Career Preference

1 January 2017

Even though there are some companies affected by these crises which they are force to decrease their employees called as “recession”, some of them have job openings that offer new career opportunities to graduated college students. These job openings also offers a new challenge into their life – a great responsibility lies to his hand that someday will help his family strive to achieve wealthiest, use his acquired knowledge and skills when he engage into a job, and acted as one of the reinforcements in industry that would further improved the depleting economy of the country.

All of these, comes first from wishes and aspirations that arises during childhood years that someday he or she will become a doctor, an architect, a teacher, a police, or an attorney to help those seek needs and help their family to ascend into poverty. According to Ginzberg and his associates1 , during the fantasy period play gradually becomes work-oriented and reflects initial preferences for certain kind of activities.

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This stage is the preparation for a child’s highly organized social life they will be required to adjust when they enter the first grade.

Career preferences are free opportunity to select a desired career. It is also a decision-making in a confusing situation which occurs during the senior year of high school level. When one is confused in choosing a career, he relies on his friends and relatives. He was confused in a sense that he cannot make his own decision and not yet ready to get into college. According to Tiedeman2 , career development unfolds within the general process of cognitive development as one resolves ego-relevant crises.

He further noted out that decision-making ais a continuous process in which individuals will change their courses of career action, generally by leaving a setting or environment. Such as when a student is disoriented in his course he have been taken that will result in decreasing eagerness on that particular field. He decides to transfer in another school or to shift another course that really fits his own interest and. When one is unstable n making decision, these disoriented strategy may be repeated until achieve different bachelor’s degree which can be a major distraction of one’s future job. Super3 also considered indecisiveness as a period of developmental process when interest was not fully crystallized. Therefore, this study intends to determine the factors affecting career preferences among senior high school students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Vocational High School of academic year 2009 to 2010.

This factors that serve as preferences of student in choosing a career in college includes childhood aspirations, family/ relatives, peer/ friends, interest and specialization, values, in-demand jobs, school guidance counselor; and anticipated problems encountered are presumed to affect the student preferences of their career. Statement of the ProblemThe study aimed to determine the factors affecting career preferences of senior high school students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Vocational High School of the academic year 2009-2010.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following sub problems:<br />What are the socio-demographic characteristics of the senior high school students in terms of:Sexd. Parents OccupationAgee. Size of IncomeParents Educational Attainmentf. Sibling PositionWhat are the top three expressed career choices of the students? What are the preferences of students in choosing a career in college in terms of:Childhood Aspirationsd. ValuesFamily/ Relativese. In-Demand JobsPeer/ Friendsf. School Guidance CounselorWhat are the anticipated problems encountered in making their career choice?

Hypothesis of the StudyThe following hypotheses are formulated for acceptance or rejection of study:The socio-demographic characteristics (such as sex, age, parents’ educational attainment, parents’ occupation, size of income, and sibling position) does not affect the career preferences of the senior high school students. The preference of student in terms of childhood aspirations, family/ relatives, values, in-demand jobs, and school guidance counselor does not affect their career choice. The anticipated problem encountered by students does not affect their career choice.

Theoretical / Conceptual Framework1. 4. 1. Theoretical FrameworkThe study is anchored on the theory of Donald Super4 which focuses on the development of life roles over the life span with emphasis on interrole congruence. His vocational concept as a part of self-concept is formed, it is the driving force that establishes a career pattern one will follow through life. Vocational developmental tasks are derived from vocational stages which provides framework for vocational behavior and attitudes.

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