Career Profile: Investigative Reporter

4 April 2015
A paper which explores investigative reporting as a career choice.

This paper shows the advantages and disadvantages of making investigative reporting a career. It discusses ways one could break into this field, the monetary gains, the risks involved, as well as a typical day in the life of an investigative reporter.
“Being an investigative reporter has both its benefits and drawbacks. In my opinion the biggest benefit of this career is that each day is different. On any given day, an investigative reporter can be doing any of the following things: doing undercover work in the field, editing tape, writing script, interviewing sources, attending local meetings, or doing research on the internet or at the courthouse. Unfortunately, the advantage of getting to do something different each day also causes the biggest drawback in the field of journalism. The long hours and unsteady lifestyle of being a journalist are the drawbacks of this career.”

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