Caring Together Essay Sample

10 October 2017

1. 1-Explain why it is of import to recognize and esteem an individual’s heritage.

It is of import to recognize and esteem an individual’s heritage because a heritage is the past life history of each person. If we learn more about the heritage of a individual we can place the person’s character. like and disfavors and wonts. By making this you enable each person to be themselves and experience valued while making so. And besides to experience accepted within the environment.

1. 2-Compare the experience of dementedness for an person who has acquired it as an older individual with the experience of an person who has acquired it as a younger individual.

It would non be much different between an older and younger individual. they would both still experience the same effects that dementia brings to a individual. However a younger individual acquiring dementedness would likely experience more affected as they may experience that its unfair that they have it so immature when they have a batch of life left in front of them.

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they besides may non be able to cover with it really good as most people associate dementedness with older people.

Their life will alter so much and sometimes so rapidly. they may hold to go forth work. halt driving etc. Then they would hold to believe about the aid they would necessitate. finance etc. which with so much occurrence and altering can take to a batch of emphasis and so to depression in a individual and sometimes more. Having dementedness as an older individual is likely more easy to cover with than acquiring it as a younger individual because you have experienced a batch and lived a life so you would be more acceptive of it and cover with it a batch better.

1. 3-Describe how the experience of dementedness may be different for persons:
-Who have a acquisition disablement
-Who are from different cultural backgrounds
-Who are at the terminal of life

An person with larning troubles may non understand what’s traveling on so could likely cover with it by merely holding the support of their callings. However the effects of dementedness such as memory loss could rag and emphasize the person out which could take to angry/frustrated behavior which could or could non be out of character. which could so take to disputing behavior within the person. An single from different cultural backgrounds may besides non to the full understand what’s traveling on. and may non cognize how to cover with it and inquire for aid and support. They may experience stray and alone which could take to other things.

An person who is at the terminal of their life may be more acceptant of it. as they have had their life. done what they have wanted and are near the terminal of their life. Everybody with dementedness may see different emotions from another. some may be happy ( for the excess aid ) . others may be angry/frustrated. more baffled than others. Some may still be dependent and others may be more reliant on carers and support.

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