5 May 2017

Was the New World of Food and Wine Festival a good public relations event? Explain and support your answer. For me, it was a good public relations event because many people were involved plus the fact that it was organized and planned excellently. Guests who participate the event could possibly benefit from one another and have the chance to meet some of the greatest chef and bartenders of all time. . If you were the public relations director for the Ritz Millenia, in what types of media would you try to get publicity? Explain how your message would vary across he various types of media. If I were the public relations director, I would try to get publicity through the use of internet, newspaper and television. Internet- it is the most common system or application that the people use therefore, big chances are there for them to see the advertisement of the event.

Newspaper- since not everyone uses the internet like the old people who prefers reading newspapers rather than surfing the net, more likely they could see the advertisement there and have it shared by some of their friends. Television-it is the second common gadget that people use so possible that it as greater potentials for its publicity. The message will focus about the target market and the event itself. 3. How does this event create goodwill with the target market of Ritz-Carlton?

It created goodwill with the target market by giving them satisfaction from what they have expected from the event. The scholarship also benefited a Singaporean who excelled in his or her own profession. They even had auctions of rare wines to raise funds. And lastly, they were presented a Five-Star Diamond Award for Food and Beverage Excellence. This only shows that it was a very successful event and many benefited from it.

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