This paper emphasizes the importance of learning in the early modern period in the Arab world. This essay examines the importance of learning in the Arab world with specific reference to Portugal during the early modern period. It examines how

Strategic analysis. Looks at competition, distribution, consumer demographics, industry environment, success factors, finances, products and the global market. The Coca-Cola Company (Coke) is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The company manufacturers, sells, and distributes carbonated beverage

A study of a computer operating systems upgrade project for A&K Ltd. – a manufacturer of data storage devices. This report identifies both the technical and human areas associated the selection of the new operating system for the computer. It

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A look at HR grievance policies with respect to mergers. This paper looks at HR policies that are necessary for a smooth merger. It focuses on the dispute resolution or grievance process. It uses the example of two merging companies,

History & evolution, purpose, provisions, amendments, effectiveness, four major court cases & outcomes. The Endangered Species Act is an attempt by Congress to create and implement a comprehensive program aimed at addressing the concern of the extinction of plant and

This paper compares and contrasts the marketing strategies for promoting fleets versus individual vehicles. An examination of how advertising campaigns change their focus when promoting individual vehicles over fleets of cars. It shows how individual vehicles are pushed to be

A study of the history of classical Greek sculpture. The Greeks honored the gods through sculptures. This paper examines the triumphs and advances of Classical Greek sculpture during the different periods in Greek history. Outline Introduction to Classical Greek Sculpture

A discussion on the attitudes of three famous writers to organized religion. The paper shows that despite their disparate backgrounds, styles, and genres, what bonds writers Nathaniel Hawthorne, Earnest Hemingway and Dylan Thomas is their mutually irreverent attitude towards organized

This essay analyzes how Hitler’s oratory styles were able to rouse and rally a nation behind him. This paper discusses Adolf Hitler’s life, ideologies, effective speeches and mass communication usage and applies basic theories of communication practices and their relevance

This paper describes the current economic development in democratic Costa Rica. This paper examines the economic growth in Costa Rica, starting with the rich national parks, tourism and ecotourism, where there are a variety of species-rich ecosystems exist. The paper

This paper is an in-depth analysis of the motives of Ted Bundy prior to and during his serial murders. The analysis uses a sub discipline of Cognitive Theory- Information Processing theory to examine Bundy’s motives prior to and during his

A detailed look at the dangers associated with the genetic engineering of food. This paper gives some background on the genetic engineering of food. The author focuses on the dangers that stem from genetically engineered food such as possible medical

A critical comparison of Waltz’s neo-realism and Bull’s British school’s society of states. This paper deals with the issue of international relations within the framework of relations between states, by contrasting the Neo-realist concept of system of states with the

An in-depth study of postpartum depression and its symptoms. Postpartum depression is depression that appears shortly before to shortly after a woman has given birth. It can have negative effects on the woman’s marriage and in fact on the entire

This paper discusses the origins of Marxism, including a history of its founders and its ideals. The paper discusses how Marxism was founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and how it is based on ideals from German philosophy, French

A look at whether the 20th century can be tagged an American superior century. This is an argumentative essay that discusses whether or not the twentieth century can be considered as the “American Century” and if a period of time

Examines characters of Oedipus & Kurtz as examples of outsider/exile facing psychological & moral turmoil. The hero exiled from his native land and forced to wander has served as a central figure in the literature of Western civilization for centuries

A look at the use of symbolism in Poe’s `The Fall of the House of Usher.` In this paper, the author examines the use of symbolism in `The Fall of the House of Usher` and the themes that run throughout

Comparative summaries of works on Japanese culture, compared to Amer. culture, from anthropological & anecdotal perspectives. This study will provide a summary of two books on Japanese culture, Ruth Benedict’s The Chrysanthemum and the Sword and Robert C. Christopher’s The

A study of the conflicts faced by Eveline, the main character in James Joyce’s `Dubliners`. An essay which examines the internal conflict that paralyzes the female protagonist, Eveline, in the novel `Dubliners` by James Joyce, as she stands upon the

Reviews work on Clinton’s failed 1993-1994 Health Security plan. Economics, politics, lobbyists, media coverage and public’s view. This review will examine and explain the major concepts, theories, and issues brought out in Boomerang, by Theda Skocpol. Skocpol tells the story

An in depth look at death row and the experiences of individuals on death row. This paper looks at the American justice system with emphasis on death row. The author defines what death row is and what life for prisoners

This paper discusses and analyzes the symbols of light and dark in the novel “Native Son” by Richard Wright. The paper shows that the symbols of dark and light in Richard Wright’s Native Son represent both good and bad elements

An examination of the social philosophies of the American founding father, Thomas Jefferson, focusing on his concept of natural aristocracy. This paper examines the concept of natural aristocracy by Thomas Jefferson. This concept laid the basis for the rest of

This paper examines the moral, political and biblical standpoints with regard to the death penalty.. This essay is an argumentative paper which states both sides of the death penalty controversy and is opposition to capital punishment. The author chooses multiple

Need for, successful counseling attitudes & techniques, causes of marital conflict, client-counselor relationship, social issues, Christian couples. Marriage is a complex interpersonal relationship. Thus its breakdown generally arises from a variety of causes. With the divorce rate approaching crisis proportions,

A review of the biographical novel, “Biko” by Donald Woods. The paper reviews the book as a biography of both Steve Biko and Donald Woods. It illustrates how Donald Woods was able to combine his own story with that of

Definition, psychiatric criteria, antecedents, diagnosis, types of disorders (panic, agoraphobia, obsession-compulsion), case studies, empirical referents.

This paper compares Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein and Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, “Notes from Underground”. In this paper Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein is compared to Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, “Notes from Underground”. The writer of this paper focuses on the language and imagery that were used

A discussion of the negative influence of children’s TV shows on the modern child. This paper looks at children’s television and its negative influence on children today. The first section starts off the paper with a view into the positive

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