A study on the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. This paper examines the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. The paper illustrates that the films subject matter is conveyed to the viewer through

A study of Maya Angelou’s life and an analysis of her poem Africa. This paper examines the life of national poet Maya Angelou and her poem Africa. The author writes that Angelou’s books are all autobiographical in their perspective and

An examination of debates and controversies surrounding free trade between Canada and the U.S. This is an investigation of the attitudes and debates surrounding free trade with the United States on the Canadian side of the border during the period

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This paper compares evidence of the actual events of the battle for The Alamo and the 1960 John Wayne film, “The Alamo.” This essay looks at the 1960’s John Wayne film The Alamo and compares it to the actual events

This paper defines, applies and evaluates Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy. The author states that cognitive therapy relates to how a person thinks and attempts to resolve the patients’ problems by changing how they think. The author believes that the strengths

A comparison of the German, Japanese and Anglo-Saxon (USA) systems of human resource management. This paper compares and contrasts the German, Japanese and Anglo Saxon (USA) management and culture. Areas that are used for comparison include national and organizational culture,

A discussion on Eleanor Roosevelt’s political, social and cultural achievements. This paper discusses Eleanor Roosevelt?s personality, political achievements and her relationship with the mass media. The author gives examples of how she left her mark on the American society and

A discussion on the Hindu religion’s view of nature and environment. This paper discusses the importance of environment in Hindu culture in religion. Hinduism lays immense stress on the protection of the environment, which they feel is an integral a

A discussion on the reasons for the disintegration of the American society. This essay discusses Robert Putnam’s perception of the American society. The author explains how and why the American society is falling apart and why it is disintegrated. The

This paper presents the problems of preventing and treating substance abuse, violent behavior and other disturbances of the “bio-psychosocial” equation. The author states that 50 per cent of the mental ill population has a substance abuse problem. He continues that

A summary of the concept release put out by the U.S. Security and Economic Commission (SEC) on International Accounting Standards. The paper shows that the increased globalization of companies has led to a dilemma for investors because accounting standards in

This paper examines why Irish Home Rule was finally accepted in 1914 and not before, as expected. This essay looks at why the Irish Home Rule bill was accepted in 1914, and why it was rejected earlier in both 1886

Position paper on abortion arguing that the pro-life position is the right position. (Learn also this source) This paper examines the controversial issue of abortion and argues that the pro-life decision is the morally right one. “There are many hard

A discussion of the implications of living with mental disorder, including medical issues and the reality of daily life. Using ADHD as an example, this paper discusses issues related to living with mental disorders. Diagnosis and medical concerns are addressed.

A discussion of how the film “Independence Day” can be viewed as a political forum for liberal philosophies. This paper examines the film Independence Day and discusses how it is a tool for political ideologies. The author looks at how

Analyzes the impact and history of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. This paper examines Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences- the history, the details, and the impact, and discusses the flaws of standardized testing and how the blossoming field of brain

Critical analysis of work on subjectivity & objectivity of aesthetic & ethical judgments, compared to Kant’s other works, reason, dualism, form & functiuon. The purpose of this research is to explore Immanuel Kant’s claim in Critique of Judgment that judgments

Compares styles, themes, realities of poems written in response to birds. Percy Shelley’s poem To a Sky-Lark and John Keats’s poem Ode to a Nightingale are both centered on nature in the form of birds. Both poems are classified as

Comparison of two different marketing strategies; one based on humor and one on sex. This paper compares two different marketing strategies: humor and sex. The author discusses how comedy prevails over sexuality in advertisements because comedy is more memorable and

This paper examines the life and contributions to society of the former governor of Georgia, Zell Miller. This paper sheds light on the political achievements of Sen. Zell Miller, the former governor of Georgia. The paper details how Zell Miller

Looks at the environmental and economic damage of hurricane Andrew in Florida and Louisiana. This paper looks at the economic and environmental effects of the Hurricane Andrew, comparing it to other hurricanes throughout the United States. In August of 1992,

Explores crime increase, violence, drugs & gangs, focusing on youth. Looking at urbanization, Juvenile Offenders Act, socialization and public view. In the year 1991, youth crime in Canada had reached the highest level in national history, according to police reports

A study on the concepts of two historic sociologists, Erving Goffman and Harold Garfinkel. This paper compares the works of Erving Goffman and Harold Garfinkel, two leading pioneers in the sociology study of personal interaction and communication. Their works give

A review of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry. This paper analyzes the film Boys Don’t Cry created in 1999, which explores how we identify gender and differentiate between the masculine and the feminine. The paper describes the story of

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and analyze the rights of women in China and the United States. This paper compares the level of women’s rights in the two countries. It compares historical voting rights, political power,

A detailed look at the early hominids and their lifestyles. This paper examines the early hominids and aspects of their culture. The author identifies the early hominids and examine the morphological and archaeological evidence for and against human culture in

An analysis of investment strategies and philosophies. This paper discusses various aspects of investing. The writer explains some of the most important factors which need to be considered – risk, rate of return, impact of taxes on return, marketability and

Examines coming-of-age of novel’s protagonist as tool to critique society’s hypocrisy & corruption.

This paper examines how accessibility to learning and information has improved over the years. This paper provides evidence and argument that the universal accessibility has improved since the year 1997 for schools and libraries across the nation and the world.

Impact of Cubans on culture, social structure, local politics & U.S. (Clinton) policy toward Castro. The population of South Florida today contains a large contingent of exiles and refugees from Castro’s Cuba, part of a mass exodus of disaffected and

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