Cassie–The Columbine Story by Flyleaf

10 October 2019

“Do You believe in God?
Written on the bullet
And Cassie pulled the trigger”
In those three lines it tells the unforgettable story of the Columbine High School shooting. Where one of shooters asked Cassie Bernall if she believed in God, and she answered yes. There are some who say this never happened but the proof is everywhere. People knew Cassie Bernall and know what happened. She was a true Christian, a tremendous example to us all. When it came down to it,” The answer no to avoid deatg
The answer yes would make it”, Cassie stood up, and said yes, all aware of the gun on her head. We will all remember Cassie and hold her in our heart forever.
“All heads are bowed in silence
Still remember her last sentence
She answered him
knowing what would happen
Her last words still hanging in the air”

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