A study of an affirmative action policy in a hospital setting. The paper looks at the subject of affirmative action and shows that while many states are curtailing and even eliminating affirmative action programs at the beginning of this new

A review “The Abolition of Man” by C.S. Lewis which reflects on society and nature and the challenges of how best to educate our children. “The Abolition of Man” is a defense of Natural Law (Morality). C.S. Lewis argues that

Examines causes, effects & response of Jack in the Box to 1993 hamburger contamination. The issue of quality is one that has dominated discussion in American business in recent years. Quality circles, quality plans, total quality management and similar topics

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A look at the theme of tragedy in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The paper shows that from the beginning of William Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet,” the foundation for tragedy is set by introducing the main character in a scene of mourning. The

This paper looks at women’s personal hopes and desires and how they often conflict with her perceived role as a wife and mother as seen through literature. This paper is a comparison of how social constraints affect women and their

A technical comparison & contrast between Microsoft Windows 98 & Windows CE operating systems. This paper compares and contrasts the Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 98 and Windows CE. It describes the key features of each, the system requirements, installation

This paper discusses the tension between man’s inner desire to do what he wants and the universal need to do the right and proper thing, as discussed by St. Augustine. Confessions, written by St. Augustine, is considered by most to

Negative effects of electrical fields on plant development & growth. Dicussing root elongation, electrotropism, flowering and more. Recently there has been considerable public concern and scientific interest over the hazards associated with exposure of plants to extremely low frequency electrical

A detailed report of an experiment testing the shielding of radiation by various materials. Discusses an experiment of the shielding of radiation. The experiment uses fluid flow measurements and the method of continuous flow to determine the coefficient of viscosity.

A discussion of the modern norms, customs and practices of romance. The paper analyzes how romance has changed over the centuries and explains why these differences have occurred. Romance, as it is practiced today, is compared to how it was

A comprehensive overview of the history of Muslims in India and Afghanistan. A paper which explores the history of Muslims in India and Afghanistan from ancient times and until today. It shows Muslim influence on all sectors of society, including

A look at the causes of the health care crisis in America, and the effect it is having on the community and possible solutions. This paper examines the financial crisis surrounding health care in the United States. Lack of financial

A look at the inner workings of the Black Panther Party. This essay explores the organizational workings of the Black Panther Party. The author examines how the party can improve themselves in order to gain more members and compares and

This paper discusses and compares Plato’s ‘Republic,’ ‘Dead Poets Society’ and ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ with a focus on the messages they give out. The following paper examines how movies can be even more instructive than more obviously

An examination of the sand dunes in North Carolina. This paper presents an analysis of North Carolina ‘s erosion of sand dunes. The author examines the causes and solutions to the problem and provides a brief overview of how sand

Style & cultural significance of stoneware, pottery, jewelry & architecture of people of Mediterranean island of Crete in 1500-2000 B.C. The name Minoan is given to the civilizations that flourished on the Mediterranean island of Crete during the Bronze Age.

This paper focuses on ways employees can be held accountable in the workplace. The issues that are mentioned include; the need for ethical behavior, the necessary working relationship, individual responsibility, and accurate record keeping. “The ingredients for accountability in the

Successes & failures of anti-poverty & welfare programs, demographics, gap between rich & poor, education & employment, future. Despite decades of social welfare programs, the federal government has largely failed in its War on Poverty. The failure of these programs

A paper which explores Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in light of its original audience. The paper shows that because literary critics and historians have discussed Hamlet so often, it is easy to forget that Shakespeare wrote his tragedy as a play to

A review of Sheila Watson’s The Double Hook. This paper anaylzes the spiritual rebirth and development of the main character, Felix Prosper, in the book The Double Hook. It describes Felix’s initial ‘place’ in life, and details his changes through

Use & effectiveness, technology, programs, examples, graphics. Computers can be effectively used as another teaching tool aimed at reading instruction. Some observers view computer technology as a force that will radically change instructional practice, almost replacing teachers. Others believe that

Examines economics, theories (encoding, memory decay, retention interval, crossover interaction), cultural differences, Proctor & Gamble. This research reviews the economics of television advertising. Cost-effectiveness is a focus of this review. In 1992, one of the country’s largest television advertisers, Proctor

History, discovery, epidemics, cause, symptoms, effects, vitamin treatment. The disease of rickets takes its name from the Greek word for spine, rhakhis. Rickets is a disease that results from a severe and prolonged vitamin D deficiency and/or lack of calcium

A paper which discusses the merits of “hazing” in the world of sport. Hazing has been described as a humiliating act or initiation one must take part in in order to be accepted into a sports group or team. This

This paper presents an argument against breast implants for teenagers. This paper discusses breast implants and the risks involved. Social, psychological and health issues are discussed as they relate to teenagers undergoing breast implant surgery. Financial considerations are highlighted as

The paper studies the cause for the political and civil conflict in England after the end of the Hundred Years War. This paper examines the role of the over-mighty nobility and kingship (good lordship) following the Hundred Years War, and

Character analysis of the main characters in Ibsen’s play `The Master Builder.` This essay focuses on the characters of the three central personalities in `The Master Builder`: Halvard Solness, Aline Solness, and Hilde Wangel. Personal traits and the relationship of

This paper explores the ancient Greek and Athenian concept of the world order and the conception of the human scrutinizing of previous societal, bodily and philosophical inquiry. This paper examines the classic Greeks and Athenian view on the world around

Examines the historical development of Islamic economics, especially the prohibition on the payment of interest (riba) and the mandatory tax on assets (zakat) that aided the poor. This paper demonstrates that Islamic economics, like alternative economic systems, reflects a unique

Analyzes debate over changes in tax code regulations dealing with business expenses related to domestic- & foreign-incurred R&E. On May 19, 1995, the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations under section 861 of the Internal Revenue Code, relating to the

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