I have learned that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. People should not be treating each other bad. Sometimes people think other do not have feelings. People have feelings and should be nice to each

“Challenge” it self means “Difficulty”, however, everyone in their life go through this practice. Some people give up, while some of them just try hard to get out of it. It’s true that every person, once in their life has

The math quiz lay menacingly on the desk below. Although I had been attentive in class and had studied the lesson the night before, my brain was not clicking. My head started to boil with frustration and worry, and my

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“I love being RANDOM because pancakes are cool” Recently, I have always felt the urge to write and write and write and never stop. Despite all my schoolwork and extracurricular and what not, I wanted to unleash my thoughts onto

Most students, actually – most people – go through an awkward phase in their lives. Whether it lasts through high school or stops after 6th grade, we all go through those years that we look back on and say in

I am a writer at heart. I don’t always have time to write as much as I want, but when I do find a few moments, I immediately feel much more relaxed. If I’m going to be stranded on some

I am afraid that, at thetender age of 18, I have fallen in love and want to get married. Oh, sure, myparents object, saying it is irresponsible, and my friends think I’m insane, butI pay no attention. I have found

The question “want to come help me practice?” is so imbedded in my head that I couldn’t forget it even if I wanted to. My step brother Bobby, used to ask me this question every day after school. Every day

When I first came to Seattle in fourth grade, I had a difficult time adjusting to the constant rain. I tried to go outside as little as possible, but from the car to the door, the rain felt like little

At my first piano lesson, my dimpled fingerstrembled nervously over the keyboard and stumbled over every other note. My onlyconcern was that the coin the teacher had placed on the back of my hand notfall. When I moved to the

“Move,” was the first thing I heard before the rush of people filled the room. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on except for the fact that there was a canine being carried in the room. It was later

I was curled up in the middle of my bed, a blanket clutched between clawed fists, sobs wracking my frame with so much force that the headboard clacked against the wall. In my head, a voice kept screaming, over and

I am eight years old. It is summertime in my native South Florida, which means unbearable heat in the mornings and unrelenting thunderstorms in the afternoons. I prance over the grassy median, disregarding the shimmering heat waves rising off of

As I listen to Buck Hill improvise over Oleo I am constantly struck by the intelligence and placement of each line in spite of playing at what I consider superhuman speed. My ability to improvise on jazz piano has made

I sit in the dimmed auditorium of my high school, peering up at the students on the stage with a boulder in my stomach. Clutching the three pages of my poem in my sweaty palms, I tell myself that I

When I first heard the song “Royals” by Lorde, I didn’t care why it was written. All I knew was what I was seeing when I closed my eyes. Not the official music video, but mine. There was a neon

Magnanimous chunks of ice paint obituaries in the Arctic sky, epitaphs of mountains that once rose proud into the skies. Perhaps a reflection of this very sight led environmentalist Robert Swan to reach his epiphany. “The greatest danger to our

Transitional Birthday I stare blankly at myself in an old and dirty mirror. Every year I somehow end up in my parents’ bathroom on the day of my birthday. Today is my 13th birthday. As I stare into the mirror,

There are many stories about brave firefighters and policemen who gave up their lives on that fall morning. They were prepared for the tragedy that was at hand. It was the average men that acted so bravely, were not trained

As I scooped the last bite of warm spaghetti into my mouth one October evening in 1994, I heard a voice from the next room. “Come on Tracy, I want to teach you some five-letter words tonight.” “Okay Daddy, here

I sit at the table, palms sweaty, fingers tingling, tentatively hovering over the colored cards placed in front of me. My directions seem simple, choose the most important or impactful things in my life based on categories, special things, places,

Have you ever done something good and gotten rewarded? Or done something bad and gotten punished? We’ve all been there, good and bad, this is why I believe you get what you give. A time in my life that made

It’s the one word that I never thought would be applied to me. This time it wasn’t the neighbor or the relative or even the co-worker…it was me. That one phone call from my oncologist. That one sentence my parents

“Humanitarianism consists of never sacrificing a human being to a purpose.” Albert Schweitzer once said this. This quote mirrors how I see myself as a philanthropist in need of an education. With education I can reach my prosperity by using

Apprehension flooded my stomach as the plane touched down in Panama. I had visited the country before and loved it, but this was not a vacation. We were moving here for an entire year. My uncle would be living here

I am a naturally neat, organized, and meticulous person. I enjoy sorting my books and make up into different containers and shelves according to size, color and type. The beginning of school is one of my favorite times of year

Before I could even read, I was read to. When I was young, my dad seemed determined to introduce me to the fantasy and sci-fi that he’d loved in his youth (and I mean die hard fantasy and sci-fi. Those

In sixth grade, I wrote my first autobiography. It was a school project, in which I had to write about my life and glue on some pictures and artifacts. I put it together with enthusiasm, received an A, and filed

Imagine monkeys and dogs crying out in pain, rabbits bleeding from the eyes because of chemicals, and three or four animals crammed into tiny cages. This is what scientists that test on animals see everyday. In America, 30 million animals

To give a reader the feeling of being in Florida, there are many different aspects of Florida culture that could be described. In some stories, writers have used orange agriculture to help give the reader the feeling of being in

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