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9 September 2016

Gary soon would find out that even though he was a very good engineer, he was a horrible project manager almost costing the success of the project and the company as a whole. Gary could have avoided this by improving his communication and by following the five project management groups. I believe that he would have been more successful as a project manager and might have enjoyed it much more than he did. Technical In the Orion Shield Project Gary faced a lot of technical issues that was one of the causes of him not being a good project manager.

He has a technical background, as he was a very successful project engineer doing mechanical work for Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC). With a lot of effort and his excellent communication skills Gary was offered a promotion, which he accepted but later regretted his decision. I believe that one of the many mistakes he made was that he was relying too much on his previous knowledge of being an engineer. For example, the case states “Gary decided to let the other project office personnel handle the administrative work and run weekly team meetings.

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He asked Paula to work with him in the research lab until they got acceptable results. For the next three weeks they spent virtually twelve hours per day, seven days a week, in the research and development lab” (Orion Shield Project Case). This shows that Gary did not want anything to do with the management part of this assignment but stuck to what he knows best which in fact cost him his job in the long run. By spending so much time in the lab Gary did not focus on the bigger picture of the project and was more into focusing on the solutions rather than identifying why the problem came about in the first place.

Without seeing the bigger picture Gary will never be able to plan for he future as he will likely in the case be missing deadlines and over working himself. Another, technical issue that Gary was faced with was that he was unable to communicate defiantly with the client Space Technology Industries numerous times during the duration of the project and missed crucial deadlines. By not expressing his concerns about what went wrong Gary tried to take on more and figure it out on his own.

Yes, he was able to handle some issues but he is only one person and things do slip through the cracks, witch causes concern to the client as they are being told important information about their money and resources to late, thus, they do not have enough time to help (Heerkens 2002). Ethical Ethics to me means being someone of moral value or following the guidelines of the moral code that a person lives by when handling their business in life and in work. Gary gave up all his moral and ethics when leading his team as everyone started to be demotivated and not working up to their full abilities.

An example from the case is when Gary’s boss Henry Larsen said “We’re only in trouble if the customer finds out. Let the proposal state that the design will be operative up to 155 degrees. That’ll please them. ” (Orion Shield Project Case). Gary in fact wanted to tell the truth but did not say anything as his boss told him to lie about the requirements of the project in order to get the deal done. Another example was when Henry Larsen used the project budget to create and test a new resource without the approval of the client. Gary knew both of these were not morally right but did not do anything to prevent them.

The engineering and testing teams were both unhappy about being rescheduled without notice. As a project manager, once you lose the motivation and interest of your team you will find it very difficult to complete assignments and meet deadlines. Gary started to take on more work himself and ended up getting burned out in addition to doubting himself about being project manager in the first place. Another, thing that Gary did was that he was blaming himself for the lack of success of the project. Yes he is fact the project management but he was stuck between pleasing his boss and the client.

His boss Henry was keeping information from Gary, which caused him to be unprepared for meetings and giving the client information about the project late. I think that Gary was never in charge of the project to begin with as he was taking orders from someone else the whole time (Carden & Boyd 2012). Legal & Contractual Most project management has service agreements or legal contracts that state things from the terms of the project, to the price, time frame that the work needs to be completed by, or the set budget range that the client is willing to pay for the project.

Gary made a big mistake by overspending for the project causing a lost in profit for the company. In the case Sarah Wilson states that “Remember: the purpose of a review meeting is to exchange information when both parties are familiar with the topic. Normally, we require weekly meetings with our customers because we don’t trust them. We disregarded this policy with you based upon past working experiences. At first, we thought the communication problems were because you were an inexperienced program manager. But frankly, we’re beginning to question your integrity. Orion Shield Project Case). Weekly communication with the client should have been stated in the contact. Both sides were confused on the purpose of the meetings and ended up making things more difficult in the long run (Howes, 2001). Suggestions I think that one of the things that can be fixed to improve Gary’s project management skills is centered on communication. The lack of communication was one of the main causes to the lack of success toward this project. When trying to improve communication you have to be able to set clear expectation for the meetings.

Providing things like meeting topics and objectives to everyone that will be attending can help create a more production meeting. Gary and the clients are both to blame as the meetings they had were a waste of time and caused frustration for both parties. One concern that the client had was the reason why Gary was not the one in the meeting giving them the updates about the project. As the project manager you are the face of the project and should be present to give important information good or bad to the individuals involved in the meeting.

As a project manager you have to be able to control conflict within meetings. You have to be able to speak up and understand where the other person is coming from. Gary never challenged his boss back even if he thought his ideas were not going to work. The client provided action ideas but Gary was too involved with trying to do everything his self that he did not come prepared to the meetings. Showing that you are unprepared for the meetings worries the other party because they feel that you are not in control of the money or resources they put in front of you.

Gary needs to develop by being more confident, which is why he was forced into the position by his boss (Howes, 2001). The timespan of a project can be put into five phases, which can help to get great results from the project. The first set is the planning phase which is the most important as this is starting up your project and without proper planning as we saw in the case you will not be a successful project manager. The next step is the executing phase of the project, which is where all your resources and ideas come together to advance the project toward completion.

The third is the monitoring phase which is making sure that the project is on schedule and that you have enough in your budget to complete the project. The last step is the closing process, which is the final update or payment of the project. This step is the final decision that will be made about the project and you will need to get the client approval about if the project is something they like. I believe if Gary had followed these steps he would have been a much more successful project manager (Berthot & Stewart, 2013). References

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