Case study: American Apparel’s Unwrapping Ethics

6 June 2016

The ethical dilemma within American Apparel is classic example indicating that recognizing an ethical issue is never an easy thing. It has become a successful clothing and fashion company for decades of years and it was well-known for its insistence of product quality which are featured as whole organic and “made in US” Meanwhile, American Apparel was admired for its continual exploration for the optimal social warfare for its employees in terms of labor, compensation, medical care and job security etc.

Case study: American Apparel’s Unwrapping Ethics Essay Example

However, ironically American Apparel was more than once engaged in unethical sexual issues such as poster sex appeal and office sexual harassment lawsuit.

There are overwhelming complains from the public that America Apparel is conveying many sexual suggestions through their marketing and advertising instruments including but not limited to those indoor and outdoor post of naked models and sex hint slogans and social media as well. There are plenty of concerns and sounds from the teenager parents that these revolutionary ads and commercials will wrongly lead their children to an undesirable that younger are vulnerable to those sexually relevant hints.

They are delightful to see that American Apparel is teaching their girls the fashion trends but are extensively worried about their future. Moreover, CEO Dov Charney has made extremely worse example of how an enterprise can cast controversial ethical movement at the sometime. He has been sued for several cases of sexual harassment and inappropriate foul language among his female employees and models internally.

The interesting part for me is that even though he was tried to control and threat his female crew and models from outside by keeping their nude pictures for creating hostile working environment and other dark purposes, all the cases are terminated outside of court. Debts are about to payback finally. American Apparel is suffered from damage or brand image and drinks bitter of huge debt on the edge.

From my perspective, the fashion need and eager of pursuit of beauty that American Apparel has enforced to its main customer segments which are mostly young people in their early twenties could be a hidden catalyst for doing something wildly.

The argument that the brand strategy represented by the CEO Charney has given for explaining their advertisement campaigns which is to exploit the sexual liberty for women has possibly become a trigger of juvenile crimes.

Although American Apparel has sharp consciousness and cutting-edge trend development strategy, it is definitely worthless to sacrifice its social responsibility and to ruin our public goodwill with the seductive suggestions in the commercial campaign are socially irresponsible for mass and for whole society confronted with its characteristics of encouraging and appealing for sex impulsiveness.

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