It was the end of scene two, and I had been in the hair-and-makeup lounge for the past thirty minutes. Now, I was standing at the door waiting to begin my scene. We had been rehearsing for months. Although we

Every day in schools and on social networks across the nation, there are kids being bullied. These kids walk the halls with their heads down, frightened of evoking a negative reaction from their peers. Their self-esteem has been reduced to

It’s a late summer afternoon in Istanbul, and I am aboard a ferry crossing the Bosphorus. This is where the Eastern and Western worlds meet, where the world’s ethnicities come together and blend into a cosmopolitan mass. Here, business men

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Bang! The flash of the muzzle paired with the crack of the starter’s gun ends the hushed pre-race nervousness and begins a chaotic five-kilometer chase for the finish. A sea of colored uniforms begins to meld together into a crowd

I lay down looking at my ceiling,talking to myself, and notice how The value for something we once cherished can be lost and forgotten over time. Everyone has something to value. I value technology, history, and patience. Most people are


A bald-headed black man strides into the meadow and stands before 57 students lined shoulder to shoulder. “If you’re satisfied with life, step forward. If not, step back.” Fifty-seven students take a step. “If your parents are divorced, step back.

“The ways of destiny are often ruled to our advantage, though in opposition to our wishes.” (Quentin Durward, Sir Walter Scott) When I was a child, life was perfect. Things came easier to me than they did to others, and

After attending a summer track practice when I was in the 6th grade, my parents stopped at JJ’s Ice Cream Hut on Route 3A. My friend and I were wide eyed as we perused the menu to pick an ice

Oh The Agony For students, having a lot of homework or studying for a test is stressful. For adults, on the other hand, something stressful can be cleaning the house or making dinner. Students always think they have it worse

As I round the final turn, I kick it into fourth gear. My legs are turning; arms are pumping, lungs pounding, and heart beating. A flood of screams, cheers, encouragement, and support washes over me. The colorful flags –blowing in

My Grandpa died and “The Notebook” made me cry. No, it wasn’t the death of my masculinity, and no I actually don’t remember any of the characters names. For someone looking on, it might have been a little bit funny.

Since my early childhood my parents have always told me to enjoy every part of my life, no matter how ordinary it may seem. Before the summer of 2005, I never thought that there was anything special about living in

I have always believed that reality was something everyone in the world shares. In Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, Socrates presents an opposing view, arguing that reality is something different for each and every individual based on his or

“It’s not easy turning into smoke.” My sixteen-year old eyes glossed over the words, cross legged in the poetry section of a Barnes and Noble that I had begged my father to take me to while we were in Newington.

Q: How will your presence enrich our community? The cell phone beeped at the bottom of my mom’s white purse and she instinctively reached down and grabbed it. We carried on with our conversation as she punched in the password

If you could meet with any person, living or dead, for an hour, who would it be and what would you say to them? If I could meet with any person ever, I would meet with the Ms. Whoopi Goldberg.

It’s suppertime. I am swamped with tasks, moving chairs so walkers can get through. I weave in and out of crowded tables to pour coffee, milk, water, tea, and cranberry juice to 47 people in about six minutes and 30

My life reserves time for games. As the people and places around me change, so does the game and its rules. It isn’t so much boredom that demands I temporarily escape reality, rather, unknown forces have granted to me the

My parents taught me at an early age to always keep an open mind, and I do to this day. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that not all children my age were blessed enough to receive that same lesson. When

As we step over a crack in the sidewalk, we can tilt our backs toward the ground, raise our eyes to the sky, and see the skyscrapers on high. They rise above everything else in this overpopulated wasteland. As we

New fishing poles in hand, my sister and I skipped excitedly to the docks, jumped onto the pontoon boat, and waited for our father. It was a chilly autumn morning, and we were going fishing for the first time. Our

To me, of the many flaws hindering the United States today, the one that stands above the rest is the slow drifting away from the values of faith, family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom that America was founded upon. The

Traveling has been a core component of my life since I was a very young. Unlike many of my friends, my family had the mentality of going to countless places rather than the same place year after year. These trips

“London! That’s the capital of England.” The next question was “What’s the capital of Italy?” These are the questions my dad asked on an hour long drive to New Jersey when I was eight. Our trivial games were a common

To me it’s a birdie. To others it may be a shuttle or a shuttlecock. But no matter what it’s called, the one thing that these names have in common is that without a “birdie” there is no badminton. The

My Lesson of Forgiveness “Forgiveness is the healing of wounds caused by another. You choose to let go of a past wrong and no longer be hurt by it. Forgiveness is a strong move to make like turning your shoulders

Like a seed, I’m growing up. I need Father Sun and Mother Earth to nourish me. I need their love and affection; their compassion and strength. I need them to give me water when I look weak. I need their

Confusion and disbelief flooded my mind as my heart clamored in my chest, threatening to burst. The angel faces glared down from the stained glass windows in disapproval. I wanted to hide under a rock as students around me began

“I make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets” (Kimbio). Kim Kardashian grew up the same way any other kid would although some major events played a role in making her into the person she is today. Some of the

You are flying, fast as a bird, now faster, to reach your destination. Almost there, you push yourself to the limit and . . . boom! You rescued the city from a terrible tornado. Suddenly, you wake up from your

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