An in-depth analysis of the role FDI (foreign direct investment) has played within the Indian economy. This paper analyzes the role Foreign Direct Investment has played within the Indian economy. It traces FDI’s history in India as well as the

This paper has presented an overview of some of the most important issues in the arena of international development and trade. This paper presents an overview of some of the most important issues in the arena of international development and

A discussion on the industrial policy in the U.S. and the effect of governmental involvement on its economy. This paper discusses the effect the industrial policy in the US has on its economy. The writer debates whether governmental involvement in

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This paper examines the low political economic and social status of the colonial woman. This paper examines the role of women in the colonial period of the United States and finds that although the colonial female led a comparatively better

This paper looks at the Kennedy Assassination and the conspiracy theories that surround it. This paper discusses the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the unanswered questions that surround his death. The author looks at some of the

This paper analyzes the narrator’s intentions and psychological interpretations in The Pit and the Pendulum. This paper examines the voice of the narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Pit and the Pendulum”. The author discusses the Freudian psychoanalytic interpretation

An argumentative paper about the way conservatism and liberalism approach ideals of equality and justice. This paper argues that conservatism answers questions of equality better than liberalism, and therefore provides the better account of the role of equality in a

This paper compares gender asymmetry in the Bible and in a 16th-century engraving. This paper compares engraver Albrecht Durer?s 16th-century visual representation of Adam and Eve as an example of of gender roles in the Bible with the text of

This paper contends that the downfall of Macbeth’s kingship was caused by Macbeth himself and his free will. This paper shows how the events that occur in William Shakespeare?s Macbeth, are due to the choices made by the characters. He

A look at poetry by T.S. Eliot and how he used his poetry to express himself and escape from the hardships in his personal life. This paper shows how this great American poet exposes his life extensively in his writings.

Novelists’ uses of their own life experiences in characters & story lines. Farewell To Arms ( Ernest Hemingway ), The Stranger ( Albert Camus ) & Things Fall Apart ( Chinua Achebe ) Novelists often derive elements of their work

This paper on “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and her representation as a Southern Myth. This is a 4 page paper on “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and her representation as a Southern myth. ” The

A discussion on economic nexus and the way in which it has created scarcity. The following paper examines the affect of economic agent behavior on scarcity. It defines market fundamentalism and economic agent behavior. The writer also examines what the

This essay looks at the events of September 11, propaganda and the media. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the use of propaganda in the media. The writer focuses on propaganda in the media regarding the subject of terrorism

A look at the mission and goals that Malcolm X set himself. This paper briefly explores the African-American nationalistic goals of Malcolm X. It presents a passage from one of his speeches and examines this in light of his dreams

A paper which introduces the Pitts Special aircraft. The paper discusses Pitts Special planes which are used specifically in aerobatic competitions and have been in operation since 1943 when Curtis Pitts designed his first special plane. The paper examines the

Examines three books on inspirational methods & techniques, parent-student relationship, teaching skills, obstacles & challenges and flexibility. Surpassing the Status Quo: Uncovering Challenges in the Classroom In Horace’s Compromise, Theodor Sizer presents a comparative study of high schools across America

A comparison of the way women and people of different ethnicities and races were treated in early republican America. An examination of social control measures in republican America. The author looks at the way which women, men of color and

Role played by common masses in events before & after Communist victory. History, peasants’ associations, village structure (rich, middle & poor), motivation, resistance and indoctrination. This study will examine the role played by Chinese peasants in the Chinese Communist revolution

This paper argues the right interpretation of Bill of Rights, presenting the opinions of two political scientists – Leonard W. Levy and Akhil Reed Amar. This paper examines the Bill of Rights. It shows that this is not only an

A study of the San Diego-Tijuana water epidemic. This environmental paper examines the San Diego-Tijuana water epidemic. The author presents the history and current factors involved in the problem: contamination and drought. It highlights the political issues involved in environmental

An analysis of Allan Ginsberg’s poem, Sunflower Sutra. A descriptive analysis of Allan Ginsberg’s poem, “Sunflower Sutra.” The paper analyzes the poem’s commentary on society, technology and conformity, through looking at the language and imagery contained within the poem. The

This paper examines the accusation that Joseph Conrad is a racist, in light of his book, “Heart of Darkness.” This paper examines the claim by critics of the book “Heart of Darkness” that its author, Joseph Conrad, is a racist.

An introduction to horror and fantasy author Clive Barker and some of his works. The paper introduces British author Clive Barker and several of his novels and films which have become famous through his use of grisliness, horror and fantasy.

A look at Clarence Darrow, the famous lawyer’s life and contributions. This paper looks at the life of Clarence Darrow, famous defense lawyer in the 20th century. The author examines the lawyer’s accomplishments and contributions to the world of law

An analysis of Greek writer Homer’s work with focus on the Iliad and the Odyssey. This is a paper on themes running through Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey” and other great Greek classics. The author discusses the celebration of Greek heroes

A paper which looks at the effect colonialism had on the people of Upper Africa. The paper discusses the effects on the local African people as a result of French colonialism of Upper Africa at the end of the nineteenth

Critical review of work arguing that war was started & continued by U.S. officials seeking confrontation with communist forces. I.F. Stone, author of The Hidden History of the Korean War, became a professional journalist at the age of fourteen, and

An examination of the poem “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” by Emily Dickinson. This paper presents a line by line analysis of the poem. The poem is presented at the beginning of the paper and then the writer

This paper looks at the future of business in the 21st century, and changes that should occur in organizational structures and management. This paper presents a look at two of the main challenges that are going to face businesses in

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