Career plan reflection

5 May 2016

Looking back over the five weeks of this course I smile. It was encouraging, fun, and required a lot of critical thinking. Learning how to send a message and receive one was a very important step toward my business career.

Career plan reflection Essay Example

It seems as though listening is an easy thing to do, but after this course, I realize it takes skills. Considering the feeling of a speaker and giving them uninterrupted attention was something never considered as significant. Everyone is guilty at some point in believing they can multi-task while another person is speaking. How rude we have been.

The career building activities were helpful as well. Learning about our strengths and weaknesses gives us an opportunity to improve as a person. This course was helpful in improving in areas of strategizing, organizing, innovating and most important, entrepreneurial thinking. Without this course my goal focus would not be on my mind as a higher education is developed. Having a career focus was thought to be further down the road.

Little did I know, it starts now, and it starts within. Inasmuch, the communication of verbal and visual support was insightful. Having the right instructor, especially from the business field was a great asset to this course. Knowledge from the text book chapters was also informative. The chapters printed each week for study will be reviewed beyond this course. It gives good literature on the business audience. Most of the knowledge learned in this course will be used in communicating with friends, family, and people on the job.

Debating and presentations will come easy because of the information from the text in knowing the audience. In the classroom the small debates and student inputs in our class discussions were exciting. Furthermore, the research on our debate paper helped to look for creditable sources that made our team paper more believable.

This was our first debate and every moment of the fifth week was as enjoyable as the first four weeks. This course makes me look forward to the future courses of business and I hope they are as interesting as the instructor.

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