Admit it. We all loved “Legally Blonde” the movie, but now, it’s a Broadway hit! When I heard “Broadway is going Blonde,” as the many advertisements claimed, I couldn’t hide my excitement. As soon as the soundtrack came out on

It has been nearly four years since the indispensible Lady Gaga rose to a celebrity status after the release of her debut album, The Fame. Over those four years I have struggled with how I feel about Gaga – I

“I’ll write down everything I have learned, and edit it down to a single word: love,” sings Ville Valo in “Heart­killer,” the first single from HIM’s seventh studio album. Valo is not only the band’s lead singer, but also the

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In an era where many musicians struggle to find cultural relevance, you might not think much of a 36 year-old British punk-rock singer. However, in Be More Kind–one of the best (and most surprising) records 2018 has seen released–Frank Turner

A Fire Inside, or AFI, has been around for quite some time now, having formed in 1991 and releasing eight studio albums since. They rose to fame with 2003’s “Sing the Sorrow,” and their peak in popularity was their next

The fact that a gym teacher (named Leonard Skinner) inspired not just a band but a musical movement is pretty cool. The truth that this movement is sure to affect generations to come is extraordinary. The band Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced

Their first EP, The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End, was just the beginning. All Time Low has been dedicated to creating lively and exciting music since 2003, despite their teenager commitments. The band started in Baltimore,

Colm is a singer in Celtic Thunder (2012-) and first came into the group in 2012. Colm hails from Dublin, Ireland. He is currently 25 years old. He was raised in a musical family like all of the other members

The masters of science fiction and music. Ayreon is a Progressive Metal band from the Netherlands formed by the mastermind Arjen Luccessen. This band has since released six full albums each lasting about 90 minutes each. With each thing there’s

Laura Branigan, who gained international fame nine years ago with her signature song “Gloria,” has proven herself musically resilient if not always constant. Her music, which appeals to all ages despite its adult contemporary labeling, has gone through several stylistic

Alternative music used to be composed of bizarre bands that only the very bravest music lover dared listen to, but those days have passed. It is a dumping ground for all of the latest, trendiest bands around. Imagine my disgust

Woodstock ’99 is thehigh point of my life so far. My brother, three friends and Iknew we had to be part of all the excitement at Griffith AirForce Base. We were greeted by a scalper who sold ustickets for less

Lookingdown from the tenth floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania on New Year’s Eve, one wasfaced with thousands of neo-hippies cheering and yelling with excitement as thedoors to Madison Square Garden opened to see the back-from-hiatus bandPhish. After a two-year wait,

Love them or hate them, Cephalic Carnage always pushes the boundaries of its genre. The band incorporates more jazz, doom, and sludge influences than most technical death/grind bands. When was the last time you heard Dying Fetus or Cryptopsy play

On Wednesday, February 25 at the BRIT Awards in London, Kanye West took to the stage with a massive entourage dressed completely in black, and two men in the middle holdingflamethrowers. It had been announced the day before that Kanye

Imagine smooth, warm acoustic guitars. Think about lyrics that say so much about love, politics, and the world we live in. When you put these two fantasies together you get the album “In Between Dreams” by Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson

The Netherlands is a country that gave us alot of things to look for, including an amazing band called Nemesea. This band, while not publicly popular…yet, I will want to see where this review will go in terms of making

The classic album “What’s Going On,” essential to any Soul music collection is not only the masterpiece of Marvin Gaye’s genius, but one of the most innovative and artistic albums ever made. Rather than feeling like an album, “What’s Going

Pegboard Nerds is an electronic band signed to the Canadian label Monstercat. Over the course of October, the devised a campaign to release tracks from their Pink Cloud EP in support of research for breast cancer. Kind of a smart

The Wonder Years is a 6 member pop punk/punk rock band from a small town outside Philadelphia. They were a small under the radar band until their previous record The Upsides was released in 2011. Their album Suburbia starts out

One word candescribe the Dave Matthews Band concert in Buffalo, NY -amazing! Not only was the music great, but the lighting, soundand the “thing Dave does with his feet” all made ita great concert. Dave Matthews Band has a unique

Ifthere is one singer who expresses what she feels, and couldn’t care less if youdon’t buy her CD, it’s Avril Lavigne. Her punk-rock songs define music for allages. With the debut of her new album “Let Go,” her songs”Complicated” and

With all the repetitive lyrics accompanied by only a drum machine, it’s hard to find originality in the music we find today. That’s why I went back to an album that was released exactly seven months after I was born.

On January 31st, Lana Del Rey released her debut album, Born To Die. The weekend after the release its, album had already climbed to number 3 on the Itunes chart. Despite Del Rey’s pitchy, and disorganized performance on Saturday Night

Like all other albums from Swedish progressive metal band Opeth, “Watershed” is an eclectic web of complex melodies and harmonies, influenced by everything from prog rock, to jazz, to European folk, to classical music, and of course, Scandinavian death metal.

Taylor Swift songs! Some people love them. Other people, like me, don’t like them at all. There are many things I dislike strongly about her songs. I find her voice very annoying. The meaning and lyrics of her songs, I

To Pimp a Butterfly is, Compton’s own, Kendrick Lamar’s second studio album. This album is a follow up to his 2012 debut album, Good Kid m.A.A.d City. GKMC is the album that really introduced Kendrick to the masses. With smash

The newest American Idol, Scotty McCreery, has released his debut album, “Clear As Day.” While the country crooner doesn’t rely as much on the deep voice that carried him through the “Idol” rounds, this record is full of catchy country

The performance starts off with Janet singing on stage by herself in what looks like a ridiculously long skirt. Moments later, the skirt falls down and she is in a kick-ass full-body suit. Dancers join her on stage as she

Emmett O’ Hanlon is a singer in Celtic Thunder. He’s the current classical singer in the group. He joined the group last year (2014.) He originally came in for voice lessons but the woman who was giving him the vocal

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