A look at the Thomas Freidman book, “The Lexus and The Olive Tree.” This paper takes a look the differences between the cold war system and globalization as seen in Thomas Freidman’s book, The Lexus and The Olive Tree. The

Evolution of industrial planning, production, miniaturization, technology & marketing in Japan & global market, focusing on electronics & automobiles. Before the Second World War, Japanese industrial design was rooted in the national tradition of craftsmanship, and was heavily influenced by

A general review of The Catcher in the Rye. This essay outlines the classic Novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It gives a detailed review of the text and many other elements of the writing. The paper

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Outlines the casting and directing style of three directors for the film “Madame Bovary.” Three renowned directors are the focus of this discussion. They are Jean Renoir [1934], Vincente Minnelli [1949] and Claude Chabrol [1992]. This paper examines how each

Examines the role of the large population of French peasants in the French Revolution of 1789. This essay examines the role of the farming peasantry of France in pushing forward the French Revolution. What grievances and suffering had the peasants

This paper covers the debate on whether or not smoking marijuana causes amotivational syndrome. It sets up standards for a case study to test the hypothesis. This paper looks at whether smoking marijuana causes amotivational syndrome, the term given to

A paper which discusses the predictability of characters in the play “Tartuffe” by Moliere. The paper discusses “Tartuffe” and other comedies by Moliere and the greatness of this French writer in his ability to turn everyday events into masterpieces. The

Examines relationships among chronic anger, poor coping ability & psychological & physical illness (hypertension & heart disease), & treatment with cognitive therapy. Introduction Psychological and psychosocial factors are linked to physical health. Research in this area includes the study of

An exploration into the theme of alienation in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. The paper examines the character, Gregor, in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and discusses the main theme – that of alienation – by showing what Gregor goes through when he

An American perspective on the three main motives of the war. This paper looks at the American perspective on the motives of the the Persian Gulf War. This author discusses the war beginning with a complete history on the state

Critical review of autobiography, “An American Life,” focusing on CA governorship & presidency.

Examines theories on crime, focusing on domestic violence, role of drugs, incarceration and counseling. VIOLENT CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR Introduction This paper review the theoretical bases for understanding and addressing violent criminal behavior. It then discusses ways of dealing with that behavior.

Industry conditions, technological development & application at Hyatt, Marriott & Hilton, quick-response management concept. The lodging industry is being compelled by changing market conditions to develop new strategies and initiatives to attract guests (Airport, 1994, p. 43). The driving force

A discussion of the concept of executive privilege for government officials and whether this is being abused. This paper analyzes and examines the multitude of issues related to the executive branch of government at the federal level. Part II examines

Compares portrayals of interracial male-female relations in short story & novel by James Baldwin. This study will examine James Baldwin’s portrayal of interracial relationships in the story Come Out the Wilderness (from the collection Going to Met the Man) and

Corruption of the political system by action committees, campaign contributions, soft money, effects on elections, impact of public opinion, recommendations for & obstacles to reform. Americans frequently have expressed dissatisfaction with the way in which money seems to dominate politics.

Examines war & political morality & justice in Greek’s history in light of Leo Strauss’s [The City & Man]. A parallel argument might well be made in favor of political history, as opposed to formal political philosophy, as a means

The following paper describes the shift from a hub-based token ring system to an Ethernet system. This paper explores the reasons for the shift from a hub-based token ring system to an Ethernet system. The author discusses the desire for

A look at the changes some companies are making in order to better fit into the global markets. This paper looks at the literature of writers analyzing the trend of companies who are moving toward uniform work ethics, standards and

Analyzes fish farm industry, focusing on shrimp. Technology, environmental management, law & policy, economic theory related to property rights, global issues. Table. This research examines the shrimp aquaculture industry. The functioning of the industry is reviewed within the contexts of

This paper looks as three responses to juvenile violence over the past century and how they combine to form a holistic picture of the problem. The paper examines the legislative, judicial and administrative responses to juvenile violence. From the legislative

History of ethnic rivalries among Serbs, Croats & Muslims, civil war, religion, communism, govt., potential for peace. Ethnic differences between the Balkan republics during the last century are the driving force behind today’s war in the former Yugoslavia. Although once

An analysis of the character of Hester in “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, comparing her to Esther in the Bible. The paper begins by providing a summary of the main events that occur in the story. Hester, a young

This paper discusses Albert Camus’ `The Plague` as an allegory for the Nazi rampage across Europe. The paper begins with a brief accounting of Camus’ life and work. It then turns to The Plague, providing a short synopsis of the

A look at the strategy of marketing products in foreign countries. Using the example of the International Corn Flake Company, the paper explores globalization marketing strategy. It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies and the

Explores survival of individual humanity & group identity in three works on minority repression: John Blassingame’s [The Slave Community], Barbara Myerhoff’s [Number Our Days] & Frank Waters’ [The Man Who Killed the Deer]. Rodolfo Byers, the white trader in the

A discussion of the history and benefits of the European EMU and the Euro. A paper which introduces, discusses and analyzes the history, benefits, costs, and challenges of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the Euro. The paper

A report which analyzes Robin William’s fictional character (Parry) from the movie, The Fisher King. In this essay, the author analyzes Robin William’s fictional character (Parry) from the movie, “The Fisher King.” The paper contains five sections. First, it discusses

Discusses strategies to for recognizing, responding and resolving crises resulting from physical child abuse. This paper looks at many of the issues associated with crisis intervention for victims of child abuse. The paper considers some of the reasons that intervention

A character analysis of Creon in the play “Oedipus” the king and a comparison of Aristotles “Rhetoric” and Creon’s persuasive speech to Oedipus. This paper offers a character analysis of Creon in the play Oedipus the King, with an emphasis

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