Forecasting theory, impact of I.S. advances on business predictions, example (Living Centers of Amer.), contingency approach to management. IMPACTS OF ADVANCES IN INFORMATION SCIENCE ON BUSINESS FORECASTING Introduction Technology management is assuming greater importance in contemporary business organizations (Cyert &

An analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton’ speech, Women’s Rights are Human Rights. This paper explores the powers of the political speech. It shows how each word is chosen with utmost care and often the politicians words are remembered better than

The development of a public administration theory with the purpose of enhancing the political unit. This paper explores the development of a public administration theory. It discusses the components that make up the theory of public administration and develops its

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This paper deals with Rene Descartes’s approach to philosophy. Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650) approach to philosophy was, I think, as much a testament to his era than the text itself. While ancient philosophy focused on social and individual concerns,

Attempts to answer the question of how a non-monotheistic religion, such as Jainism, offers a credible alternative to a monotheistic religion, such as Christianity. The author of this paper looks at the language of logical argumentation, and its need for

A study on Kenya’s national debt. This paper examines the dimension of Kenya’s national debt. It describes the enormity of the debt in human terms, as the author writes that the cost of paying just the interest alone on the

An analysis of the stories of “Arabian Nights” as a window on Islamic culture. This paper discusses the stories of “Arabian Nights”. The writer illustrates how the stories within the main story are told with the purpose of teaching lessons

Historical, cultural & religious background & development of Islamic civilization in this era. The 12th through 14th centuries C.E., or 7th through 9th centuries A.H., may be regarded as a cultural Golden Age of Islamic civilization, in which it took

An examination of Plato’s beliefs in the function of philosophy in life. This paper attempts to assess Plato’s obsession with the role of philosophy. The author argues that Plato sees philosophy as the purpose in life and provides reasons for

An analysis of the ethics of organized religion and how religions communicate between each other. This paper introduces and discusses the book “Prayer, A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion” by Friedrich Heiler. Specifically, it compares the book

In 20th Century, focusing on mid-1980s to early 1990s. Rate of growth, export policy, short-term vs. long-term profit, savings & investment. JAPANESE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Japanese economy, according to some observers, entered a period of mature growth around the mid-1980s.

An examination of human rights and aspects of justice. This paper examines the human rights of protection and the guarantee of a nation to be ruled fairly and justly. The author examines the writings of Thomas Paine who discusses a

Reviews 1996 film’s portrayal of social & personal dangers of watching too much TV. The Cable Guy is a feature film that has been sold largely as a vehicle for comedian Jim Carrey, though in fact it is something quite

A brief review of the book “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo. This paper provides a brief synopsis of this novel, relating the main plot and storyline. It is a story of an immigrant from Italy, who failing to find a

A comparison between Comte’s, Socrates’ and Rousseau’s philosophies on society. This paper compares and contrasts Comte’s Positivism Theory from his writings in “Great Being Humanity” to Socrates theories from “The Republic”, Machiavelli’s theories from The Prince, and Rousseau’s theories from

A look into the masques at the time of the renaissance and the role they played for society. This paper looks at the role that Renaissance masques played at the time. The author argues that these masques were an important

A paper which analyzes the “Asian Crisis” – the collapse of the Thai currency in 1997. The paper shows that more than two years after its collapse, the state of the Thai Baht was still being discussed as one of

Overview of relations between Spain & France since the rise of Francisco Franco in 1936 through the current regime of Juan Carlos. Relations between different national states are affected by both internal and external forces. In the European Community, the

An analysis of the book by Primo Levi with an emphasis on the concept of “drowned and saved”. This paper introduces and discusses Primo Levi’s concept of the drowned and the saved in chapter nine of Survival at Auschwitz. Specifically

Case analysis of a fictional small research company technology manager who must purchase a LAN system that provides both Intranet & Internet service. Financial Benefits of Analyzing Emerging Technology Argument There is one primary question most business executives ask when

Reviews Charles Dickens’ novel LITTLE DORRIT, emphasizing the social concerns evident in character, setting, plot & theme. Charles Dickens was a novelists and social critic who had particular concerns about social problems such as prison reform. He wrote about the

This paper discusses the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch that hit the Central American nations in October 1998. The following paper looks at the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch and examines how the shocks are still being felt to this

Compares & contrasts the recent performances of Paramount & Disney. Paramount can serve as an example of the way the majors are situated today. Paramount Communications, formerly known as Gulf+Western, has experienced the same problems as other entertainment-based companies in

A paper which discusses the strategies a manager should adopt in order to ensure the security of the information within the organization. The paper shows that to address the issue of information security of an organization, managers should develop certain

Examines the developments of modern rocketry, including the initial development of gunpowder and the works of Jules Verne. Concludes that it is impossible to determine the birth of any particular technology. TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ROCKETRY It is said that some

The differences between American English and Canadian English. This paper analyzes and examines the differences between American English and Canadian English. In Part II, the national language conflict in Canada is discussed. Part III evaluates the differences between American English

A critical review of the play in connection with the role of women. This paper presents a detailed discussion on the role of women in Richard III. The writer examines the female characters, their station in society, their role as

A critical review on this book about leadership. The paper reviews the book which has used extensive interviews to ascertain what the qualities of a good leader are. The book’s main points are summarized in this paper, which speaks of

A paper that questions whether alcohol and tobacco use among teenagers leads to marijuana use. The paper defines gateway drugs as those which could open the doors to illicit drugs like hallucinogens, marijuana, cocaine, etc. The paper describes the discussions

A discussion on the way in which the government of the state of Michigan was patterned after the federal model and a comparison of the two. The following paper discusses the way in which the county in Michigan is the

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