Carter Godwin Woodson

4 April 2015
An essay discussing the contributions of Carter G. Woodson to the history of African-Americans.

Carter Godwin Woodson was one of the most prolific writers on black history. The essay gives a history of the life of Woodson and discusses his historical significance and noteworthy achievements such as his pioneering work in Afro-American and African Studies. The essay includes a discussion of his books published.
“Carter G. Woodson is known not only as the Father of Black History Month, but he is also known as the Father of the systematic study of Afro-American history.Until Woodson’s efforts, black history was virtually non-existent, no books, no journals, and certainly no college courses. Today however, due to Woodson’s years of dedication and determination, prestigious schools such as Harvard University and Washington University have entire departments devoted to black studies.”

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