Caracas, Venezuela

4 April 2015
Overview of the city & its 18 historical sites as an opportunity for promotion of tourism.

This research examines tourism in Caracas. The principal focus of this research is on the historical sites in Caracas that attract tourists. The findings of this research are presented in surveys of Venezuela’s vital statistics, the location of Caracas and the city’s infrastructure, tourism in Venezuela, major historical sites in Caracas (the major discussion in the report), and the promotion of tourism in Venezuela.

Venezuela: Vital Statistics
Venezuela covers a land area of 912,050 square kilometers., of which only 4.4 percent is cultivated (Hunter, 1996, p. 1716). The country’s population in 1992 was 20.2 million, with a population growth rate of 2.4 percent annually. The country is highly urbanized, with..

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