The causes, effects, and proposed solutions to the problem of high school violence.This paper talks about the causes and effects of the increase in high school violence in the last few years. An argument for emphasis on younger education. The

The differences and similarities of the novels “Kiss of the “Fur Queen” by Tomson Highway and “Traplines” by Eden Robinson. This paper compares two novels with similar background: “Kiss of the Fur Queen” by Tomson Highway and “Traplines” by Eden

Looks at the dangers, relationships with clients, treatment, socioeconomics, diagnosis, at-risk behavior, prevention, and public perceptions. This paper is an examination of the problems that the rising epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS poses to social workers, both as a

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Marketing plan for imaginary pet product. Examined in terms of target market, demand, economics, competition, objectives, advertising, projections. Includes tables. I. Introduction This marketing plan is for The Motion-Detecting Animal Deterrent, a new product designed to keep pets from leaving

A biography of the writer Edgar Allan Poe. The paper recounts the life of the author Edgar Allan Poe from birth to death and shows how there are constant references to his life experiences in most of his poems and

Critiques & compares books on sexual development, pathology, eroticism and homosexuality. LOVEMAPS Introduction/Summary Lovemaps by Money (1993) is a book about the development of human sexuality and eroticism. The author began using the term lovemap to replace the expression an

This research paper explores polygamy all over the world. This paper describes in detail both polygyny and polyandry all over the world. The topics covered include an in-depth look polygamous practices of African tribes, tribes of New Zealand, Mormon groups

Defines two approaches to organizational control, benefits & risks of changing from cost to profit, effects on management & accounting and implementation. Introduction Organizations with decentralized operations typically divide those operations into cost and profit centers. This delineation, which is

This paper introduces assistive technology devices for persons with hearing disorders. This paper emphasizes that developments in assistive technology are expanding the communication options for the hearing disabled thus enabling them to work more independently and to increase their growth

Preparing for local disasters, role of govt., teamwork, duties, hazard analysis, equipment, training and public information. The Local Disaster Plan This research discusses the salient aspects of the preparation, maintenance, and projected operation of community disaster plans. Generic, all-hazards approaches

This paper take a detailed look at one of the greatest battles of the Civil War. Follows General Robert E. Lee and his men as they plot their strategy and take action against the Union Army leading up to and

Definition, purpose, yields, prices, ratings, risks and contracts. Introduction The term stocks and bonds is commonly used by those referring to investment instruments, but there are fundamental differences between these types of investments. Both stocks and bonds are offered by

This paper discusses the importance of Samuel Daniel’s Delia through its structure and the creation of the modern sonnet. This paper discusses the importance of Samuel Daniel’s “Delia” through its structure and the creation of the modern sonnet. The author

A comparison of the horror novels of Poe and Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs. This paper compares the horror novels of Edgar Allen Poe and Thomas Harris’ “Silence of the Lambs.” It describes the iconic character of evil Hannibal

Case study of “Maryland v. Craig” & the ruling that children can testify out of the defendant’s presence. [excerpt]

This paper examines the long-term effects of divorce on adults, children and families. The following paper critically analyzes whether divorce is a devastating act that reverberates down the decades, inflicting permanent harm on adults and children or whether it is

An historical analysis of the Great Depression. The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and analyze the Great Depression from the viewpoint of the most significant global event of the twentieth century. Specifically, it addresses the question of

This three-page paper presents a psychological profile of a serial killer. The writer of this paper presents a profile of the killer based on the media’s information about what crimes he committed and about his life. For the paper this

This paper presents a detailed examination of community policing. The following paper looks at several research studies and other discussions that outline both sides of the issue of community policing. The writer then makes a recommendation based on the research

This essay critiques the J. Paul Getty Museum design with reference to two journal articles. This paper looks at the differing opinions with regards to the J. Paul Getty Museum and the way it was built. Reviews from the Los

An examination of the process for the treatment and purification of wastewater. The treatment of wastewater is divided into three main categories: Primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment, where each stage contains several steps. This paper examines this purification

Pros & cons of using IRAs as supplement to Social Security & means of ensuring system’s solvency. Introduction The Social Security system, developed during the Great Depression as a way to supplement income for those not protected by pensions and

This paper discusses the philosophy of the Puritan poet, Anne Bradstreet and the conflicting messages of what she actually believed. The following paper examines the philosophy of Bradstreet, one of the greatest (and only) female writers of early American history,

The following paper presents a discussion about the bias of television news shows. The writer of this paper argues that news shows such as 20/20 and Dateline cannot be objective because they must fit an idea or emotion into the

An in-depth look at the underlying themes of prejudice, loyalty and love, in this well known Shakespearean play. In this paper the author discusses whether the “Merchant of Venice” is a fairy tale, as exemplified by the romantic comedy genre,

This paper examines the book industry and based on extensive research, offers a marketing plan that will insure the success of an established book company. This paper is a market research study of the book industry. The author conducts an

An analysis of the ancient era of Greek art, focusing on sculptures and paintings. This paper briefly examines the history of ancient Greek art. It focuses on several periods – Archaic Period, Early Classical Period, Golden Age, Late Classical Period

This paper is an examination of the effects a technological disaster such as an airplane accidents has on our lives and the world around us. This paper examines technological disasters in the airline industry. In particular it looks at the

Looks at the definition, pros & cons, effects, ethics and economics of this issue.

A study of the electronic payment processing industry through an analysis of the company, Midwest Payment Systems. This paper examines the rapidly growing company, Midwest Payment Systems and provides financial status and future projections. It investigates the electronic payment industry

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