A look at what is considered to be the only viable competition for Microsoft Windows – The Unix Linux operating system. This paper discusses why the Unix/Linux Operating System has become popular and its major advantages as compared to Microsoft

A study into the development of modern computing machines This paper discusses the progress of all mechanical inventions, computers in particular. The paper shows how the idea of computers came about and highlights the roles of computers in the modern

A discussion on the different styles of leadership that are used by managers and how they complement the needs of the position and the organization. This paper looks at and discusses the modern leadership displayed by management along with organizational

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Growth, criminal activity, social factors, organization, violence, examples, drugs, future. Ascher (1994) conducted an extensive review of the literature on the effectiveness of programs that attempt to curb gang violence on campus using strategies such as hiring and training extra

An examination of European workers with a focus on minimum wages and gender differences. This paper presents a detailed examination about the minimum wage in Europe. The writer explores several aspects of how the minimum wage affects European workers. The

Prevalence, social, psychological & physical reasons for, focusing on Baltimore, Maryland. This research describes drug use by youths in Maryland. Drugs, for the purpose of this research, are defined as the illegal use of controlled substances. Youths, as the term

Provides a definition and discusses types, factors producing cohesiveness (goals, relationships), threats to group and evaluation. In the fish bowl project it was apparent to me that there was a lack of group cohesion due to one significant factor. That

Compares the three major geographic regions by climate, topography, waterways, etc. Also discusses geographical problems the country is faced with, like population density and agriculture. In this paper the 3 major regions of India are analyzed geographically, looking at the

An analysis of whether education reform in America’s urban schools have been effective or not. This paper presents a detailed examination of education reform with the focus being placed on inner city schools. The writer explores many articles in the

Paper dealing with stress encountered by educators and teachers. This paper looks at stress and how it effect educators. The author quotes numerous experts in the field and states their respective findings with regard to stress in the work place.

This is a discussion of the Aristotle’s theory of knowledge and action and a discussion of ethics, and the search for happiness and virtue. The author argues that Aristotle?s Nicomachean Ethics seeks to make its readers into better people, and

Research paper discussing the effects of advertising on children ranging from physical, mental and psychological impacts. Research paper on the effects of advertisements on children. The author examines why and how advertisements target children and how children are affected psychologically.

This paper discusses weather patterns with an emphasis on storms. The paper describes the different weather patterns focusing on storms. The paper deals with small-scale weather patterns, the causes of storms and the nine different types of storms. The paper

This paper discusses how Machiavelli would have evaluated the leadership qualities of Adolph Hitler and what, if anything, he would have criticized, endorsed, or refined about Hitler’s leadership. The following paper summarizes Machiavelli’s theory of politics, what Machiavelli’s thoughts might

This paper is an analysis of the plan and execution of Operation Market Garden. This paper is an analysis of Operation Market which was the plan for the First Allied Airborne Army to capture and hold the crossings over the

An examination of possible reasons for the title of the book The Chosen by Chaim Potok. This paper discusses possible meanings of the title of the novel The Chosen. The author includes references to Reb Saunders, Danny Saunders, and Reuven

An analysis of how child psychologists collect clinical patient information. This paper examines the issues facing child psychologists and therapists when developing clinical formation. The paper discusses how a child’s social relationships affect their behavior, resulting in the therapist’s need

This paper discusses the importance of magazines in our society, and how magazines influence children’s reading. This essay is critical review of the magazine’s effect on the literacy among children and youth. Comparisons are made between magazines, newspapers, mass media,

A discussion of the standard curriculum in American schools which does not address the needs of nor reflect the diversity of the vast majority of students. This paper begins by describing to what extent America is a multicultural society and

The following paper introduces and discusses the works of Dickinson and Douglas, compares their backgrounds and discusses their beliefs with regards to literature . This paper compares the way in which Emily Dickinson is only concerned with herself and her

Critical review of work on role of bias (sexual, racial, classist) in treatment of & social attitude toward AIDS. AIDS Introduction AIDS by Theodoulou (1996) is a book about the politics and policy of the disease. The author is a

A paper which introduces and discusses the short story “Hollywood” by Dagoberto Gilb. A paper which discusses the themes and characters of the short story “Hollywood!”, written in 1993 by Dagoberta Gilb, a Hispanic-American writer. The paper examines the underlying

Analyzes libertarian & devolutionist goals of U.S. political leaders of 1990s who falsely claim to seek federalist balance between state & federal powers. The American concept of federalism implies balance. Without a careful balance between the powers and duties allocated

Compares characters of Jay Gatsby & Nick Carraway, focusing on their self-delusion, arrogance & romanticism.

This is a book review of “Don Quixote,” which focuses on the liberation of the galley slaves. This paper explores the literary work “Don Quixote,” focusing on the part of the plot which involves the liberation of galley slaves. The

A look at what it was like to be a Christian living in Rome during the period of the Roman Empire. This paper looks at how difficult it was for the Romans to accept the Christian religion and how they

Benefits & effectiveness, theory, applications, research, measurement, examples. Includes charts. COMPUTER-AIDED INSTRUCTION: IS IT EFFECTIVE? Introduction This research examines the issue of the effectiveness of the use of computer in the instructional process. Effectiveness within the context of this research

A discussion of the digital technology assessing the NASDAQ and determining whether or not it is an overinflated bubble. The NASDAQ and the arguments regarding whether or not the NASDAQ’s rapid ascent and decline signifies that the NASDAQ was and

An analysis of the story and how it compares to Shakespeare’s `Hamlet.` This paper presents an analysis of Updike’s Gertrude and Claudius. While the plot remains the same as in Shakespeare’s `Hamlet,` Updike presents a completely different view of middle-aged

A discussion on the life, achievements and research of Peter Debye, winner of ‘The Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry 1936. The following paper discusses what Peter Debye was awarded the Nobel Prize for and lists the other awards he received throughout

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