Cassius vs Brutus

9 September 2016

Over the Thrown After the death of a great leader, what traits qualify the next leader to fill such shoes? Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is the story of Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome, his death, his conspirators, and the after math of his demise. After his death, if given the chance, who would’ve made the best leader of Rome? The two, Anthony and Brutus, would’ve jumped at the opportunity. However, this decision would not be based on their willingness, but their traits and qualities. Being power hungry, if given the opportunity, Anthony and Brutus would dive into the position of leading Rome, head first.

Especially Brutus, who was power hungry and focused on being number one. Brutus seemed to be constantly criticizing the way Caesar led. His words and actions showed he felt he could do everything better. His narcissistic attitude tied into his weakness as well. Feeling so high and mighty, he felt the need to constantly prove himself. Always feeling the need to prove others wrong, Cassius shows moments of weakness. Along with his narcissism and need to prove others wrong, Brutus is shady and very secretive, with bad or no morals. Brutus’ shady actions may not be what does him in, but in the end, you never know what others might find out.

Brutus does not have the qualities to be a good ruler of Rome; Rome would most likely end up in a dictatorship. On the other hand, Antony is completely different from Brutus. Antony is noble even when he has the opportunity to be bad; Antony refuses to conspire against Caesar. He shows a sense of knowing right from wrong even when faced with difficult decisions. Also, Antony is devoted and a good friend to everyone but Caesar in particular. Throughout all of the drama, Antony stands by Caesar’s side, even when the going got rough. Then, Antony wants what is best for not only himself, but Rome as well.

He seems to be selfless and does what he feels will benefit Rome as well as himself. All in all, Antony seems to be the right choice for Rome’s future. Antony and Brutus would’ve been happy to take over Caesar’s role as leader. However, how they behaved while Caesar was alive would fully determine who was suitable. This situation is similar to the presidential election. Men competing for power and having the outcome strictly based on what they believe is right. That, and what they are able to keep hidden in order to be equal if not better than their predecessor.

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