Analyzes political campaign for March 1996 election. Background, democratic reforms, candidates, party conflicts, media and the role of China. This study will analyze the political conditions underlying the first direct presidential elections in Taiwan, scheduled for March, 1996. The study

An analysis of Anatoly Gladilin’s novel `Moscow’s Racetrack. The paper analyzes and reviews Russian author Anatoly Gladilin’s book, Moscow Racetrack. It shows how Gladilin paints poignant portraits of the characters that populate the Moscow track, lending insight into gambling strategy

Examines book of poems as celebration of life in all its forms & innovative effort to transform & humanize poetry. These two poems, while very different, give the reader tremendous insight into he character and soul of Whitman. In Close

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A review of the film: “Instrument: Ten Years with the Band Fugazi,” directed by Jem Cohen. In this review of the film, the idea of semiotics is brought up and symbolism is focused upon. It details what the band signifies,

A discussion on the theories of labor of the communists Marx and Engels. This essay discusses labor theories of as expressed in the communist manifesto. The writer focuses on the theories of Marx and Engles. He bases his conclusion on

Compares mainstream & special classrooms. Examined in terms of socialization, laws, teaching styles and development of communication skills. Mainstreaming verses Self-Contained Classrooms Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can usually be placed into regular classrooms with support services.

Does the amount a child reads affect his writing ability at high school and college age? This paper is about the affect of reading (both amount and ability) on a child’s development of writing ability. It explains how reading and

An analysis of the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. This paper examines Ralph Ellison’s work `Invisible Man.` The author writes it is a book about race in America and, sadly enough, few of the problems it chronicles have disappeared

A critical analysis of the poem “The Eve of St. Agnes” by John Keats. The paper focuses on the themes of struggle through adversity and triumph over hardship, which are evident in Keats’ poem. The writer of the paper puts

A comparative essay of the American and Soviet arm control policies during Nixon times. A comparison of American and Soviet arms control strategies during the Nixon administration, including SALT negotiations. The author looks at the motives and intentions of establishing

A study of the life and contributions of Frederick Douglass, former slave, abolitionist and civil rights advocate. This paper documents the life of former slave Frederick Douglass, the father of the Underground Railroad. The author writes that Douglass was a

An analysis of the views of Benjamin Barber and John Dewey on American Democracy. The two most prominent American political theorists, John Dewey and Benjamin Barber, argue that technology and economics have eliminated the role of individual and cooperative efforts

A paper which discusses the values a successful teacher of young children should acquire and pass on. The paper examines which values are important for a teacher of young children to acquire in order to make them successful in their

A focus on the uninsured population in the State of Maryland. This paper examines the problem of the uninsured in the State of Maryland with a critical eye on the total health care delivery system, its components, and how the

A looks at the risks and dangers involved in genetic engineering. The paper explores the dangers of genetically engineered food products in the marketplace. It traces activities of anti-genetic engineering groups and their relationship with biotech corporations. Legal and political

An analysis of the character of Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights. This paper focuses on Heathcliff’s character in Emily Bronte’s only novel Wuthering Heights with reference to views expressed by some critics. Heathcliff is generally considered a villainous

This paper looks at the shooting down of KAL flight 007 during the Reagan administration in 1982. This essay is an examination of the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 in 1982. The author puts forth the idea that KAL 007

This is a historical film review of the movie made about the Irish revolutionary’s life. This paper is a historical film review that analyzes Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson and discusses the movie’s historical accuracy. The author includes specific details

A study of the September 11th terrorist attack on the U.S.A. in terms of its effect on globalization. This paper studies the immediate effects of the attack and its influence on the U.S. economy. It then moves on to the

Examines Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s background, style of writing, and his inspirations for In Memoriam and Morte D’ Arthur. This paper looks at the life of one of the most renowned Victorian poets, Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The author discusses how his

A definition of one-to-one marketing and how it has changed consumer marketing. The paper defines one-to-one marketing as operating on the premise that consumers want more, not only do they want more, they want it now. It shows how one

A study of the application of anthropology today. This paper describes the relevance of anthropology in today’s world. The paper demonstrates that their discoveries and theories bear heavily on our understanding of our past and future, as illustrated by the

A discussion of the theory that a person can only will something which he perceives to be or do him good, but that idea of what is good can be entirely subjective and altogether incorrect or even evil. This paper

Analyzes themes, style, sensuality and techniques in six poems. This essay will examine Walt Whitman as an important voice in literature and a uniquely American one. In his preface to Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman outlines a national purpose in

An analysis of the book “The Streets” by African-American author Ann Petry. The paper analyzes the central themes of Ann Petry’s book, The Streets written in 1946 about racism and ghetto life in Harlem. The paper also discusses the theme

An analysis of the literary works of Ellison. This paper describes the literary work of Ralph Waldo Ellison, an Afro-American author and intellectual named after Ralph Waldo Emerson. There is a particular focus throughout the paper on Ellison’s representations in

An examination of the work and style of writing of Edgar Allen Poe. This essay analyzes the work of Edgar Allan Poe. The author examines the writer’s work, style and method and looks at his contributions to the world of

This paper deals with the desirability of educational empowerment for the woman as reflected in the works of Bronte, Austen and Wollstonecraft. This paper looks at the way in which women have achieved empowerment through education as shown through the

The following paper contends that mass media is a powerful reflection of culture, particularly the changing role of men and women in society. This paper looks at the way in which the media serves as a messenger of socio-cultural pressures

A study of the life and works of William James, the founder of what we call psychology today. This paper introduces James and explores his early personal life. It proceeds to examine his early researches and studies and shows how

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