This paper presents an analytical question aimed at “Blowback: the costs and consequences of American Empire” by Chalmers Johnson. The writer of this paper summarizes the book and then addresses a question to the author about the book’s premise. In

A summary of ethical obligations which should be observed by evaluators for Health Programs. The paper shows that the people who evaluate health programs should be equipped to tackle ethical and moral problems at all junctures of their job. The

The following paper examines the Bible’s use of parables and the way in which they explain complex concepts as well as serving as a deconstruction of what is being symbolized. This essay discusses the use of parables in describing the

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An examination of this new approach to policing which focuses on identifying problems, finding and eliminating the cause of the problem. To understand the applications of problem orientated policing, the approach is described, giving an example of how the approach

This paper discusses technological effects on tourism and destination development. This paper is an analysis of several different types of technology , and the effect that each of them has on on different part of the tourism industry. Some of

An insight into volcanoes – what they are, what lava is and how they erupt. This paper discusses the phenomena of the volcano. It describes the constituent elements of lava and the different kinds of lava that exist. It analyzes

This paper discusses the Anglo-Welsh influence in three works by Dylan Thomas. This paper discusses Dylan Thomas’ influence as a Welshman upon the world of English poetry. Thomas offered the English-speaking world the opportunity to peer into the complex and

The differences, similarities, and interdependance of IQ and EQ. This paper critically evaluates the respective importance of IQ and EQ for organizational effectiveness. It does this by first defining what is meant by IQ, EQ and organizational effectiveness. Once the

Examined in terms of iIncidence, effects of govt. anti-alcohol policy, socioeconomics, human & health costs, consumption, demographics and cultural aspects. SOCIAL, POLITICAL, AND ECONOMIC RAMIFICATIONS OF ALCOHOLISM IN RUSSIA Introduction This research examines the political and economic ramifications of the

Social welfare policy analysis of 1990 law, provisions, govt. responsibilities, goals & strategies, pros & cons, future. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by President George Bush on 26 July 1990 (Public Law 101-336: The Americans

An examination of court case centered around the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments. The writer of this paper presents a detailed examination of criminal justice law. The writer discusses the legitimacy of outcomes when the protection of the 4th, 5th

This paper analyzes and examines anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder, including treatments available and recommendations for improving the awareness of these disorders. Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most devastating psychological illnesses. Providing a concise and detailed

This essay is a look at the life and legacy of FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. This paper is a biographical overview of J. Edgar Hoover and his role as director of the FBI. The author details his five decades

An examination of the traditional dress of Korea, known as the Hanbok, and the way it reflects the Korean culture. This paper looks at the article of clothing as a symbol of the Korean history and culture. It follows the

This paper is a a social issue paper about girls who are too skinny. This paper argues that the current trend towards being skinny is causing serious harm to teenage girls. The author argues that this obsession is the leading

An analysis of author James Baldwin’s essay, The Discovery of What It Means to Be An American. The paper analyzes the meaning of freedom in African-American author, James Baldwin’s essay “The Discovery of What it Means to be an American”.

This paper discusses domestic issues in European countries that eventually led to the beginning of World War I. The paper shows that the domestic tensions and conflicts that were growing in the prewar years led to international conflict which caused

An essay on the progression of morality as an instantaneous rather than gradual process.This is an essay about the progression of morality. The author argues that morality progresses in human beings in one drastic, breathtaking moment, rather than gradually. This

A study on the common female chromosomal disorder, Turner Syndrome. This paper defines the Turner Syndrome as the absence or deformity of the X chromosome. It investigates the treatments available to individuals suffering from the syndrome. The paper explores the

An examination and analysis of Plato’s work `The Republic.` This paper discusses Plato’s famous work Republic and how it relates to the idea of justice in society. The author analyzes some key concepts of the book and the principles of

A discussion regarding the legal rights of Black Americans from the time they were brought to America as slaves. Specific reference is given to the various laws that were passed during the 19th Century. In this paper the author discusses

An analysis of the extent and value of scientific awareness of Americans. This paper discusses whether or not Americans today are scientifically illiterate. The author makes comparisons to other countries, and discusses what a scientifically aware person should be able

Genetic conditions resulting in physical & sexual deformities. Symptoms, incidence, treatments, psychological & behavioral problems. Introduction Sex chromosomes are susceptible to a number of aberrations. These are associated with a wide variety of problems, particularly in the areas of sexual

Compares novels’ portrayals of women, Canadian culture, characterizations, world views, settings. The Handmaid’s Tale ( Margaret Atwood ) & Maria Chapdelaine ( Louis Hemon ) There is a wide gulf separating the French-Canadian work Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hmon and

History, psychological stresses, assimilation vs. pluralism, language, discrimination, laws and religion. This paper is an examination of the psychological stresses caused by immigration and the resulting discrimination suffered by newcomers at the hands of the resident population. In the United

An extensive paper on the dictatorships of WWII, based upon a chapter from the 8th Edition of the book, “A History of Western Society”. This paper talks about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, from his childhood up to

A review of how the work Silent Spring by Rachel Carson influenced environmental ideas and actions. The paper looks at the influence of the book on the ban of the use of DDT, and how it spurred revolutionary changes in

While Bill Gates may have represented the American dream, his actions in his company Microsoft have been staunchly attacked. This paper analyzes what happened and what the future holds for the man and the multi-billion dollar company. This paper is

Critical review of work on problems of school system & workplace & suggested reforms. Arthur Wirth’s Education and Work for the Year 2000 provides an excellent critique of the centralized, bureaucratic foundation of school and the workplace in American society.

Examines history of civil rights in Constitutional context, major Court rulings (Slaughter House cases, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education). The Constitution guarantees individual rights and liberties to every American. What most people probably do not know is

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