An analysis of the effects of extra security expenditure and security measures on airlines. This paper discusses the rising cost of security and how it is hurting airline business in the United States. The writer describes how the price tag

Political, economic, labor, welfare, legal, racial aspects from Mexican & U.S. perspectives. The United States has a 2,000-mile border to the south with Spanish-speaking Mexico. There are 316 miles of fence, backed by Border Patrol surveillance, between the two countries

This paper discusses the problems related to the human cloning process. This paper provides a look at human cloning, and examines the discrimination dimension of the cloning process. The author discusses the pros and cons of cloning, religious opposition, and

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Discusses the effects of stress in the workplace, assesses the means by which companies can reduce workplace stress & discusses some stress reduction techniques. The issue of stress is one which arises in nearly all situations, however to varying levels

An analysis of the role Iago played in the destruction of Othello’s marriage. This paper examines the various aspects of Iago’s character in Shakespeare’s play, `Othello`. It focuses on his seemingly conflicting emotions and feelings for Othello and describes how

Examines the differences in Antony and Brutus’ speech styles and effectiveness in Julius Caesar. This is a paper comparing and contrasting the two major speeches of Marcus Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare?s Julius Caesar. The author makes several interesting

A dissertation as to the reasons for the failure of Soviet communism. This paper outlines the history of the Soviet Union and describes the end to communism. The writer accomplishes this by analyzing each Soviet leader from the times of

Examines the sources of income & wealth inequities both historically & in the contemporary US economy. RICH AND POOR Income Inequality in the United States Introduction The rich get richer, goes the traditional saying, and the poor get poorer. This

A paper which discusses the burial practices of ancient Egyptians. A paper which introduces and discusses the burial practices of ancient Egyptians. Specifically, it looks at burial practices for rulers, common people and their belief in the afterlife. It also

Explains the effects of genetically modified crops. This is a detailed descriptive, persuasive paper about the effects of genetically modified crops. The author discusses genetic engineering and clearly defines many difficult biological terms, and how the Food and Drug Administration

This paper examines the history of chiropractics and its claims. This paper presents an in-depth discussion on the development of the field of Chiropractics. The writer outlines the history, discusses the controversy that surrounds it and talks about various aspects

Examines the hypothesis that the new management techniques of total quality control methods (TQM) can be compatible with traditional command and control techniques. The Compatibility of Command and Control with TQM methods Hypothesis The traditional American management style of command

The realities behind government statistics for Welfare Reform. This paper looks at the realities behind the remarkable success story of the U.S. Welfare Reforms. The statistics show huge gains in employment and standard of living, but this paper shows that

Looks at the extent that American Industry relies on global outsourcing, with an emphasis on the software industry. This paper looks at the extent that American Industry relies on global outsourcing. It focuses on the dependency that the software industry

This paper discusses how the Christian scriptures make use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story that gives that religion its unique quality. This paper shows how the Christian scriptures use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story

Reviews current information regarding the ozone layer of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the damage being done to the layer related to natural and human activities. Engineering solutions designed to eliminate further depletion are presented. The Production and Control of

Reviews some of the difficulties faced by the McDonald’s fast food restaurants in the 1990s. The third stage of organization development is closely related to the fourth and final stage of organization development which is the stage of evaluating and

An analysis of the influence of popular culture in the poems The Thin People and Mirror. This paper discusses two poems by Sylvia Plath, and provides a thorough analysis of each poem. The paper focuses on the influence of popular

Reviews the technological & ideological pieces that came together to create what is today called the Internet. Argues that the Internet is here to stay & that it will fundamentally change society. The History of the Internet Introduction: The Need

A discussion on the poem “Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf” by Bronwen Wallace. This paper looks at the Bronwen Wallace’s poem A Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf and discusses whether there is a primary acceptance or primary rejection of the

A study on the historical literary commentary on Shakespeare’s character Hamlet throughout the generations. This paper examines the literary comments on Shakespeare’s famous character Hamlet. It reflects on critiques of Hamlet through different eras, and their own influence and interests

Examines Oliver Cromwell’s role in deposing and delimiting British monarchical authority and assesses the long term impact of Cromwell’s rule. Oliver Cromwell and British Destiny Introduction: The Reformation The Reformation was a political and religious revolution that was ongoing in

This paper analyzes the concept of “change”, theories behind it, why it is necessary and how organizations need to cope with change in order to survive. This paper analyzes the concept of “change”, theories behind it, why it is necessary

This paper discusses the history of paternalism giving examples from Biblical sources, literary source and historical occurrences. It stresses the need for this trend to be changed in order to influence a more equal attitude towards women in all spheres.

Examines the historical backdrop to the Arab-Israeli conflicts. Discusses the current state of the conflicts. Reviews Arab/Israeli relations in both the Middle East and the U.S. Arab-Israeli relations are influenced by problems between the two groups extending back centuries, and

Reviews some of the currently held positions in the debate over funding for the NEA. Argues that it is not simply a liberal vs. conservative debate, but rather a more complex one. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has

A review of a series of articles dealing with WAP technology and cell phones. This paper assesses five different articles all written on the topic of either WAP technology or on cell phones which range from the marketing strategy of

This essay puts forth the argument that the USSR encouraged the Korean War to benefit itself politically. This paper examines the theory that the Korean conflict was purposely started by Joseph Stalin in order to drive the United States and

This paper examines how a hypothetical business specializing in matrouchkas can use time series to help balance the business’s budget and inventory and the added complexities of working in the import field. This paper presents a hypothetical business venture and

Compares their attitudes toward imminent death (serenity vs. terror) of Socrates and the protagonist in the short story. In Plato’s dialogue Phaedo, Socrates expresses a spiritual and accepting view of death in general and of his own imminent, personal death

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