Career investigation of Early Childhood Education Essay Sample

7 July 2017

Description: When working with kids you must foster and care for them. Supervision is a cardinal point you must ever be watching the kids guaranting their safety. Childcare workers organize activities for kids. aid kids explore single involvements. and assist maintain kids healthy.

Skills and Qualities: Essential accomplishments for this calling include communicating accomplishments and besides Creativity accomplishments. Essential qualities for the occupation would be a nurturing. hardworking. lovingness and really energetic individual with good people and communicating accomplishments. I completed a accomplishments stock list in our links module category and as a consequence I feel I would do a good child care worker as I have the accomplishments and qualities required for this occupation.

Career investigation of Early Childhood Education Essay Sample Essay Example

Qualifications and Training required:
Pathway 1:
University/College/Institute: Athlone Institute of Technology Course Name: Higher Certificate In Childcare Supervisory Management Course Code: AL665
Entry Requirements: Leaving Certificate class D3 at ordinary degree in five topics. Two of these topics must be Mathematics and a linguistic communication ( English or Irish ) Duration: 2 twelvemonth. Full clip
Points needed: 305
Degree: 8 Honours Degree
Course Overview:

Pathway 2:
University/College/Institute: Carlow Institute of Technology Course Name: Bachelor Of Arts ( Honours ) In Early Childhood Education And Care. Course Code: CW748
Entry Requirements: Leaving Certificate a Grade C3. or better. in two Higher Degree documents. together with a Grade D3 at ordinary degree or better in four other topics. A base on balls in either Irish or English must be included Duration: 3 old ages

Points Needed: 340
Degree: 8 Honours Degree
Course Overview:

Childhood Evaluation of calling in visible radiation of Interest Appraisal:
My involvement appraisal which I completed in passage twelvemonth suggested I have the right accomplishments and involvement to go a childcare worker. I scored high in communicating and interpersonal accomplishments.
I besides completed an aptitude trial called the DAT’s. Here I scored high in verbal logical thinking. A child care would necessitate to hold good verbal concluding particularly when covering with kids.
Leaving Certificate Subject:
For my go forthing certification I am analyzing place economic sciences and biological science. These topic will assist me when analyzing to go a childcare worker as it will hold given me a good foundation and apprehension of the therory of the class. Faculties that I am analyzing in place economic sciences e. g. Childhood development. and foods kids need besides how critical love and attention is for turning kids.

In biological science we do experiments in groups. This is a manner of acquiring used to working with people. Health and Safety is besides another quality. which I have learnt in this category that plays and indispensable function in the occupation.

Outside School Experience:
During the summer of 5th twelvemonth I helped my sister a batch with her immature kid who was about 4 months old at the clip. this made me gain i’d love to work with kids mundane and is why I have chosen it to make my calling probe on and besides hope to persue when I go to college.

Evaluation ;
Having completed this probe I am more determined to work hard in school and to acquire the points required to go a childcare worker. This calling probe has helped me to go more focussed in school.

I feel pathway one would outdo suit me. as Athlone is merely 30 proceedingss off from my house. besides a coach comutes from birr to athlone daily. The points are besides lower for Athlone IT. My ICT and research accomplishments have truly improved as a reulst of this probe. I am now more confident that this is a calling that I will bask and be really happy in.

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