she must realize what made the company successful and perfect that. * Liz need to effectively communicate her success but more importantly communicate how she plans to continue her success 3. Communication- a. Communication within the company is very poor and lacks substance. At this point meetings are a waste of time and money.

The end result of meetings is non effective. Recommendations: * Before a meeting is conducted an agenda should be created and provided to all participants.This also provides the participants a chance to think about the upcoming meeting and helps prepare brainstorming ahead of time so that the meeting will be more organized and have a flow to it. 4. Prioritization- a. Nick has the inability to prioritize tasks and he is all over the place with his work Recommendations: * Research the use and purpose of a Gant Chart * Ask for some assistance in creating a Gant Chart * Understand how to adjust the chart to circumstance 5. Time Management- c.

Cango Video Analysis Essay Example

Currently the members don’t use time management and have no regard for each other’s need to meet deadlines and get tasks accomplished.Recommendations: * Set boundaries * Create a busy/not busy indicator * Utilize the meeting calendar and set times to discuss issues throughout the day * Pre plan 6. Financial Turmoil- d. CanGo is in a financial struggle right now with an unbalanced profit and loss. Without a sound financial foundation much else doesn’t matter. Recommendations: * Go over the books and determine where the financial problems are * Create an analysis * Discuss the potential dangers and success with a CPA * Create a financial plan and adhere

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