“Los Angeles is becoming the great world city of this still new millennium, the place where the promise and peril of the modern world live most intensely. Ours is the most diverse city in the history of the planet. Groups

Do you ever feel you need to do the right thing but the motivation doesn’t come into play? Every day went from being a piece of cake, but now it’s a struggle? I have been through that rough patch in

Until I started high school, I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue in college. After all, there are so many options, and even though some people know what they want to do from the time they are

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Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill. Each name promotes a different sentiment within us. At the sound of Hitler and Stalin, chills might erupt over your body as you picture thousands of decayed corpses, barely discernable under a grimy

Do you ever start a trend, and in only a week it seems as if everyone is doing it? Well you’re not alone, that’s exactly what happened to me. I believe what goes around comes around. Oh my goodness today

With a last look at my book lying on the couch I trudge out into the bright, sunlit day. Accompanied by my younger sister and mother, I climb onto our orange tractor. With a roar my mom drives away slowly

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you? To forget about that warm autumn night of my sophomore year can be considered an insurmountable task. A night filled

She was wearing red. No, it was white. Yes, a white blouse with subtle lace detailing at the collar. She hid behind a newspaper with her glasses on the tip of her nose. We could tell she was reading the

‘We can’t wait any longer. We need to pack up shop and get out of here.’ ‘Not without the girl. We don’t know how much Mr. Silverstein told her about us. If we let her go, she could go to

My back has been in pain since we hit Ohio, but now I no longer care.The sounds of the highways and road rage have been replaced by seagulls squawking and waves crashing against the shoreline.As we arrive at my grandparent’s

Beep Beep Beep Beep, “Attention Department 9 and 9 4 personnel, you are responding to an unknown medical call at 20 Killingworth Turnpike. Ambulance duty crew respond to headquarters.” As a young child, when I was watching cartoons in my

My flute career ended when I picked up my flute and poised it at my lips, ready for a flute test. I was shaking, making it hard to keep my fingers on the keys.Everyone in the room seemed to know

The countries I havecalled home have immeasurably shaped who I am. The exposure to a myriad of diverse people, cultures,classes and religions in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and the incredible freedom in America that shocksme to this day have

Prompt: Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. ESSAY: I came from a world where money greatly dictates life and

My first best friend is someone who edits my essays. My second best friend is my computer. My third best friends are the nameless, faceless editors of Wikipedia. My battles are not fought with pens or swords, but with the

Stepping onto that grey marley dance floor was like landing on another planet. To my left, there’s a seventyish woman in a thong leotard. She is a cross between Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and one

The same dream came to me on many nights. I figured that because of its reoccurrence it must have been of some significance to my waking life. It was the same every time. It must have been a sign of

Love of power, religion and poverty; what do these three statements have in common? These three statements are, what I believe, the causes of war and is separating our human population from achieving world peace. Peace. Overestimated, underappreciated, and above

Enveloped by the soft, vibrant roses and gently buffeted by the warm summer wind, I frolicked only within the chapped and yellowed pages of a book. Cupped by my chilled, bloodless hands, Brideshead Revisited, by twentieth-century author Evelyn Waugh, assumed

Today September 27, 2017 I still remember going to Adventure City when I was four years old. I adored that day so much because one it was my birthday and two my whole family, my cousins, aunts, and uncles we’re

Tackling the Impossible with One Gallon and One Hour. All of us have heard of the white animal with black spots that produces milk. The milk from that animal was put into containers and is now the base of a

The purity of love: how much love one human being can actually express for another has always been a question that has baffled even the wisest of men. I have questioned extensively the validity of unconditional love. I believed for

My palms began sweating as I looked at the homework board. It read like a danger sign posted in the front of a condemned building. “COLLEGE ESSAYS DUE SEPTEMBER 27.” Panic set in. I have never written anything about myself

When considering the most influential and inspirational people in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed comes to mind. Respectably, he is possibly the greatest leader due to his prominent role as a civil rights activist and advocacy for peace.

A bumblebee is banging its head against my window. Beside this window is an open one, but the bumblebee does not seem to see it. I want to guide it to the open window so to end its needless suffering

PROMPT: The 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot said, “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” Describe one of your passions and reflect on how it has contributed to your personal growth. When I was a

I constantly have dreams where I am a superhero. When I’m unconscious, Super Me is wide awake; swiftly diffusing through solid walls, shooting electricity from her hands, and simply tensing her body to become invisible. She can briskly shove off

It was Christmas day, and I was covered in flour, sugar, and eggs. Today I was determined to become the Marie Curie of the kitchen, even if my kitchen smelled like burned sugar. There should be a Nobel Cooking Prize,

The first thing you notice is the smog. It drapes over the city in countless gray layers, extending from the sky to the ground. Then, just as your eyes begin to adjust, you’re hit by the smell. It’s that smell

“Emerald green wool hats, Busch Gardens, rum raisin…” Two years ago, when I attended a sweet 16 celebration, my classmate read severalphrases for each candle she lit, evoking memories of special experiences shared with her friends. I couldnot understand those

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