This paper discusses the establishment of government in the U.S.A and the abolition of slavery. This paper examines the political history of the United States, from the first colonists to the Civil War. It describes the factors that led the

A history of modern foreign policy. This paper explains the different policies of the Bush Jr and Clinton administrations in the use of U.S armed forces overseas. Clinton?s World Police humanitarianism are compared to Bush?s ?power relations and great-power politics.?

A paper which discusses how memory, focus, tests, and study can contribute to making a better student. The paper shows how by concentrating on correct learning techniques, the student can succeed in his studies. The paper analyzes different steps and

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This essay discusses the policies of President Kennedy and his administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This paper examines the possibility that President Kennedy had advanced knowledge of Soviet intentions to place missiles in Cuba, but did not or could

This paper discusses the concept of adult development explaining the role of work in adult development. It will focus on why people work and ones views on work or leisure. This paper discusses the concept of adult development explaining the

Examines the history, development and products of Jamba Juice, a San Francisco based juice bar company focusing on young health nuts. Jamba Juice Marketing Analysis Introduction Jamba Juice Company was founded as the Juice Store in 1987. It was the

This paper is an overview of the effects of a technological disaster on society. In particular, the Comet jet airplane accidents of the 1950’s. This paper discusses the Comet jet airplane accidents of the early 1950’s, and the profound effects

An analysis of the use of symbolism in Edith Wharton’s novel The Age of Innocence. This paper examines the novel The Age of Innocence and the way that Edith Wharton makes use of imagery, symbolism and irony to communicate with

This paper discusses the theories of functionalism and symbolic interactionism in sociology. This paper explains how two major historical occurrences – The French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution gave rise to a new way of thinking in society – Functionalism.

An analysis of poet Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem We Wear the Mask. This paper examines the poet Paul Laurence Dunbar’s 1903 poem “We Wear the Mask”, which is in open defiance of the commonly accepted fallacy of his day that

This paper analyzes sibling rivalry relationships, drawing on specific case studies taken from the “Book of Genesis.” This paper analyzes sibling rivalry relationships from two perspectives of analysis: structuralism and by emphasizing the importance of the concept of sacrifice, drawing

This paper compares the special effects of “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones ” and “Spiderman” both released in summer 2002. A comparison of two films, “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones” and “Spiderman” with particular

Discusses the theories which hold that the interaction between a person and the environment affects motivation. Self-determination, competence and relatedness are the specific needs on which this interaction occurs. Organismic theories hold that the interaction between a person and the

The paper describes how the shortage of nursing staff in America is leading to compromised patient care. The healthcare industry in the United States is facing a significant shortage of nurses, which is creating a major supply and demand problem

Examines the unintended consequences of urban planning policies and modern architecture. Argues that communities and community spirit is destroyed because no publice gathering spaces are created.

A look at the development of engineering education and its effect on society. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at the history of engineering education and the ways that engineering, and engineering schools, continue to improve life.

An introduction to Reye’s Syndrome – a rare childhood disease. Reye’s syndrome is primarily a childhood disease. It is most commonly seen in children during or after recovery from a viral disease like chickenpox or influenza. The paper covers many

An essay on the history of women’s contribution to history from 1865 through 1980. This paper goes through Western world history starting at 1865 and lists the accomplishments of many women in several fields. Remarkable women in the fields of

An in-depth examination of this American writer’s work and the suggestion that it represents true romantic American fiction. In this paper the author closely examines Falkners, The Bear. He suggests that it exhibits such values as the importance of nature

A study of E.B. White’s 1941 essay Once More to the Lake. This paper analyzes E.B. White’s 1941 essay “Once More to the Lake.” It describes how White’s essay is an excellent expression of a moment of realization that every

This paper discusses the idea that America is a home to people of varying origins. The following paper critically analyzes the concept of ?Melting Pot? which is a term that supposedly defines America as a land of the free and

An analysis and study of the use of early retirement incentives as a downsizing strategy by organizations. Top management often resorts to the most effective and immediate means of recovery which include cutting down cost through downsizing. This paper looks

This paper examines the concept of tourism as an integral part in making the world a global marketplace. This paper discusses the issues of tourism and immigration as major factors which assist in globalization. It addresses the points of foreign

A creative essay examining the morality of capital punishment. This paper presents a discussion of the morality of capital punishment. A fictional setting is created in which to explore the topic. A visiting ethicist arrives in town and helps the

An examination of the expectations of a person entering a career in psychology. This paper looks at what a student embarking on path of psychology studies, should expect from a curriculum. It also examines what personal traits are needed by

This essay discusses the reasons why the growing and production of hemp should be legalized in the United Sates. This paper discusses the illogical nature of the Unites States? ban on hemp. The author presents many examples of the practical

The following paper discusses architecture and questions whether it can create a specific experience for those who view it. This paper examines architecture with all its elements and styles. It examines how some structures are strictly utilitarian whilst other structures

A discussion of the novel by Mariama Ba. This paper analyzes the book “So Long a Letter” by Mariama Ba. It presents a brief summary of the story and then discusses how the style used by the author hinders her

This paper reviews the book “Bel-Ami” by Guy de Maupassant. A review of Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami. Specifically, it discusses and explains the roles of women in Bel-Ami using examples from the book. The author illustrates how Maupassant shows total

Examines the role of Victorian values (utilitarianism, evangelicalism, self-help) in these two novels. The Concept of Self-Help in Victorian Literature George Gissing’s New Grub Street demonstrates the Utilitarian values that characterized Victorian social and cultural life, while Thomas Hardy’s Tess

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