A paper which explores the issue of selfhood in several texts, especially William Shakespeare’s King Lear and Augustine’s “Confessions”. The paper explores several texts including “The Confessions” by Augustine, “The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila” by Herself, Petrarch’s poetry,

An examination of the military and cultural transformation of Russia under the rule of Peter the Great. This paper examines the move toward westernization that took place in Russia under the reign of Peter the Great. It provides an accounting

An overview of Varian, Inc. – manufacturer of scientific instruments. The paper documents the history of scientific instrument manufacturer, Varian Inc. from 1948 to 1998 and then from the split of the company in 1998 till the present. The paper

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A comparative analysis of the themes of “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. This paper examines the themes and story line of “Things Fall Apart” against those seen in “Gulliver’s Travels, Tartuffe, Madame Bovary, and The Death of Ivan Ilych.

An analysis of the different theories of evolution of Herbert Spencer, Lewis Henry Morgan, Edward Tylor and Franz Boas. This paper presents the theories of the evolutionists regarding evolution and progress and compares them to the criticism presented by Frank

This paper discusses the education of business managers, focusing primarily on managers of sports bars. This paper presents a look at the education of business managers. The author focuses on the management of a sports bar and details the reasons

An examination of the U.S. role and position throughout the Arab-Israeli conflict. This paper examines the U.S. role as a superpower in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the position that the U.S. has taken throughout. American policy is analyzed in light

An analysis of his novel “A Small Good Thing” and contributions to the literary world. This paper discusses the influence of Raymond Carver on the American Literature and also studies his work “A small Good Thing” in the light of

A discussion on how Western Europe was influenced by the Greek and Roman religions. This paper examines how religion has influenced Western Europe society: culturally, politically and economically. The author focuses on the Greek and Roman religions and their impact

Examines English poet’s conversion to Catholicism under influence of John Henry Newman & impact on his life. One of the most important events in the life of poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, an event that shaped his life and colored his

An analysis of this story by Jack London, focusing on how the characters depict true human nature. This paper introduces and discusses the story “Sea Wolf” by Jack London. Specifically, it looks at what views of human nature are expressed

Life & career of pioneering 19th cent. photographer of American West. Carleton E, Watkins was a true pioneer. He was one of the leaders in photographing hard-to-reach parts of the American West and his pictures played a major role in

Regional development, financial markets, regulation, foreign investment, banking, currency, inflation and debt. INDONESIA: THE PARADOX OF GROWTH AND CONTINUING ECONOMIC MISERY Introduction Forbes magazine, the American-based cheerleader for unregulated and unrepentant capitalism, enthused in the summer of 1995 over the

A look at the public and personal lives of James Dean and how his popularity spread following the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. This paper introduces and discusses James Dean, both his real life, and how it related to his

A study of the battle with sin in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. This paper examines the main character Stephen Dedalus, in James Joyce’s `A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man`,

Examines roles of women in trilogy by 14th Cent. Norwegian novelist. WOMEN’S ROLES IN UNDSET’S KRISTIN LAVRANSDATTER SERIES In producing the works that make up the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy, Sigrid Undset created a haunting and evocative world: a deeply convincing

This paper discusses Chaucer’s bitter description of the medieval church as a thoroughly corrupt institution. This essay looks at Geoffrey Chaucer’s take on the Middle Ages in “The Canterbury Tales.” The author discusses how Chaucer views the medieval church, the

This paper provides a thorough analysis of Greek tragedy, with emphasis on Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles. This paper provides an in-depth look at the history of ancient Greek tragedy. The author discusses the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, and

An examination of Kant’s methodologies and a look at various criticisms. This paper deals with approaches taken to Kant’s categorical imperative. The author examines the Kant’s work such as Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, and various interpretations by critics

This paper is an in-depth study of how capitalism has affected African-Americans since the times of slavery. The paper studies the effects of capitalism on African economics through history. It studies capitalism in connection with slavery and then moves on

An analysis of the appropriate measures employers must take in order to minimize the risk of hiring unsuitable employees. This paper analyzes methods employers must take to protect themselves from hiring bad personnel especially these days, when violence, sexual arrestment

A study of the Dadaist movement in modern art. This paper examines modern art’s Dadaist movement of early twentieth century. It looks at parallel movements of its time, hand made art and decorative craft objects and the emergence of consumerism.

A detailed discussion of Conrad’s use of two first person narrators with respect to the major themes of `Heart of Darkness` This paper outlines and discusses how the use of an anonymous frame narrator and the primary narrator Marlowe encourage

An analysis of the relationship between St. John and Rosamond in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. A paper which provides a look at the doomed relationship between the characters Rosamond and St. John in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, “Jane Eyre.” The paper

An essay comparing the character of Tess in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the Duberville to the character of Beatrice in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappaccini’s Daughter. The paper shows how the characters Tess in Tess of the Duberville by Thomas Hardy and

This paper examines the language teenagers use to chat via their mobile phones. This paper takes a look at the new phenomenon of text messages on cellular phones especially as they relate to teenage culture. “The negative effects of the

This essay looks at the life of the boxer Rubin Carter, and the false accusations that led to his murder conviction and 20- year imprisonment. This paper discusses the controversy surrounding the African American boxer who was falsely accused, convicted,

A discussion of the stages of economic development in light of Russia’s struggle to set up a modern market economy and attain strong economic growth. This paper examines Russia’s economic status and growth during the nine years after the disintegration

Examines the roles and perceptions of women in Germany from 1930-1940. This essay examines the role of women and motherhood during the 1930?s, when the Nazi regime took over Germany. It takes a hard look at the views and opinions

Assesses domestic caregivers as they relate to Julia Wrigley’s study, Other People’s Children. This paper examines the pros and cons of hiring a domestic caregiver and shows how people contradict themselves when choosing help. Julia Wrigley, author of Other People’s

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