Examines the roles and perceptions of women in Germany from 1930-1940. This essay examines the role of women and motherhood during the 1930?s, when the Nazi regime took over Germany. It takes a hard look at the views and opinions

Assesses domestic caregivers as they relate to Julia Wrigley’s study, Other People’s Children. This paper examines the pros and cons of hiring a domestic caregiver and shows how people contradict themselves when choosing help. Julia Wrigley, author of Other People’s

Examines the planet Mars, including its environment, water, life, and atmosphere. This paper discusses The Red Planet, Mars. The author examines the conditions, life, and gives detailed information about the planet’s atmosphere and its two moons. The paper also looks

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An essay on Toni Morrison’s Paradise, explaining the meaning behind the title of the novel and describing several events in the story. This paper analyzes the book Paradise by Toni Morrison and discusses the issues raised by the storyline. The

A look at how the creation of credit in the U.S. economy has been hugely compounded over time and why credit is the defining aspect of our financial system. Looking coursework writing service? Go to page This paper explores

A literary portrayal of the lead character of the book “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin. This paper examines a literary character’s quest for self-determination. The writer illustrates how Edna tries with all her might to free herself from the ties

An analysis of the self-help book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. This paper examines the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, which uses the metaphor of mice in a maze to discuss ways of handling change.

An analysis of the down payment assistance corporation, the Nehemia Corporation. An overview of the Nehemiah Corporation of California. The author explains that this corporation is the largest privately-funded down payment assistance program for affordable home ownership. This essay examines

Examines relationship, competition, pricing, market sharing, advertising in theory & examples (supermarket/natural food store, computer industry). The purpose of this research paper is to provide an analysis of the interaction between mass merchandisers and small independent retailers and to investigate

This paper intends to show that wage inequality based on gender is still a workable and imperative issue in today’s American society. The following essay argues that gender issues with regards to wage equality in the American society still exist

A discussion of the restoration period and the 18th century and how Samuel Johnson’s poem fits into this time. This paper discusses the evolution of drama and theater in Europe and their development in the Restoration era. The paper includes

Reviews book recounting massacre of Jews by German Reserve Police Battalion in Poland in 1943. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland is a book that tells the story of the members of German Reserve

An analysis of two literary works – “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson – illustrating the theme of unnatural production. This paper focuses on how the novels “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley and

Financial ups & downs of 1980s-1990s, culminating in acquisition by BankAmerica. Income, strategy, operations, industry mergers and regulation. Includes charts. Introduction The 1980s saw vast changes in the banking community as banks and savings and loans, challenged by deregulation, expanded

Exegesis of New Testament Book: Greek vs. Hebrew meanings, Jesus’ Jewishness, political & social contexts, God’s will vs. human wisdom, healings, mysticism, discipleship. Includes outline. ABSTRACT The author examines the concept and responsibilities of discipleship revealed in a reading of

This paper discusses the issues of endangered species protection. This paper looks at the nation’s existing biodiversity in a species-centered approach to environmental protection. It examines the costs it imposes on society and looks at the stakeholders involved in species

Proposes language skills acquisition program for at-risk 4th & 5th graders. Structure, lessons, budget. Includes chart. A GRAMMAR MASTERY PROGRAM FOR AT-RISK ESL STUDENTS: A PROPOSAL Introduction This research describes and explains a program for elementary-level students. The research includes

An in depth look at alcohol addiction and possible treatments. This paper examines alcohol addiction as a medical term and as a state that may be termed as a disease and one that can be cured. From this point of

Life & career of martial arts film actor & son of Bruce Lee, focusing on his death filming “The Crow”. The untimely death of actor Brandon Lee would have been a major story under any circumstances–the death of an actor

An analysis of William Faulkner’s short story A Rose For Emily. The paper discusses the use of symbolism in A Rose for Emily, a short story by William Faulkner. The paper shows how Faulkner uses time as a continuous theme

Ideology, politics, leadership, style of early 20th Cent. Russian art, focusing on Constructivism. During the Cold War, the prevailing Western view of Soviet art was that the Communists had driven out the once flourishing Russian avant-garde and replaced it with

An analysis of various writings about love and romanticism. This paper analyses and compares two novels by writers George Eliot and Charlotte Bronte writing about the nature of love, the position of the individual in society and how couples come

An analysis of the “edge” genre in regard to the film “Good Will Hunting”. “Good Will Hunting”, directed by Gus Van Sant, has been described as an ‘edge’ or ‘independent’ film. The paper defines an independent film as one which

Discusses comparative trade theory, wherein nations assess their production strengths & weaknesses & create trade pacts that serve each accordingly. The Comparative Advantage Gains from Trade Introduction It is important to not confuse the terms comparative and competitive as they

Examines the advantages & disadvantages of exporting to Brazil & the potential impact for the company, its home city & state, & the nation. Possibility of Exporting ElektroTEK Ham Radios to Brazil James Monroe, manager of ElektroTEK Ham Radios in

A discussion of the importance of the setting of a novel in order to fully develop the themes and characters of a novel. This paper focuses on the importance of physical setting and shows how it can have a profound

Discusses the nature of community in America as examined by various essayists in THE BEDFORD READER. Argues that community is not & has never been an important factor in US society. The community is seen as an endangered institution and

This paper discusses William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 29’ and Christopher Marlowe’s, ‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’ with reference to their similarities and dissimilarities plus other poets. The paper compares and contrasts the themes, poetic techniques, choices of description and unique

Discusses the Swedish manufacturing company AB Electrolux. Topics include: History, product profiles, finances and outlook. As exhibit A indicates, Stockholmbased Electrolux produces a wide variety of goods (Hoover’s, 1996, 204). Within the category of Outdoor Products are the subcategories of

Discusses the article “The Ethics of Shrewdness” and how it helps Christians remain true to their faith in the workplace. This paper explains how spirituality in the workplace has become an important topic since the 1990?s. The paper uses the

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