A look at whether the 20th century can be tagged an American superior century. This is an argumentative essay that discusses whether or not the twentieth century can be considered as the “American Century” and if a period of time

Life & criminal career of New York Mafia boss. In 1992, after three unsuccessful prosecutions, and determined not to fail a fourth time, Gotti’s prosecutors presented a colossal amount of evidence, including six hours of FBI tapes surreptitiously recorded in

A look at the use of symbolism in Poe’s `The Fall of the House of Usher.` In this paper, the author examines the use of symbolism in `The Fall of the House of Usher` and the themes that run throughout

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An analysis of the rise and fall of Marxism as defined by Karl Marx in his book: “Communist Manifesto.” This paper gives an insight into Marx’s ideas as expressed in the Communist Manifesto. It argues that although Marx’s idea of

A study of the conflicts faced by Eveline, the main character in James Joyce’s `Dubliners`. An essay which examines the internal conflict that paralyzes the female protagonist, Eveline, in the novel `Dubliners` by James Joyce, as she stands upon the

An analysis of William Shakespeare’s sonnets, focusing on the intended audience and the issue of time. This paper divides Shakespeare’s sonnets into two groups: 1 – 126 are addressed to a young man, and 127 – 152 are addressed to

An in depth look at death row and the experiences of individuals on death row. This paper looks at the American justice system with emphasis on death row. The author defines what death row is and what life for prisoners

A character analysis of Neoptolemus based on Sophocles’ play Philoctetes. This paper is a character analysis of Neoptolemus based on Sophocles? ?Philoctetes?. It focuses on the complex thought processes that lead to the swaying on Neoptolemus? decision. The paper also

An examination of the social philosophies of the American founding father, Thomas Jefferson, focusing on his concept of natural aristocracy. This paper examines the concept of natural aristocracy by Thomas Jefferson. This concept laid the basis for the rest of

An examination of the use of oral styles in this novel by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. The writer of this paper shows how Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o in his novel “Devil on the Cross” uses at least five different oral

Need for, successful counseling attitudes & techniques, causes of marital conflict, client-counselor relationship, social issues, Christian couples. Marriage is a complex interpersonal relationship. Thus its breakdown generally arises from a variety of causes. With the divorce rate approaching crisis proportions,

Positive impact of trade agreements on global exports of U.S. vegetables, meat & dairy products. NAFTA AND UNITED STATES AGRICULTURE Introduction This research examines the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on agricultural industries in the United

Definition, psychiatric criteria, antecedents, diagnosis, types of disorders (panic, agoraphobia, obsession-compulsion), case studies, empirical referents.

This paper is a brief examination of the book “My Name Is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok. The following essay briefly describes the story of a mother going mad and a boy who tries to release his pain , fear

A discussion of the negative influence of children’s TV shows on the modern child. This paper looks at children’s television and its negative influence on children today. The first section starts off the paper with a view into the positive

An analysis of the character of Helena in Shakespeare play “All’s Well That Ends Well. This paper presents a character analysis of Helena in the Shakespearean play All’s Well That Ends Well.” Often criticized for her manipulative deeds and lack

Examines development of Belgian philosopher’s theories on rhetoric, communication, argumentation. This paper is a study of the development of the theories of philosopher Chaim Perelman as he has instigated a modern application for the classical concept called rhetoric. This discussion

A discussion of white women’s involvement in the movement against slavery. The paper begins with a description of the abolitionist movement. The role of white women in the movement is then discussed, including motivations for involvement, such as empathy with

A study of the theme of disloyalty in Shakespeare’s King Lear. The paper shows how King Lear by William Shakespeare, is an unforgettably disturbing story of unbearable injustice and cruelty as well as of unseen loyalty and love. The paper

An analysis of the marketing strategies involved in entry into the Chinese Market by these express mail leaders. This paper compares and contrasts the marketing strategies of FedEx and UPS for entry into the Chinese market. The areas discussed include

Play’s sociopolitical messages, ideas on marriage & male-female relations, women’s roles, power & love. The purpose of this research is to examine Candida by George Bernard Shaw. The plan of the research will be to set forth the pattern of

An analysis of male and female conversational styles based on Deborah Tannen’s `You Just Don’t Understand, which discusses how men and women act substantially differently in a number of ways – including conversational style. This paper analyzes the book You

A brief look at the benefits to students of sticking to a study routine. The writer presents the advantages of establishing a firm study routine for students when managing the load of school work and explains that this forms excellent

A study of prejudice perpetuated by the media. The paper studies the role that the media plays in perpetuating prejudice. It looks at the prejudice prevalent in the marketing strategies of television and then moves on to suggestions for improving

Critical analysis of work William Harris on reasons for & effects of Rome’s expansionist policy. Ancient Rome developed from a small prehistoric settlement on the Tiber River in Latium in central Italy into an empire that encompassed all of the

A study of how the different sexes express emotion. This paper examines the gender differences of the two sexes and the conceptual paradigm that rules them. It describes marked difference in the emotional expression of men and women and the

An examination of the problems that future medical care systems will face and possible solutions. This paper looks at the effect that Baby Boomer’s will have on nursing homes and the future of long-term care. The author investigates the current

This paper is a critique of the play “Equus.” This is an in-depth review of a production of the play “Equus.” It looks at every element involved in the production and execution of the play from the lighting, stage design,

Examines educational theories on socioeconomic pressures, role of peer groups, progressivism, learning styles, types of intelligence, student diversity. Two societal factors which continue to have the greatest impact on higher educational administration are: (1.) the individual differences among students and

This paper is a discussion of society’s attitudes to homosexuality. This paper discusses the ideas of community acceptance of homosexuality. The author examines society’s attitude to homosexuality by referring to four personal interviews which are personal accounts of criticisms of

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