An analysis of the enormous demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by the public and government agencies. This paper describes the pharmaceutical industry’s role as one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the United States. It illustrates the

This paper explores the role of advertising in regards to African-American stereotypes. This paper takes a view at the role of the mass media and advertising in furthering the stereotypes of African-American women. It compares the general role of stereotypes

This paper reviews the Robert Abzug book America Views the Holocaust, 1933-1945. This book review gives Azug’s historical documentation on America’s role during the holocaust. It examines the context precluding the holocaust in European anti-Semitism, and how America sometimes ignored

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This paper discusses human resource (employees, personnel) management at FedEx, the package delivery company. The author states that FedEx is know for their human resource management systems. The paper defines various key areas of management particularly important at this company.

An analysis and commentary of the film. This paper is a commentary on the Derek Jarman’s film, Caravaggio, emphasizing the model-artist relationship in the movie and the artistic expression with which Jarman displays Michele Caravaggio himself. From the paper: Jarman’s

This paper, written in newspaper format, examines the lives of abolitionists and other issues related to the American Civil War. This paper is set up as a newspaper from the Civil War era. It spotlights the life of abolitionists, Sojourner

Defines & assesses the author’s concept of the New Prince & his options for autocratic leadership. This essay will discuss what Niccolo Machiavelli meant by his term New Prince. It will consider how this new prince differs from previous or

Examines the history, legal restriction, prejudice, assimilation, focusing on Japanese & internal migration from cities to suburbs. ASIAN AMERICAN MIGRATION FROM CITIES TO SUBURBS Introduction This research reviews the migration of Asian Americans from cities to suburbs. While such migration

A review of the essay “Domestic Disarmament” by Ruth Rosen in which she associates the issue of gun control with feminist concerns. This paper documents Ruth Rosen’s belief that guns, instead of securing women’s safety, create an atmosphere of violence

This essay examines the character of the lieutenant in Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory. This paper is a character analysis of the anonymous lieutenant in Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory.” It focuses primarily on his

A look at the link between the emphasis on education and the policies of democracy. This paper is a dissertation on the necessity for education in a democratic society. It deals with the problems ignorance can cause with regard to

An in depth look at this historic temple, with detailed descriptions as well as illustrations. This paper includes a look at the construction of the Pantheon in Rome. The author provides a historical background regarding its creation under the ruler,

Life & career of WWI French hero & historical/political forces leading him to be a despised puppet of Nazis during WWII. Marshal Petain and the Vichy Regime This paper will discuss the leadership of Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain in Vichy France

A paper that argues that conditions for British women have improved greatly during the 20th Century. The author of the paper argues that the twentieth century has seen significant improvements for women in Britain. The issues and events mentioned in

A study on the cinematography in the classic movie “Citizen Kane.” This paper examines Orson Well’s classical film Citizen Kane. It illustrates how Wells made the camera an active part of the dialogue and plot through photographic and cinematographic methods.

A look at English language programs developed in three states which provide assistance to disadvantaged students. This paper examines the programs developed by three different states ” Florida, Texas and California ” to help educate students with limited English proficiency,

A study on managing diesel fleet maintenance repair shops. This paper examines the complexity of managing a diesel fleet repair shop. It suggests methods of organization and emerging technologies that will keep the operation competitive. The author writes, with an

A look at infant massaging in the media. This paper examines the trend of “baby massage” which has recently become popular, and its portrayal in various media sources, such as Time magazine, a human development textbook, and several research articles.

This paper looks at the ways that different communities deal with the tough issue of affordable housing. This paper discusses affordable housing and what the involvement of the community and the black church should be on this issue. The writer

This essay critically assesses the role of the computer on personal financial planning. The following paper discusses the concept of personal financial planning, including a brief definition of the term. It then gives a short but succinct history of the

Critiques & compares books on sex in society, love, prostitution, mating choices, morality and guilt. EROS DENIED Introduction/Summary Eros denied. Sex in Western society by Young (1964) is a book about the sexual mores of the West as compared to

This paper introduces and discusses the life of Nobel Prize winning scientist, Linus Pauling. The following paper discusses the life of Linus Pauling, focusing on his achievements and discoveries. The writer discusses how in 1954, Pauling was awarded the Nobel

Examines evolution of the law defining & affecting public figures in defamation suits. Examples, court decisions, voluntary vs. involuntary involvement, malice and impact on professionals in public. The Public Figure Doctrine and Professionals This paper will examine the development of

Definition, types, examples, legal, social & corporate responses & remedies, complaint process, training, mediation. Drawing upon information contained in the Meritor Savings Bank, FSB v. Vinson et al (1986), it is clear that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Incidence, economic & sociocultural factors, role of media, laws & shelters and fear of reporting. Minorities and Family Violence Since the time of the American Revolution, violence has been a part of the history and tradition of the United States

Critical analysis of 1932 painting in context of artist’s development & as example of balancing of erotic & psychological elements. Girl Before a Mirror is a Picasso work that is one of a series utilizing the model Marie-Therese. A showing

This paper attempts to answer the question, can blind people conceptualize color? This paper analyzes the question through philosophical, medical, and semantic rationale. It shows why many would argue against the fact that blind people can technically visualize color, but

This paper critically analyzes the article, “Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the Global Economy” by Feensrta, R.C from the Journal of Economic Perspectives. The following paper discusses and analyzes Feenstra’s article about globalization and particularly how manufacturing

The road to humility that is taken by the King and lessons learned along the way. This paper looks at the way King Lear only attains humility when he has lost everything. It starts by describing his pompous manner, followed

Life, career, style, influences of 19th Cent. Dutch painter, focusing on “Starry Night.” In a letter written to his brother, presumably Theo, from Drenthe, in 1883, Van Gogh speaks of his inability to resist waiting for a landlord before beginning

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