Caribbean Music Essay Example for Free

1 January 2018

Topic: In a few paragraphs, describe what is denoted by “Caribbean music in a new mode.” What emphasis, in this chapter, seems to justify a departure from traditional presentations of music and culture of the Caribbean?

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Caribbean music is a music mode with a different culture, it’s a new mode before I talk about Caribbean music, I’d like to introduce the geography of the Caribbean first. The Caribbean area is composed of many countries in Central America with a population of over 200 million. The reason why I talk about the geography is that Caribbean’s music is not solely affected by the region itself. Because of the migration in Caribbean region, Caribbean music is this area has had a triple impact. There are Amerindian, African and European.

First, the indigenous people of Caribbean are Amerindian, so there is no denying that Caribbean music was affected by the Amerindian. I want to focus on the impact of African and European on Caribbean music. The Caribbean was colonized by European for more than 300 years. For any colonial ruler, integrating their culture into the colonies was something they had to do, including music. The countries of Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, which are located in the Iberian peninsula, have spread their music culture to the whole of Latin America. There is no doubt that European has a great influence on Caribbean music. Another system brought about by colonial rule was slavery. At the same time, black slaves from Africa brought their primitive, grassroots music to this region. As we all know, Africans’ fondness for music is self-evident. Music is most important and happy thing for African to live in a quite poor environment. This is a new music mode that combines these cultures.

The impact on the Caribbean music in Africa and Europe is also reflected in the rhythm and music style, for example, the rhythm of Candomble, the music style of reggae. I want to talk about the music style of reggae, the origin of reggae music in Jamaica, but reggae music combines traditional African rhythms, American blues music, and the original Jamaican folklore music. Most of these lyrics are based on religious tradition, and I think the role of these lyrics is to emphasize social, political and humanistic care. The unique music form of reggae also has had a great influence on music in the word. As far as I am concerned, Caribbean music is a unique style of music under many cultures’ influence, people cannot emphasize the importance of music. The Caribbean music in this new model has many symbolic meanings, it expresses people’s views on religion, though, and humanity in this area.

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