Carrie Catastrophe

9 September 2019

She melted are hearts with her Oklahoma charm and soulful voice on American Idol, yup, it’s Carrie Underwood. What we fail to realize is she’s a country knock off. Lay her track of “Independence Day” against Martina McBride’s, it’s obvious that McBride’s far surpasses. When it comes to the matter of the CMA’s it flew far out of proportion when Carrie could have easily extinguished it. Carrie simply should not have won all the awards at the CMA’s because of her winning American Idol, she slept her way to the top without any hard work. Faith Hill deserved the award… not Carrie. She’s a country barbie, she needs to be knocked down a few pegs… she isn’t country, she’s a fake, fraud, blonde bimbo, who shouldn’t have been given an easy ride.

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