Case Study on Human Sexuality

Kimberly Jones 1/25/2011 PSYC 3310-1:00 Reaction Paper #1-How to help your female partner have orgasms This is a great article not just for women but for men as well. This article talks about how men can actually help there mate reach their climax. If a woman feels like she is being rushed, her mate is not catering to her romantic needs than more than likely a woman will not have an orgasm. Orgasms is merely more than just a physical thing but more so mentally for a woman.

Seems as if men would take the time and ask there partner what turns them on or pleases them than this will help a woman reach her peak. I also read in this article that women can have multiple orgasms more so than a male. Mature women can achieve this quicker than younger women due to sexual experience. Having orgasms can be very pleasing for both mates if both are in tuned with one another but the male has to be willing to go the extra mile to please his woman. Men should be more patient with women during this time because it’s not that easy for a woman to reach their climax like a male.

Honestly, I just started to have orgasms myself and I’m twenty-eight years of age. I feel now it’s probably because I’m with someone whom I love dearly and he goes the extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable and the mood is always right and we communicate and go over things that helps with increasing my arousal. It was hard for me to believe that this article stated in past history many believed that women could not have sexual orgasms but men could. I thought to myself what the point of having sex is and not being able to enjoy it.

I must say having orgasms is a great feeling and makes me very tired and relax afterwards. In conclusion, this article was great in explaining some of the history and views on orgasms and how to come up with ways that men can take time on improving their sexual relationships and experiences with their mate and how to teach them to be a bit more patient when it comes to pleasing there mate. I learned to be more patient with myself as well and think of it more of a mental thing and not just physical.

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