Analyzes the late 18th Century apocalyptic painting’s style, color, lines, theme, forms and technique. Benjamin West’s Death on the Pale Horse This paper will analyze the context in which the work of art, Death on the Pale Horse was created.

An analysis of the role of women and the concept of love in Chaucer’s `Knight’s Tale. This paper introduces Geoffrey Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale` and the roles of men, women and love in the story. The concepts are explored through an

Examines social learning, biosocial and psychodynamic views on aggressive behavior. Discusses the role of family, gender role differences, modeling, sexism and self-control. AGGRESSION Introduction The development of aggression can be viewed within the social learning context. Social learning theorists such

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Analyzes the author’s feminist perspective on sexual liberation and repression, Freud and talking about sex vs. enjoying sex. Michel Foucault, in The History of Sexuality, can definitely be considered a feminist, if one sees feminism as a search for truth

This paper analyzes the question of who is a Jew and why any definition is problematic. This paper discusses the controversial question of “Who is a Jew?”. It provides Rabbinic and cultural sources for arguments of each side and concludes

Examines their benefits for mental patients, economics, drawbacks, legal history, goals, eligibilit, benefits and administration. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT Introduction Residential treatment centers exist world-wide with a purpose of treating people of all ages for a wide variety of problems. Programs evolved

A discussion of the treatment of allergies by aromatherapy. This paper presents brief introductions on aromatherapy and allergies and the various nursing aspects and implications on the uses of aromatherapy as a treatment for allergies. “An allergy is defined as

A personal essay on the experiences with race, gender, religion, and social class growing up as a white female in the South. This paper is one woman’s personal account of her experiences with race, religion and the social class structure

This paper analyzes Kristine Brennan’s book, Diana, Princess of Wales. This paper uses the book Diana, Princess of Wales to describe the life and love story of Diana. It provides a description of her childhood, her early days as a

Analyzes three major films: Rossellini’s Open City, De Sica’s “Bicycle Thief” and Visconti’s Obsession. Examines style, themes and social messages. Italian neorealism developed under onerous circumstances and became a form by which Italian filmmakers could express themselves in a new

This paper takes a look at the life and works of three poets -Irving, Hawthorn and Poe This paper provides an analysis of the works of three great poets – Irving, Hawthorn and Poe. It compares their individual styles and

A character analysis of “Snowball” and “Napoleon” in the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. The characters of Snowball and Napoleon are the primary focus of the character analysis, and this analysis involves a comparison of the animal characters of

This paper looks how the TV series “Survivor” reflects true group dynamics . This paper starts by defining group dynamics and examines the popular TV series “Survivor” exemplifies this concept. It states that TV viewers experience a taste of reality

Examines the novel’s relationship to Romantic movement’s concerns with love, marriage, happiness, lack of politics and irony. Elizabeth Bingley is the protagonist character of Pride and Prejudice. She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Elizabeth, while not

A discussion of the theories of emotional intelligence and Goleman’s book of the same name. This paper discusses the book `Emotional Intelligence` by Daniel Goleman. It explores the concept of emotional intelligence through a review of the psychological research dating

This paper looks at the U.S. Human Genome Project and the impact that it might have on the individual. This paper analyzes the U.S. Human Genome Project and how this technology might effect the individual in the future. It looks

Incidence, problems with data, schizophrenia, use & types of student mental health programs. SCHIZOPHRENIA AND THE COLLEGE STUDENT Introduction The American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV, 1994) states that a diagnosis of schizophrenia is appropriate when a person suffers from delusions, auditory

A study of chemotherapy – its side effects and its use as a treatment for cancer. This paper discusses the various forms of chemotherapy. The paper describes the different possible side effects of chemotherapy, outlining short term and long term

An analysis of hypertension disparities and policy development in the African-American and Caucasian societies. The number of existing cases of high blood pressure is nearly 40% higher in blacks than in whites and its effects are more frequent and severe

A discussion of whether or not auditing should be separated from consulting. Need order essay? Ask here how. This paper analyzes the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen and describes the role Andersen played in the Enron collapse. The paper uses this

This paper looks at the impact of Chartism on the political world of Britain in the 19th century – a movement to change the political system. The political structure of nineteenth century Britain is explored with the backdrop of Chartism.

The following essay discusses what Christ expects of a Christian today. This paper reflects on how modern society is bombarded with ideals that press forward advanced knowledge, superior consumer products, and what may seem like a never-ending supply of pop-culture.

Completed research on behavioral experiment to increase homework completion rate in 7th grade social studies classes. This research describes a behavioral modification applied experimental intervention designed to increase the homework completion rate in seventh grade social studies classes at a

A study of the transition of sexual diseases in the third world. This paper examines the incidents of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in developing countries. It discusses the types of illnesses HIV, HPV, AIDS and others. The paper looks at

Explains how Hughes’ `Ballad of the Landlord and Madam` and the `Rent Man` use similar voice, tone, and theme, to illuminate the African-American condition of the 1940’s. This is an essay on two poems of the prolific African-American writer, Langston

This paper discusses the history of the Euro. This paper looks at the short but turbulent history of the Euro and what the future is likely to bring for this sometimes embattled and always idealistic currency. Topics discussed is the

Life, education, career, major influences, personal & sociopolitical concerns, role as First Lady.

This paper looks at the issue of gender identity in two novels. Louise Erdrich, in her book Love Medicine, and John Neihardt, in his biographical novel Black Elk Speaks, both address the importance of gender in the daily lives of

Examines legal background & critiques 1995 Supreme Court decision that strict scrutiny analysis must be applied to federal affirmative action programs. This paper will discuss and critique the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Adarand Constructors v. Pena,

An analysis of the use of sound and music in the film “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Ford Coppola. The paper describes how the film shows the insanity of war and the madness that goes along with it. The author shows

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