Carleton E Watkins

4 April 2015
Life & career of pioneering 19th cent. photographer of American West.

Carleton E, Watkins was a true pioneer. He was one of the leaders in photographing hard-to-reach parts of the American West and his pictures played a major role in the development of the federal parks system. Despite the rigors of travel Watkins also made advances in photographic processes and camera design. Most significantly Watkins was a leader in elevating landscape photography to an art and his influence was felt for generations. Like many pioneers Watkins was engaged in sending back reports that encouraged others to follow. In his case the popular photographs helped shape the prevailing view of the West as a place to find freedom and to escape the constraint and congestion of urban living. In one respect, however, Watkins was not a pioneer. Sadly, after decades of hard work and international acclaim, Watkins, like too many artists before him..

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