Critical review of work on 6-year-old’s therapy & struggle to find his identity despite damaging parenting. How can a psychologist’s use of play therapy allow a child’s submerged psyche to emerge and begin journeying toward a selfhood capable of expressing

A critical discussion of Shakespeare’s play, focusing on an evaluation of the 1935 film of `A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The paper first cites the strengths of the film; namely, the romantic score and the appropriate choreography. It then goes on

Examines former Soviet republic’s privatization of large businesses, Soviet influences, fiscal & labor environments, funding, effectiveness, future. This research examines the process and progress of the privatization of large business enterprise in Kazakhstan. Large business enterprise, as the term is

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Examines hypothetical international portfolio & activity over six weeks in late 1995, using information from [Financial Times]. Tables & charts. Money as a means of exchange has been in existence for thousands of years. Since kingdoms and nations issue their

A comparative analysis of D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner and Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” This essay compares and contrasts the D.H. Lawrence short story “The Rocking Horse Winner” with Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible. Love and hate, sin and

A look at the life of satirist Francois Rabelais and analysis of his book “Gargantua and Pantagruel”. This essay takes a look into the life of Francois Rabelais and into his book “Gargantua and Pantagruel”. Specifically, the focus is on

Analyzes 1990s environmental pollution & suggests solutions to prevent disaster, focusing on 2025 as target date. Recycling, sustainability, natural economy, limited resources, role of govt. As the twentieth century ends, scientists and politicians finally have begun to acknowledge the severity

Analysis of Jessie Redmon Fauset’s novel Plum Bun and Stephen Crane’s novel “Maggie, a Girl of the Streets”. A comparative essay on the issue of identity and how gender constructs affect the heroines of both novels who choose either to

Compares customer premises equipment bill & keep with incremental cost/cost-based pricing models. Interconnection & rate-sharing, efficient components, regulation, recommendation. Charts. Regulators have been struggling with the problems and issues associated with monopoly pricing for decades (Ergas & Ralph, 1994, p.

This paper looks at the reason advertisers use sex to sell their products. The writer looks at overt and covert advertising in order to give the reader a solid understanding of the basic theories that are used to sell products.

Pros & cons, impact on health care field, nurses’ views, decentralization of authority, pay, motivation, communication. An increasingly important labor-management issue in the nursing profession is that of unionization. Today’s hospitals are under intense pressure to contain costs. This translates

This paper discusses animal rights causes. The author examines issues of animal equality and speciesism, and refutes arguments made by anti-animal rights groups. “Getting animals to have basic rights is still a long ways away, but every little bit counts.

Analyzes two crayon drawings from artist’s Realism period, Celia in a Black Dress with White Flowers (1972) & Celia Wearing Checked Sleeves (1973). Style, content & usefulness in art instruction. David Hockney has had one of the most unusual careers

This paper looks at tuition subsidies and the voucher alternative, the latter of which the author discusses in depth. This paper focuses on the costs and benefits of the school voucher alternative. The discussion includes states in which the voucher

Examines concepts of rationality, ideal types, legitimate authority, social order, bureaucracy, charisma & applicability to 20th Cent. (Martin Luther King, O.J. Simpson case). The purpose of this research is to examine Max Weber’s sociological theory of rationality and ideal types

Examines history & development of this economic theory, examples, refinements, applications. This research examines the economic law of diminishing returns. Both the development of the concept and the modern refinements to the concept are covered. Defining the Law of Diminishing

Definition, types, victim profile, masochism, psychological impact, changing social & legal views, feminism, law enforcement & prosecution, counseling, future. Domestic violence, as defined by the Human Rights Watch, refers to physical, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse that takes place in

A paper which presents a detailed description of the hero/antihero motif used in literature. A paper which discusses the hero/antihero motif used in literature. The writer uses the Shakespearean play, “Hamlet,” as a backdrop to discuss the various aspects of

A look at various educational programs for prisoners and the possible benefits thereof. This paper examines the educational programs available for prisoners. The author discusses the controversial topic of prisoner education, the type of skills and rehabilitation that prisoners can

A study of the character, Johann Ulrich Voss in Patrick White’s novel, Voss. The paper explores the character Voss in Patrick White’s novel of the same name about a German explorer intent on crossing Australia. The paper discusses the personality

A critique of former President Reagan’s address at the Challenger Memorial from a speech communications perspective. This paper discusses ethos, pathos and logos, the five canons, the organizational pattern, aspects of delivery, visual aids, audience, and strengths and weaknesses of

A paper discussing the views of the Japanese society on Japanese actions during World War II. The following paper examines Japanese actions during World War II, focusing specifically on the Nanking Massacre, an attempt to dominate China quickly by demoralizing

A look at how to measure success in a business and the importance of effective leadership to that success. This paper discusses the factors that contribute to an business’ success and how they come together to create a profitable company

A discussion on the importance of researching the web for references and information about various topics. The following paper examines the importance of web research to instructors, students, writers and researchers. The way in which there are no time barriers

This paper discusses Robert Rauschenberg’s painting Persimmon from the concepts presented by Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Nietzsche. The author states that Rauschenberg’s “Persimmon” does not look like a real subject, yet it is a real thing. From Heidegger, the “strife” between

A synopsis of the development of the ethical code 1.09 in the code of conduct for social workers. The paper looks at the development of a code of ethics with respect to the social work profession. It focuses on the

Research paper on the effects of home-based counseling for at-risk African American students. This study investigated the effects of home-based counseling in improving the personal self-concept, overall social behavior and academic achievement of inner city at-risk African American adolescents, aged

Role of native & English languages in assimilation & success of immigrants, education & literacy, community programs, theories & methods. Unlike many other countries, the United States has never established an official language, although paradoxically, Founding Father John Jay in

Compares beginnings: construction, need for, politics, funding, ownership. This research compares the beginnings of the underground rail transit systems in London and New York City. The popular name of the system in New York City is the subway, while the

History, legal challenges, set-asides, economics, effectiveness, criticisms, race-neutral vs. race-conscious approaches. The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) was established in 1969 as the only Federal Agency to specifically intended to increase opportunities for minority individuals to participate fully in the

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