Caracal by Disclosure

You turn off the radio, tired of all the boring, cliche, mainstream songs. Annoyed, you search Google for “better pop music.” The results have one group in common: Disclosure. This UK group of brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, have smooth rhythms that are leading this artist to fame. With songs featuring Lorde, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd, their new album is different from other electronic pop. It has more meaning in its lyrics. Disclosure has topped the charts with Caracal.
The album begins with “Nocturnal,” a song reminiscent of Michael Jackson, which has a beat perfect for clubbing. This song by The Weeknd has an electric piano vibe that takes even the youngest listeners back to the 80’s. The next song is called “Omen” featuring Sam Smith with notes of his signature gospel sound and a slithering rhythm in between. Featured as the song for the commercial of the album, the video is set in a night club with it playing in the background, the most intriguing way to attract listeners. Lorde’s vocals are in “Magnets,” with beautiful tribal drums and story-like lyrics. The song is about doing what you know is wrong and accepting the consequences as well as the fun. For example, the chorus states “dancin’ past the point of no return/Let go we can free ourselves of all we’ve learned.” We have all given up trust for the sake of desire. These most popular songs of the album show who Disclosure wants to be: a mash up between pop and electronic poetry.
Not only can Disclosure make amazing melodies, their lyrics are deep and meaningful.Unlike most DJ duos, members of the group Disclosure actually sing. Howard Lawrence sings a powerful song called “Jaded.” Jaded, in urban terms, means cynical as a result of a negative experience. The lyrics state, “Why, oh why do you have to lie? What are you afraid of? We know what you’re made of.” Negative experiences lead people to be so afraid of human interaction that they lie about everything. Another song with meaning to its words is “Hourglass” featuring Lion Babe. The song is about finding someone who is right for you, not who looks good with you. An example of the lyrics are, “There’s someone out there waiting for me/High, mini, fat, skinny, just wait and see” This shows how Disclosure and Lion Babe want to send a message that it doesn’t matter who you love. All that matters is love. Disclosure is a dynamic duo with groovy melodies and poetic lyrics.
Caracal is an electronic pop album, but that doesn’t mean that it is the same as their last album, Settle. Their last album was filled with slower and less uplifting music. This one has tracks that make even the laziest people want to dance! Even though the lyrics are a little repetitive, it doesn’t get tiring when they tell an interesting story. This album has also done something different from any other album in America. Every one of their songs has a video that tells a story. When you put the videos together, it becomes a mini movie. Caracal has pushed the envelope.
What happens when two talented British brothers make an album? A head-bopping, hip shaking, lip-syncing combination of songs called Caracal. Disclosure is a Grammy-nominated duo for a reason: unique music that is pleasant to the ears. Although they are fairly new, they are moving fast. Soon, it will be their pop music you’ll up on the radio.

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