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10 October 2016

He was the founder of a small radio manufacturing plant. Years pass by, his business become grew and more improvements for the company. In 1999, their sales become 300 million annually with their workers of 15 000 and ten manufacturing plants. Mr. Tandiwan was very active, imaginative and driving force for the sake of company growth. When the company was still small, Mt. Tandiwan know every ,manager and workers by their being a friendly boos, he called his worker by their names. He is very close to his workers. When the company becomes big and larger because of its success , the workers change.

Their attitude when it comes to their work. From the small company, they are hard working people for the company. But when they reached their success for the company, their spirit to work was change. There’s no effective communication between the workers. Bong Tandiwan noticed and worried that their “small company” spirit was lose. He also worried that his philosophies and objective were not applying or doing by his workers. He noticed that because of poor communication of the company policies. So that it affect the development of the company.

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He thinks the solutions for his problems and to solve this, he hired a director of communication and put a communication device where the other campanies used. Also putting bulletin boards an all company’s office and plants, a revitalized house, newsletter carrying news items, a company manual for every employee, profit sharing scheme, company sponsored course on communication, monthly meeting, annual 3-day meeting of 1200 level managers and special committees to discuss company matters. But it was not expected by Mr. Tandiwan that his solution was not effective. And he was disappointed.

II. Statement of the Problem Bong Tandiwan worried about the changes of his workers. He noticed the losing of “small company” spirit when they were starting the business. He was worried the attitude of his worker when it comes to the work. Workers are change and losing their communication with their co-workers. Tandiwan also noticed that his workers are not applying and doing their vision for the company. III. Cause of the Problem The cause of the problem is about the workers. At first, we know the Mr. Tandiwan, their workers has a strong company spirit when the business was still small.

But when their business developed and got more improvements, his workers got lack or poor of communication of the company. So that the business are also affect. IV. Alternative Course of Action To solve the poor communication problem, the following recommendation are: * Give the motivations and conditions by Mr. Tandiwan to the workers for them to encourage to work. * Having a bonding between Mr. Tandiwan and his workers. * Having a new policies for the goal of the company. * Having a seminar for the better of the workers. * Treat his workers as a family also not a Boss-workers relationships. V.

Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification My recommended solution for his company’s problem is giving condition and motivations for the workers for them to encourage to work harder, for them to also to back their spirit to work. CHRISTIAN CORPORATION I. Executive Summary The department manager have a regular staff meeting with her four section heads for their one chief problem. Their subject was their 20 “poor” quality supervisors. The department manager told in their meeting that they have poor record in selecting good supervisors. She also told that they have only 5 or 6 best supervisor and the rest are not.

She ask to her 4 section heads what they consider when they recommend candidates to her. The one sections told to her that they have a best technical people to make the best supervisor because of having respect of their associates and subordinate, who rate their technical competence highly. They added also that they can train new staff members very effectively and pitch in to do the most demanding jobs themselves. But the manager does not agree the one section head told because they are the people who spend their time on technical work not in the management skill.

Another section head recommended on the basis of seniority. They told that it has a popular appeal. And the manager also disagree to the another recommendation because she are not satisfy for being a popular appeal of the new supervisor. The manager was disappointed so that she ended the meeting. II. Statement of the Problem The department manager facing the problem about their 20 supervisors that having a poor quality to the section heads. Also the recommended supervisor with each section heads are not qualify for the satisfaction of the manager. III. Cause of the Problem

It is the mistake of the management to that they hired that 20 supervisors that can not help for the corporation. Also, the recommendation of each section heads are not the one for the position of being supervisor. IV. Alternative Course of Action To solve the problem of the Department manager about their staff, the following recommendations are: * Their 20 supervisors must learn more skills and must have improvement while working in the corporation. * Hire new staff that are qualify for the position. * Eliminate those supervisors that are not for being supervisors. Select properly the qualify persons in the hiring for the company. * The department manager must have patient and must not lose hope for staffing employees. V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification The department manager are not satisfy for the skill of their supervisors and the recommendation of each section heads. So that I recommend that the 20 supervisors must have training and learn their skill to enhance them. The manager will easy to teach their supervisor because of they are already employees of them. BEST ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, INC. I. Executive Summary

Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc. had a partnership with consulting firm through an outsourcing arrangement. Within 2 years, the Best employed engineers was eliminate from 30 to 5. The costumers noticed that their work was low quality at a high value and beyond schedule. The chief engineer was disappointed so that he was resigned. In the partnership, the firm have 30 engineers and also the outsourcing firm had 30. But because of resignation and termination, only 5 best engineers remained. The consultant charged the owner overhead cost to the employees that were moved for the new partnership office.

But the negotiation between sponsor and the project engineer. Another consultancy firm made it easy for the two firms to trade their secret with partnering arrangement. The chief executive officer of Best Engineering was very bothered with what happened. Then the contract between the firm and the outsourcing company ends next year. There was a penalty of Php100 000. 00 to preterminate the contract. After the partnership, it would also to think of another strategy. II. Statement of the Problem The partnership of an Engineering firm which is the Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc. with the consulting firm have a problem.

The Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc. was diminished their engineers from 30 to 5 but the consultancy was remained being 30. Also their chief engineer was resigned and left the company. III. Cause of the Problem The cause of the problem of the Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc. was they have only 5 remaining engineers so that they can not easily to continue their partnership with the consulting firm. IV. Alternative Course of Action To solve the problem of their partnership, the following recommendation are: * Hire more engineering applicants which are the best that can help to the partnership before its termination. Stop the partnership and start over again the engineering consultancy * Needs more strategy for the plan. * Must have improvement of the company and also the management. * They need to follow what is said at the contract. V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification To solve the problem of the Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc. was they need to follow what is written at the contract and to pay their penalty. Also, after their partnership and the termination of the contract, they must also need the improvement of the company. NATIONAL BOOK COMPANY I. Executive Summary

The founder and the President of a publishing company for the College textbook was Delia De Los Reyes, which has a personal ability, expertise and effective marketing promotion. So that her company developed and grew rapidly and has its sales of Php 10 000. 00 in the first year reach 10 million in the five years later. The publication, production and sales forces also increased. But the company was faced a serious problem. The new and old employees was having a conflict decision with each other. And one of the De Los Reyes partner was suggested that they need planning and clear-cut policies and problems to guide decision making.

But the President was not impressed. She thinks that if she concentrate in formulating plans, she might not have a company tomorrow. She believes it is best to solve problem as they happen. II. Statement of the Problem The company of Delia De Los Reyes was faced a serious problem. Because the new and old employees was conflicting decisions with each other. So that, the company affects to its management. Also the president was not concentrated to the problem between new and old employees because she thinks that her company will be lose. III. Cause of the Problem

The cause of the problem is on the company’s new and old employees attitude. Because of not having a unity for the goals or programs and also the decisions for the company. They are competent with each other for the work. Also, the President did not concentrate to solve the problem of the company. IV. Alternative Course of Action To solve the problem of Delia Delos Reyes company, the following recommendation are: * The President must give the attention to her company’s problem. * The President must do the suggestion of her partner in terms of planning. * The new and old employees must have a unity for their decision aking * The employees must need to follow the plans and policies. * The employees must not competent with each other instead of working together with no confliction. V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification The President must need to focus and concentrate their problem. So the recommendation for this problem was the President must follow the suggestion of her partner for the planning of the management of the company. Because her partner knows how to manage their company. Delos Reyes need to solve the problem so that her company will still have tomorrow. CARLO RECIO I.

Executive Summary For eight years now, Carlo Recio is a maintenance crew. The uncle of carlo which is a national sales manager for infant formula plant and he arranged part time job for Carlo. Carlo finished vocational school and went a full-time job from janitorial to maintenance. Carlo was learn quickly and has a skill for his training. And he also have a good relationship with the other employees. And the maintenance supervision decided to an early retirement at 55 years olds because of suffering at heat stroke. Then, their plant manager that Carlo was recommended by the supervisor.

And his co-worker told him to accept the offer but Carlo does not know the consensus of the majority. Then, Carlo decided to accept the position. And the plant manager advised him that he should exercise his authority on the job. Carlo made a pattern and used it for his performance based on the former supervisor. For being supervisor, the crew like his supervisor and have a respect to him as a supervisor. Carlo noticed some horsing around job that the crew displayed a certain coolness after a few weeks. He now feels the hardness of being a manager but he still continued.

He was made important strategies that would help for the plant and the strategy is the cooperation of the crew. But he was disappointed because no one will support them. The strategy needs extra hours of work and the crew given over time pay and meal allowance. Because of uncertain of their support and cooperation. This changes should be implemented two weeks from now. II. Statement of the Problem Carlo Recio have a problem about his crew. Their crew was not totally cooperated and not totally support to their new strategy for their plant. So that their strategies will be implemented and stop.

Also, maybe the strategy of Recio is not satisfy for his crew. III. Cause of the Problem The cause of the problem of Carlo Recio are about the crew being so cooled and not cooperate and not support the strategy of Carlo Recio. Also, Carlo, being a manager that’s not totally enhanced by himself because of being a new work for him. IV. Alternative Course of Action To solve the problem, the recommendation are the following: * Carlo needs more improvement being a manager. * Carlo must give to his crew a motivation to make them cooperate and support to the strategy. Carlo need some advice from his uncle who has a ability to manage the plant. * Make another strategy which the crew will be satisfy on and participate also to have unity for the company. * Hired some employees which can help the company. V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification We know that Carlo Recio has a uncle who has ability to be a manager. He must need advice or must learn from his uncle how to manage his own company. Also, we know the Carlo can quickly learn and enhanced his skill to be a manager so that it is easy for him to learn from his uncle.

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