This essay discusses three songs, providing historical background and analysis, and relevance. This paper discusses the historical relevance and accuracy in popular music. The research discusses the history, musician, and lyrics from three songs specifically: David Bowie is “Space Oddity”,

A study of the growing wine industry in Chile. This paper examines the quest of Vina San Pedro, a Chilean Winery, to improve its product and international sales. The author describes the changes made in order to recover their reputation

A discussion of Camus’s view of the completion of tasks as seen in two of his works. The concept of a task to be completed as portrayed in literature is addressed through an examination of two of Camus’s works, “The

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Discusses the recent drug enforcement policies adopted by the Bush administration and the strategies adopted by the US government to fight against drugs. This paper examines how President George W. Bush has lived up to his election vow that he

A paper which explores the relationship between democracy and the rise in recent global terrorism. The paper shows that many believe that the root cause of the new wave of global terrorism is an increasing divide between rich and poor,

An analytic approach to defining the soliloquy of William Shakespeare’s `Henry V`. The soliloquy of William Shakespeare’s Henry V, gives an insight into the thoughts of King Henry after he has overheard his troops the night before the epic battle.

An account of the witchtrials in Salem, examining the background, the hysteria, and three individuals- Sarah Good, Bridget Bishop, and Rebecca Nurse, who were tried and hanged for witchcraft. This paper provides an in-depth look at the witch-hunt hysteria that

A comparison between Sophocles’ and Euripides’ plays on Electra’s tragic story. This paper discusses the tragic story of Electra, but at the same time, illustrates the nature of courage, honor and loyalty despite the tragedy. The author compares two version

An analysis of the desires of the characters in the play. This paper presents an analysis of the play in terms of the theme of desire. The characters are probed and shown to demonstrate, each in their own way, the

A look into Las Vegas’ health issues. This paper examines the pollution problems facing Las Vegas. The author argues that Las Vegas has in the past violated major health standards and has been the major culprit in air pollution. This

A study of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s perpetuation of the Holocaust. This paper explores the role Franklin D. Roosevelt played in the Holocaust’s perpetuation. The writer argues that the President did so little to stop the Holocaust and its horrors

An opinion paper advocating the necessity of animal testing. This paper presents an argument for the necessity of animal testing of medical products, consumer products and research for cures and discoveries for illnesses and disorders. The claim is made that

Compares 1995 films’ qualities, popularity, effectiveness, subject matter and sociohistorical significance. Films have an afterlife that is not always predictable, but for that matter the reaction to a film when it first appears is not really predictable. Films appeal to

A comparison of the characters and worlds of Chinua Achebe’s Okonkwo and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. This essay explores the similarities between the characters and worlds of Chinua Achebe’s Okonkwo and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Although 400 years apart, the author comments on the

History, services, financial & market profile, outlook for managed health care company. History Humana Corporation is a publicly held company offering managed health care products which integrate management with the delivery of health care services through a network of providers

A review of the novel “Donald Duk” by Frank Chin describing race relations in the United States. This paper analyzes the novel “Donald Duk” by Frank Chin and discusses the lead character’s trials and tribulations of growing up as a

An argumentative paper about the need to improve library usage. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the need for library media specialists to promote library media programs. The writer argues that specialists need to be proactive in selling the

Examines the conflict between Ireland’s Catholics and Protestants. This paper explores the great parity the exists amongst Ireland’s Protestants and Catholics. The author looks at the religious, social and political conflict that existed and still exists between these two communities

A technical study of ACARS – Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System. This paper describes how this system allows aircrafts to communicate and report to the ground and vice versa. It explains the processes involved, the transmitting of data on

This is a brief background paper on the issues surrounding the proper display of respect for the U.S. flag. This paper details two laws that were passed in order to legislate correct respect for the American flag. The laws mentioned

An analysis of the story of Native American leader and chief, Tecumsheh. This paper examines the story of Shawnee chief and military leader Tecumsheh of the native people of North America. The author looks at how this leader impacted his

Effects of lesbian parenting on psychosocial functioning, emotional health, sexual identity and self-esteem, compared to heterosexual mothers. CHILDREN OF LESBIAN MOTHERS Introduction It is estimated that between 1.5 and 5 million lesbians reside with their children in the United States.

An analysis of the effects of extra security expenditure and security measures on airlines. This paper discusses the rising cost of security and how it is hurting airline business in the United States. The writer describes how the price tag

Political, economic, labor, welfare, legal, racial aspects from Mexican & U.S. perspectives. The United States has a 2,000-mile border to the south with Spanish-speaking Mexico. There are 316 miles of fence, backed by Border Patrol surveillance, between the two countries

This paper discusses the problems related to the human cloning process. This paper provides a look at human cloning, and examines the discrimination dimension of the cloning process. The author discusses the pros and cons of cloning, religious opposition, and

Discusses the effects of stress in the workplace, assesses the means by which companies can reduce workplace stress & discusses some stress reduction techniques. The issue of stress is one which arises in nearly all situations, however to varying levels

An analysis of the role Iago played in the destruction of Othello’s marriage. This paper examines the various aspects of Iago’s character in Shakespeare’s play, `Othello`. It focuses on his seemingly conflicting emotions and feelings for Othello and describes how

Examines the differences in Antony and Brutus’ speech styles and effectiveness in Julius Caesar. This is a paper comparing and contrasting the two major speeches of Marcus Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare?s Julius Caesar. The author makes several interesting

A dissertation as to the reasons for the failure of Soviet communism. This paper outlines the history of the Soviet Union and describes the end to communism. The writer accomplishes this by analyzing each Soviet leader from the times of

Examines the sources of income & wealth inequities both historically & in the contemporary US economy. RICH AND POOR Income Inequality in the United States Introduction The rich get richer, goes the traditional saying, and the poor get poorer. This

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