This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. The author touches on ancillary topics: possible internet crashes, spam, the future of email.

This essay discusses the process of compensation by performance with reference to certain companies as examples of this process. The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and analyze the process of compensation of employees by their performance, rather

This paper studies the status of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein as outsiders and addresses the influence of this status on their scientific work. The following paper examines how both Einstein and Curie were two geniuses of the world of

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This paper examines the issues of abortion and abortion law This paper examines various aspects of abortion and abortion law such as social and ethical concerns as well as the law, and more specifically concerned to that of women’s rights.

This essay discusses the life of Marcus Ulpius Trajanus, Emperor of Rome, his rise to power and reign as emperor. The following paper discusses Trajan’s reign as a near perfect Roman ruler. The writer examines what Trajan accomplished during his

This paper looks at Soren Kierkegaard’s work Fear and Trembling. This paper analyzes the philosophical work of Soren Kierkegaard called Fear and Trembling. It is an analysis of stories in the Bible on a personal understanding basis. The main focus

This is a book review and summary essay on “Cream of the Crop: The Impact of Elite Education on the Decade After College” by Katchadourian and Boli. The following paper examines how the “Cream of the Crop” gives one a

This paper discusses the controversial issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. This paper looks at the taboo subject of sexual harassment in the work place. It discusses laws and legislation which were made in order to define what exactly

A business report which examines how a national retailing company can gain competitive advantage by using electronic commerce to compete with the global competitors. The paper indicates that nowadays, most businesses embrace some form electronic commerce since wherever one is

This paper analyzes the term “equality” in contemporary society. This paper begs the question of “all men being created equal”. It argues that as much as society would like to think of itself of democratic and supportive of equality, most

A paper which argues against the electoral college as a means of choosing an American President. The paper talks about the history of the electoral college and the negative impact it has had on Presidential elections. The paper shows how

The following paper discusses how to market yourself effectively in the work place and how to acquire the jobs that are most preferred by you. This essay is an analysis of the writer?s own self and the ways in which

An argumentative paper in support of doing away with dress codes in schools. This paper, written in the form of a speech to the school body, examines the advantages and disadvantages of dress codes in schools. It cites a case

An analysis of the debate between St. Ambrose and a Roman Senator Symmachus about the role and origins of Christianity in the Roman Empire. This paper describes the arguments and quotes relevant passages of the debate between St. Ambrose and

Technical analysis of mathematical process involved in producing Reuleaux triangle from equilateral triangle. The Reuleaux triangle is derived from an equilateral triangle. It is produced by replacing each side of the equilateral triangle with the arc of a circle. These

An examination of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its potential benefit to American interests. The paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its potential benefit to the United States, as well as to

Compares colonial histories, independence, govts., foreign relations, domestic politics, economies. This research paper compares and contrasts aspects of the histories, governments, international relations, politics and economies of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The principal legacy of Spanish colonial rule was economic

A comparison of the argument of Bernard Lewis and Edward Said on the issue of the Middle East’s perception of the west and vice versa. This paper discusses the works of two prominent historians, Bernard Lewis and Edward Said and

Critical analysis of author’s attempt to describe the Mexican character & spirit of Mexico. This study will provide an analysis of Octavio Paz’s The Labyrinth of Solitude, focusing on Paz’ attempt to describe the character of the Mexican and Mexico.

This paper charts the background of the medieval bestseller, the illuminated and illustrated “Book of Hours” and measures its worth as social status indicators. This paper explores the phenomena of perhaps the first European best sellers. The medieval “Book of

The paper discusses the concept of community policing along with the strategies to implement it. The paper discusses the concept of community policing along with the strategies to implement it. Moreover, it has also discussed the disadvantages and advantages of

An analysis of Greek philosopher Aristotle’s `Theory of the State`. The paper analyzes Aristotle’s Theory of the State. The paper is divided into several areas to summarize Aristotle’s views on an Ideal State. The paper discusses the sociopolitical features of

This is an analysis of guilt and its presence in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried.” This paper analyzes guilt and how it was presented in Tim O’Brien’s novel “The Things They Carried.” The author discusses the sources of guilt

An examination of the law of “whistle blowing” in companies – where someone reports the illegal actions of his colleagues. This paper briefly examines the concept of “whistle blowing” and its ramifications in company stability. The ethical side of this

Protection, classification, diet, grouping behavior, mating, social bonding, defensive strategy, child-rearing. The baboons that have undergone remarkable evolutionary change. Overall, the species demonstrate considerable diversity. For example, the baboons’ different social systems permit them to occupy various ecological niches. In

Federal system & its impact on composition of House & Senate. Includes a table. Australia has always been seen as a vibrant, progressive and economically stable country whose democratic principles serve as model for other countries. Even during the colonial

Prevalence, social, psychological & physical reasons for, focusing on Baltimore, Maryland. This research describes drug use by youths in Maryland. Drugs, for the purpose of this research, are defined as the illegal use of controlled substances. Youths, as the term

A discussion of theories of business ethics in today’s highly competitive market. This paper discusses theories of business ethics, starting with a general definition of business ethics. The marketing practices of Toys R Us and Home Depot are examined in

A study of the reasons why the European powers were unable to prevent the start of the Crimean War. The paper shows that the causes of the Crimean war all revolved around the decaying Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Question.

A study of the various causes of and treatment for insomnia. This paper analyzes the different forms of insomnia – transient, acute and chronic. It discusses the many possible causes, including: physical (muscle pain, headache, nasal congestion, diet, heat, cold),

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