This paper introduces and discusses Sonny’s Blues written by James Baldwin. The paper first introduces the poet and explains how his life being raised in poverty has influenced his style of writing. The poet writes about the Black experience and

This paper is a summary of the military history of the 1967 Middle East War. Topics covered include: The causes leading to the outbreak of hostilities, the three fronts of conflict, and a brief discussion of the aftermath. There is

A paper which discusses the important cerebral functions of memory storage and development of reality and consciousness. One of the most interesting areas of scientific research these days is the brain. This paper discusses the important cerebral functions of memory

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This paper discusses the economic indicators that are used to measure the economy. This paper defines economic indicators, which determine whether the economy is in an inflationary or a deflationary cycle. These factors assist economists in make their predictions and

This paper sheds light on the pervasive social issue of race and shows how society contributes to racial segregation and discrimination. While some people are of the view that race is purely a biological phenomenon, the truth however, is that

Examination of the effects exposure to domestic violence has on children. This paper presents a detailed examination of the prevalence and adverse effects of child exposure to domestic violence. The author looks at the potential risks that expose children to

An analysis of China’s current use of sweatshops in order to keep up with international production demand, and Levi Strauss’ involvement in this issue. The “free trade” and “free trade zones” brought about by NAFTA and the World Trade Organization

The paper discusses the potential effects globalization will have on the world. Globalization in general refers to the ways in which capital, people, information and images and culture now flow back and forth across national borders with a greater ease

A paper which studies how the organization and utility of our mind affects our experience of music. This essay begins with an introduction to the relationship between the mind and music. Both concepts are highly complex and awe inspiring. They

This paper introduces and compares three different poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson: Faith, Poets and Critics and On the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This paper examines these poems and shows how they represent the different themes that Tennyson wrote about

This paper is a detailed essay about the Monarch Butterfly and the problems of preventing its extinction. This paper describes the Monarch Butterfly in great detail, such as why does it have the bright colors and what do they mean?

A look at how extrinsic product cues effect perceived quality of products and in turn waves of consumption. This paper looks at signaling theory which deals with the relationship between extrinsic product cues and perceived quality, and how high-quality firms

This paper analyzes three philosophers’ theories on the power of knowledge. This paper examines the philosophies of Plato, Nietzsche and Marx, with respect to the relationship between power and knowledge. It discusses the question of who should control knowledge and

An in-depth study of the use of the American Dollar currency to halt the hyperinflation in Argentina. This paper is an in-depth analysis of the dollarizing of Argentina’s economy. It describes the affects of the Convertibility Plan aimed at ending

This paper examines Plato’s Crito view on virtue and honor. This paper takes a critical look at Socrates and Crito in the Platonic document Crito emphasizing the points brought up by Socrates pertaining to justice and social contracts. It includes

Comparisson Essay of two competitive leaders in Data Base Technology products. This two-page paper presents a discussion about two companies and their products. The writer takes a look at EMC and Network Appliance, Inc and presents an overview of their

A comparison between the depiction of pleasure and eroticism in the making of video art and video pornography. A look at the depiction of human fetish and desire in the making of video art and video pornography. The author argues

Two case-studies of relatively simple autonomous robot projects followed by a discussion of embodied cognition, emergent behaviour and how these concepts apply to the above robots. This document is comprised of case studies of two autonomous robot projects, namely Frank

A comparison of the film “Frankenstein” and the novel by Mary Shelley. A look at the depiction of “Frankenstein” in the film “Frankenstein” and how the stories evolved compare to the novel by Mary Shelley . The author compares the

An exploration of the paradox of David Mamet’s creative genius and personal anguish. This paper deals with David Mamet as an icon of American literature. Mamet?s own life, interviews, and especially his play The Cryptogram, are used to illustrate the

This paper provides an analysis of the portrayals of love and hate in “The Scarlet Letter”. Relationships are explored and examined using the various interactions between three main characters: Hester, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. This paper analyzes relationships in Nathanial Hawthorne’s

A short history of Zionism and the search for the Promised Land. This paper is intended to inform the reader of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict from its origins to 1948. The main topic dealt with is Zionism, including

An analysis of the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. This paper explores the novel against the backdrop of the twenty-first century. It looks at the changes in society and in literature that have taken place since Steinbeck

An examination of two memoirs which focus on the life of Americans during their adolescent years. This paper details two writings – that of Margaret Meade’s Coming of Age in Samoa as well as Whittaker Chambers’s “Witness”. These two memoirs

This essay discusses why abortion should not be legalized. This paper argues that abortion is both murder and unmoral despite legal moves taken by the United States government and the states. “One of the many issues that rise among us

This research paper is about the significance of the Spanish Civil War to early 20th century world-history. The paper discusses the Spanish Civil War in detail (including its background) and analyzes how General Franco’s push for fascism in Spain proved

Analyzes causes, events, consequences, political & socioeconomic aspects of Mexico uprising of 1994-1995. CHIAPAS REBELLION This research paper describes and analyzes the Chiapas rebellion in Mexico in 1994-1995, what happened and why and the consequences. This outbreak of violence in

A paper which discusses the GATE program which was developed to teach gifted children in California. The paper defines the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program as one which provides challenging curriculum and instruction to gifted and talented students, who

Political & legal analysis of 1972 break-in, Senate hearings, major players, role of Nixon, public views and historical effects. In the immediate wake of Watergate, political analysts and commentators were convinced that political life would never be the same. No

This paper looks at the political, financial and social future of Korea. This paper presents a discussion about the future of Korea . The author looks to the work of Bruce Cummings’ Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History

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