Carrier Corporation

7 July 2016

Air-conditioner was invented based on invention of refrigerator. The history was told that the Chinese were the first to store natural ice and snow to cool wine and other delicacies. Evidence has been found that ice cellars were used as early as 1000 B. C. in China. Early Greeks and Romans also used underground pits to store ice. Ancient people of Egypt and India cooled liquids in porous earthen jars. Ice was produced due to vaporization of water through the wall of these jars, radiating heat into the night air.

In 18th and 19th centuries, natural ice was cut from lakes and ponds in the winter in northern climates and stored underground for use in warmer months. In early 20th century the same method was used but stored in open ice houses for businesses and to delivered homes to homes. At first, in 1823, Michael Faraday discovered that certain gasses under constant pressure will condense when they cool. Secondly, in 1842, Florida physician John Gorrie used dripping ammonia to produce cooling.

Carrier Corporation Essay Example

Thirdly, in 1856, Australian inventor James Harrison, used ammonia on experimental basis but used ether in the equipment that was previously constructed. Then, in 1902, Willis Carrier, the “Father of Air-Conditioner” designed humidity control for a new air-cooling system and pioneered modern air conditioning. Willis Carrier also originated the carrier equation upon which the psychometric chart and all air conditioning is based. Later, in 1906, Stuart Cramer, engineer in North Carolina, invented a ventilating machine that add water vapor to the air of textile plants.

The wetness makes the fiber easily spin and hardly to break. He’s the first to call this process “air conditioning”. During 1914, air-conditioner was officially used at home for the first time. Next in 1931, individual room air conditioning that sits on a window ledge was invented by J. Q. Sherman and H. H. Schultz The air conditioner was available to purchase in 1932. Packard invented the first ever air-conditioned car in 1939. The air conditioner controller on the dashboard was invented later. After that, the United States built first power plant to handle development electrical load of air conditioner in 1942.

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