Case 5 the Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation Summary

1 January 2017

Case Summary Ken Griffey Jr. was a professional baseball player for the United States. Griffey was known as one of the first professional baseball players in the two North American leagues who held the post as an outfielder and has proven to be an excellent hitter and outstanding fielder over several years. During negotiations, Griffey played for a Seattle Team called Seattle Mariners. His contract with Seattle was to end in the 2000 season. If Griffey stayed in Seattle for the 2000 season and allowed his contract to expire, he could have become a free agent who can possibly sell his services and talent to other baseball teams.

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However, if Seattle can trade him during the time of the case, they could get something for Griffey because he has supreme talent which can bring Seattle many great players in return. Seattle could have tried to sign Griffey into a new contract but knew that Griffey was very unhappy in Seattle for several reasons. Griffey expressed on numerous occasions a desire to live closer to his relatives. After the 1999 season, Griffey’s request was approved and he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds for a couple players which involved Brett Tomko, Mike Cameron, Jake Meyer, and Antonio Perez.

Originally, the expectations looked bright for Griffey in Cincinnati because the Reds had just come within one game of a playoff. Cincinnati was the city where Griffey grew up and he was very pleased to be playing on his father’s previous team. Ken Griffey, Jr. was a featured star of the Mariners and a fan favorite in Seattle throughout is tenure. The case involves negotiations that consist of professional baseball athlete Ken Griffey, Jr. which occurred during the winter of 2000.

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