Care for the Elderly in the U.S.

4 April 2015
A study into the need for long-term health care for the elderly in the U.S.

The United States has no current integrated system of providing long-term health care for older Americans. This paper examines why such an approach for long-term care for the elderly would be beneficial to all generations in a society as well as looking at the factors that have produced this growing need for long-term care (longer life spans, rising demographics).
“How to pay for the care – whether that care comes in the form of a nursing home or a person coming in to cook and clean a couple of times a week – is in many ways the key question that must be addressed when considering how the elderly will be cared for. For while it would be hard to find anyone who argues that the elderly should not receive the best possible care. No one is advocating that seniors should be left without nutritious food or social contracts or proper nursing care. The subject under debate is always who will pay for these services. The United States, lacking a socialized system of health care, has always left the question of such care to the individual involved or that individual’s family and friends.”
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