This paper evaluates the paranormal phenomena of “people being able to read minds” or as it is more scientific called: “Extra sensory perception” (ESP), “precognition,” “controlled remote viewing” and “anomalous cognition.” This paper states that, to date, parapsychology research has

A look at three major technology platforms for communication: Wireless Access Protocol, General Packet Radio Service, and the third generation Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. This paper examines these three main types of platforms for this technology and their suitability with

A study of the deadly disease Osteoporosis. This paper examines the bone disease Osteoporosis that often effects elderly people. The paper describes the condition and the effects on the body, which can cause a simple bone fracture to be life

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Examines operations, strategies & investment potential of Multicare Companies, Living Centers of Americans & Genesis Health. Chart. The long-term care facilities industry is characterized by consolidation and acquisition as companies seek to expand their market share by growing through mergers.

This paper outlines the implication of inflation and deflation and provides some solution how to control it. To understand the implication of inflation and deflation, the author outlines the functions of money and of the price system. He defines terms

Special socioeconomic, political, ideological & familial concerns, contributions & difficulties of black women. Anthropology is the study of humankind and among the areas studied by socio-cultural anthropologists are socialization, gender beliefs and other expressions of culture. Anthropologist Franz Boas theorized

This paper examines the progress against stereotypes in America. This paper explores the diffusing of stereotypes in America through exposure and a greater societal understanding. The paper focuses on stereotypes directed at the African-American community and how they have lessened

This paper touches on the theme of good versus evil in “Billy Budd” by Herman Melville. It explains how Billy is the symbol of ultimate good and Claggart is the symbol of ultimate evil. This paper discusses the age-old concept

The following essay takes a brief look at Moody’s style of writing and themes in Coming of Age, a story about adolescent alienation and abuse. This paper discusses the racial issues of adolescent alienation and abuse in Ann Moody’s, ‘Coming

Sociological analysis of book on Odessa, Texas, high school football team & town’s values, using approaches of functionalism, conflict theory & interactionism. In Friday night lights: A town, a team, and a dream H. C. Bissinger recounts his observations of

Compares black leaders’ speaking styles & effects, social, economic & political ideologies & strategies, views on civil rights. Neither Martin Luther King, Jr. nor Frederick Douglass were extremists; both argued that African-Americans have a natural right to equality. King and

Importance of consumer to marketing strategy. Product decisions, targeting, distribution, promotion, pricing. Marketing decisions affect all aspects of a company’s operations, from determining what type of product will be produced to how much to charge for the product. In addition,

A comparison of “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “The Book of Job” and the “Inferno”. This comprehensive paper looks at sin and punishment in religious writing. It starts by comparing the hierarchies of punishment in the different texts brought about by the corrupt

Critical review of autobiography recounting political & personal awakening of black woman & civil rights leader. Racism permeated every aspect of southern life style and thus every part of an Afro-American’s life, from his self-perception to his basic economic condition.

A study of the conservation policies for the preservation of the New York State Hudson River. This paper presents a detailed discussion about implementing conservation policies. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey of conservation policies and uses

This paper provides a discussion of Bertolt Brecht’s `Mother Courage and Her Children`, focusing in particular on adversity, courage and survival. An analysis of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, this book report delves into the themes of motherly

A comparison of free trade to managed trade in today’s global economy. This paper compares the values of free trade to managed trade. It begins by defining trade and identifying the ideal trade. The paper argues that free trade is

An analysis of the book by William R. Lederer and Eugene Burdick which discusses relationships between Americans and the Vietnamese native population. This paper is based on “The Ugly American”, a book written in 1958. This paper demonstrates how America’s

An examination of the proposed Homeland Security Department for the federal government from the aspect of human resources. This paper examines the human resource criteria for the proposed federal agency, The Homeland Security Department. It looks at the history and

Examines historical, technical & sociocultural significance of the bipolar siku (panpipe). The purpose of this research is to examine the historical, technical and social significance of the bipolar siku of Peru, particularly as regards the projection of Peruvian panpipe orchestras

Examines changing roles & duties of specialized nurses in context of managed care & alternative health delivery systems. Nevertheless, implementing NPs into the current health care system is facing some difficulties. The biggest sets backs have been from the opposition

A paper on racism in America, and some history on organized activities. This paper is written mostly from a subjective viewpoint regarding racism in the United States. The author describes his/her brush with racism, and talks a bit about some

The following paper examines the war on drugs in America, questioning whether the loss of lives, stricter laws and costs of the campaign outweigh the benefits. This essay discusses the pros and cons of the “War on Drugs” in America,

This paper explores Marsha Linehan’s treatment of borderline personality disorder in an extensive literature review. The basis of this study looks at the effects of a therapy derived from eastern Zen practices and western psychodynamic theory, known as Dialectical Behavioral

Critical review of 1988 work on social, psychological & evolutionary factors of murder. Martin Daly and Margo Wilson’s Homicide is a lengthy, scholarly examination of the topic of people killing each other. As the authors state in their introductory remarks,

This paper analyzes the duplicitous nature of advertising in the fast food industry, focusing on the advertisements of three multinational fast food companies, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silver. Fast food advertising has been allowed to profess anything,

Analyzes need for & benefits of this approach to overcrowding. Economics, legal issues, administration, liability, philosophies of punishment, role of govt. and public vs. private interest. For-profit incarceration is a controversial idea, but it appears to have become a permanent

Incidence, causes, characteristics of family dysfunction, chemical abuse, clinical depression, psychological stress.This research examines the characteristics and prevalence of mental illness (psychological problems and disorders) among the African-American population component in the United States. African-Americans do not experience psychological problems

Sight and blindness, reality and constructions in Hwang’s M. Butterfly. The paper discusses figures of sight and blindness used in the play M Butterfly examining Gallimard and Song’s relationship in the greatest detail. A look at the Western depiction of

A look at different anti-terrorism measures and their developments. This research offers a critical approach to different anti-terrorism measures, that are or were used by democratic states in the 20th century. The author provides a descriptive approach based on the

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