The lights danced before my eyes in an array of color, like whimsical fairies. Introduction music blared as people craned their necks to see what was happening onstage. I couldn’t believe I was seeing Tori Amos. She opened with “Precious

Nebraska is known for its football team, endless fieldsof corn – and hardcore! System Failure is a five-piece metal/hardcore band fromOmaha, and their latest release, “Can You See the Dead?,” is on WoundedRecords. Their overall sound is similar to Zao,

Corrosion of Conformity is a loud band. On their new album, “Deliverance,” they deliver more of their distinctive brand of fiery hard rock, a sound that approaches industrial noise and then retreat to a more mellow, blues-like sound. The band

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Hum-“You’d Prefer an Astronaut”Many rock bands released short-lived masterpieces in the ?s. One album I have always enjoyed and believe should have gone gold is, “You’d Prefer an Astronaut,” by Hum. It had the hit song “Stars” but only sold

Doyou enjoy the beats of P. Diddy? The soft sounds of LFO? If either catches yourattention, you should be interested in “Totally Hits 2001.” Themix of sounds and performers on this album will definitely include something youlike. What’s even better

“Anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment,” sings Arctic Monkeys’ front-man Alex Turner, and if anyone should know, it’s him. In barely a year, his band of Sheffield teenagers has gone from an unsigned garage band posting

Of all of the artists I love, Breaking Benjamin has made the list of those songs that I can never forget. Breaking Benjamin had been one of my favorite artists for a few years now and I have a small

Everly is an American folk band formed in 2008, consisting of actress Bethany Joy Galeotti and singer Amber Sweeney. Their first EP, Mission Bell, is an eclectic mix of country, folk and pop rock sounds. Their EP features six original

Breaking into the music world takes determination, passion and a great deal of luck, but for female-fronted bands, making it into the limelight has previously seemed hopeless. The bulk of breakthrough rock bands have formerly been cookie-cutter male rockers with

Screaming girls. Gymnastics, fire, and foam. Yes, I’m talking about a Jonas Brothers concert. When I decided to go to a Jonas Brothers concert I should have known what I was getting myself into. Even before the Jonas Brothers hit

Starboy is an album from the Weeknd. It features many famous artists like Kendrick Lamar,Future,Lana Del Ray and Daft Punk. The album has 18 songs in total and their all great and catchy. Then there is the most iconic of

Lady GaGa very quietly released her debut album “The Fame” as 2008 came to a close. Promotion was minimal and hardly anyone noticed or cared. Then somebody got a hold of “Just Dance.” Almost overnight, GaGa became an electro/dance-pop sensation

Since the success of their seven-time platinum album, All the Right Reasons (2005), Canadian rock-band Nickelback has been a staple in the rock music world with seven songs from their last album hitting #1 on the billboard chart. But the

“Oooohhhhh.” This album, “Moanin In the Moonlight”, by Howlin Wolf is a very slow and draggy album. There are three songs in the album of 12 that are on the faster end, although the rest are very slow. The theme

In 1977 the band Foreigner made its way into the spotlight with its debut album: “Foreigner”. Their next album “Double Vision” featured their signature song Cold Blooded which made it to spot number two on the Billboard’s top 100 in

At the end of senior year in high school, most students are trying to decide which college to attend, but for Malcolm McCormick, the big question was quickly becoming which record company he wanted to sign with. McCormick, who goes

Home from Home is the first original song from the duo Byrne and Kelly. The group is made of up Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly, Nicole Hudson, and Peter Sheridan from the Celtic group Celtic thunder. Ryan and Neil originally came

Forget what you heard about the notorious songstress: Taylor Swift struts into the scene with sheer sophistication through her 2014 album wowza. And fresh Swiftie or not, have no fear—there’s enough class on the tracks to ease any worries about

At last, a new gender of music has ievolved. Music that mixes the energy of punk rock with substantial messages telling kids not to take a backseat to what’s going on in the world, but to become active. Music that

The lights come up, and Orlando based Before You Exit jumps into a high energy pop song that immediately has the crowd pulsing with energy. With a sound that is a unique blend of current boy band stardom with a

Taylor Swift’s “1989,” her fifth album, was much awaited by fans. Famous for her country accent, curly locks, and relatable songs, Swift has turned away from Country to craft her first Pop album. Although her songs have a more edgy

“Blood Gulch Blues” by Trocadero is a song dedicated to the popular web series Red vs. Blue. The series is based off of the game Halo, which is also well known. The song starts out by telling us the two

Recently, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins brought their country-esque tunes, charming talents, and amazing style to my area and left the audience in awe. The sold-out show opened with the ridiculously cute four-piece Whispertown 2000. With their creative folk-sounding

Taylor Swift opened her 2011 “’Speak Now’ world tour” in Omaha at the Century Link on June 17th and 18th. She played a total of seventeen songs that mainly came from her album “Speak Now.” Along with those songs were

I’ve always been a fan of alternative and scene music, including bands like Pierce the Veil, Underminded, Chiodos, and Emarosa. So when I heard that members from each of these groups were teaming up to create Isles & Glaciers, I

A veteran YouTuber, Kina Grannis has been one of the original voices of stripped pop music covers. With four albums released since 2010, Grannis has continually drafted music of organic origins; her sound mixes with the soil and begins to

You walk onto a bridge, feeling the noise around you slow and then stop as if someone pushed mute, followed by a moment of sheer noise as the crowd’s anticipation swells. Now, imagine that only your brothers, your passion and

Music is such an important part of a teen’s life for it helps teenagers deal with any struggle they might be going through in their life at the moment. In the review of “4 Your Eyez Only” by Kade Holt,

I have decided to do something different from what I normally do, a review on a song! Now if you don’t know who Liam Payne is, let me tell you. He was a member of the extremely known boyband ‘One

Hailing from the land of pop, Sweden, The Cardigans are a five piece group whose sounds range from beautiful melancholy to lovely, cheery pop. Life, The Cardigans second album, breaks away from their first albums tiresome saddening and introvert sounds

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