1 January 2017

BMW’s new market strategy “Dream it, Built it, Drive it. ” entirely changed the sales of X3 even though they were facing lots of crisis. This shows the essential implementation of the new strategy to X4 which is planned to be introduced in 2014 and not to introduce for X5 because a new BMW only come every seven years so the lifecycle is pretty long, that is we can only add something when a new product is involved. Customization at BMW never have been overrated, it created more satisfaction in customer’s mind.There had always a different in the sales between America and Europe, that is out the total sales in U.

S only 15% were customized and where as in Europe half of BMW car built was according to customer’s specification. Slowly SUV’s sales decreased in America. So they introduced the new marketing strategy “Dream it, Built it, Drive it. ” To their new model X3 in 2010. As American’s are different from others they need to come with this new marketing strategy and installing video cameras so that customers can see there car’s manufacturing process.This turned to be big success. Also for reducing the time of delivery of car they shifted there assembly line from Austria to South Caroline.

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As a result X3’s sales had a tremendous increase from As a coin has two sides every good effects has bad effects also. Even though it was a success in America, not everyone was happy with the custom-build options from BMW especially at some of the dealership levels. It is that majority of the vehicles are customized vehicles because of lack of supply rather than of customer demand.Can any other dealer can order the same customised vehicle and make it the same unique value proposition by building a customized vehicle. It would be great for urban dealers. So gradually they need to decrease in the number of stock. There decrease in the production cost and increase in the profit occurs.

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