Caring Teachers: Impact on Students

4 April 2015
This paper evaluates caring teachers and their impacts on students and the learning experience.

This paper presents a study conducted by the Center of Adolescent Studies that looked at “caring teachers” by interviewing sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The author reports students defined a “caring teacher” as a teacher who listens and helps them with personal problems and as a teacher who helps with homework, gives students individual attention, sets goals for students and talks to students about their behavior. The paper concludes that students learn better with a caring teacher and develop skills that allow them to continue to learn effectively once they are out of the classroom.

Table of Contents

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Caring Teachers: Impact on Students
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Impact of a Caring Teacher
Teaching Styles Used by Caring Teachers
Attitudes of Teachers
Success of Students

“The focus is on how the student can be helped. This is also important as it shows how the student is able to avoid ridicule and embarrassment. This would be important in maintaining a students interest and self-esteem. The fourth response shows us how caring teachers are attentive to their students, which is important in making the student feel they are supported and noticed. The fourth response shows how a caring teacher also provides encouragement and praises students for good work. The final response shows how being caring actually creates a better environment where learning is interesting to students.”

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