Reckless is the first album of Bryan Adams and is my personal favorite. It’s his master piece. It’s the one of the most melodious song I heard before. I have never heard of anything melodious like that. Thought it’s an

Morrissey, a British pop singer, has made his claim to fame with four solo albums since his separation from his former group, The Smiths. The slightly strange profoundness of Morrissey’s latest release, “Your Arsenal,” may prove it to be his

Top 10 Pop Albums of 2014 With 2014 officially behind us, it is time to commemorate the eventful year in Pop music. From breakout Brit Sam Smith to acapella group Pentatonix, Top 40 radio has been filled with catchy choruses

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“Bangerz”: A Miley Cyrus Album Former Disney Channel star, Miley Cyrus, has been a role model for teen girls since her Hannah Montana days. After she quit the show in 2009, she went on to create albums that told listeners

“I’ve got my city doing front flips”. That is how Chance the Rapper starts one of his many great songs in his album “Coloring Book”. In this album he raps about how he has positively impacted his home city of

Released in 2009, “Humbug” by the Arctic Monkeys proved who the real Monkeys fans are. Although the album was widely appreciated by critics, earning a 75/100 rating from Metacritic, many fans prefer the group’s older albums. This new recording takes

Im doing a review on a very famous death metal band called In Flames. There a very good band that is listened to by many people. Many people try to be like them but they cannot because the guitar and

Hamilton: An American Musical, is truly a work of art – a hip-hop masterpiece. Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton’s life, from the time he was 19 to his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Feturing a wonderful cast of characters such

“I didn’t set out to make a good Christmas record, I set out to make the best Christmas record,” said Mr. Buble in a video on his YouTube channel and I have to agree, he has made the best Christmas

Teenage Fanclub are the most hideous, repulsive, talentless schmucks I’ve ever seen or heard. They’re about as attractive as the puss-filled scabs on my knees, and do they actually consider that irritating crap that they play music? Since a lot

Upon arriving at the Jones Beach theatre in New York on an evening in August, I cannot say that I was lacking in anticipation. Bob Dylan was somebody I’d never imagined I would have a chance to see in concert.

Eve 6.Metallica. Third Eye Blind. Counting Crows. Athenaeum. Barenaked Ladies.Angry Salad. Although the last band may not sound familiar, there is nodoubt that one of the next big pop/rock bands will be named after iratevegetables. The Boston-area band performed recently

One glance at the songwriting credits on Taylor Swift’s latest album tells you all you need to know about the crossroads she’s at: about half of the songs are co-written by Max Martin & Shellback, who seem to have a

Simplistic but melodic. Tragic but warm. Small-scale stories, grand-scale meta-narratives. These descriptions come to mind when listening to Mark Kozelek’s sixth studio LP with Sun Kil Moon, “Benji.” Folk-rooted, acoustic-driven, and showcasing Kozelek’s usual free-styling vocals that give you the

On May 20, 2016, Ariana Grande dropped her hotly anticipated album, “Dangerous Woman.” While Grande’s first two albums show the pop star dreaming in a blissful trance about her bae, this latest album portrays an assertive woman who is independent

A man who never seemed of this Earth. A gender bender. A game changer in the music industry. A mastermind of creativity. These all describe the incomparable David Bowie. For decades he bedazzled audiences with his unforgettable hits and numerous

Although the name semblances no specific meaning, Coldplay’s latest album “Mylo Xyloto” just may bear the greatest meaning out of all their other albums. For Coldplay, “MX” represents their new mentality, to produce another smashing album on a clean slate.

April 14th was the night of the sixth annual iBoston Music Awards held at the Wang Center. It was hosted by Boston’s own comedian, Lenny Clark, who, although no Billy Crystal, did keep the audience entertained. All the Boston musicians

Recently a friend and I attended the Lilith Fair. It took place at an amphitheater, located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Fair toured all summer hitting many major cities across the United States. Sarah McLachlan is the founder.

I entered the arena andlooked down on the crowd of girls standing in what seemed an endlessline. Some were as young as seven, and clutched their mothers’ handstightly. Older girls stood humming “I Want it That Way” andcarrying glittery, bright

In my French class, I learn about thelanguage, the people and the culture. I don’t mind French (exceptthe verbs); the people aren’t bad, and they have some greatcustoms. The music is great, too, except for one singer – MC Solaar.

Kid Rock is my favorite music artist, because he has really good music, regardless of the kind of language that he uses. Some of my favorite songs by him are: Cocky, & American Bad*SS. I love his music, but I

If you are looking for a cd that has some great songs and then some songs to take up space, this is not the cd for you. If you are looking for a cd where every song is fantastic and

First One Direction broke into America. Then Cher Lloyd came. Then I heard a Rebecca Ferguson song on the radio. And now Mr. Olly Murs. They must feed all of the contestants Wheaties throughout taping “The X Factor” (UK). That’s

Bleach was fantastically raw and metal-ish; Incesticide was filled with punk-y b-sides; Nevermind was full of catchy poppy melodies; Unplugged was an album of haunting, acoustic, tunes; and In Utero? In Utero was a combination of that. The last studio

The Concert for Life, performed for the late Freddy Mercury who died of AIDS, was indeed the greatest concert I, and many others, have ever seen on MTV. The crowd was ecstatic throughout. There were performances from Extreme, Metallica, Guns

Through thick and thin Oasis has still managed to create excellent music. The band broke up at one point due to a dispute between two members who are brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher. But they managed to get back together,

The new Ghostface Killah album,”Supreme Clientele” is one of the better albums to come fromthe Wu-Tang Clan since the release of “Bobby Digital” by theRZA in 1998. Ghostface is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, who are knownfor extensive rhyming

Two years after his self-titled debut album, Josh Groban is still stopping people dead in their tracks. With a liege of fans called Grobanites that includes everyone from Oprah to soccer moms, vocal enthusiasts to teenagers. Thousands of people have

Sometimes, Albums just stick with you the first time you hear them, You Listen to them constantly. You learn all the information and history about the album. You learn every verse, every lyric. The album becomes part of your life.

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