A comparison of two short stories by female authors on the subject of teenage girls: “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid and “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro. This paper examines Jamaica Kincaid’s short story Girl to Boys and Girls by Alice

A study of American youth culture with reference to literature. The paper studies the rise and evolution of American youth culture over the last decade. This is achieved through a critical review of two literary works. The first is a

An examination of the increased concern for environmental pollution and reasons why. A synthesis essay on the rise of toxic protists due to the increase in dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations from man-made pollution. Specific examples are used to illustrate

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An examination on the positive and negative effects of “In Vitro” fertilization. This paper examines the issues surrounding ‘In Vitro’ fertilization. It describes what it is medically, who is eligible for this treatment, and the legal ramification of conceiving a

A study of the Greek origins of Western philosophy. This paper discusses the contributions of the Greeks to Western philosophy, in how they broke from their mythopoeic past and how Socrates and Plato advanced the rationalism initiated by the cosmologists.

This creative paper is an imaginary, persuasive speech given by a fictional adult male eager to defend FDR’s social welfare program. This imaginary speech, set by the author in 1940, is a defense of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Examines theories on relationship between religious freedom & democracy, political philosophy, public opinion & individualism in U.S. in 19th Cent. The focus of this paper is on Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations on religion in America and on how he developed

The following essay examines the definition of an “outsider” and focuses on the “self-induced outsider” with specific reference to Michael Jackson. This paper gains insight into the general public opinion of Michael Jackson according to the black-based media, and then

A study of this type of educational penalty. This paper presents an in-depth examination of out-of-school suspension. The writer explores the concept, its history and the effectiveness of using out-of-school suspension as a punishment for students. The writer then provides

An argumentative paper about United States’ sanctions against Cuba, presenting both sides of the argument. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the United States’ sanctions against the nation of Cuba. The writer attempts to present both sides of the

Constitutional issues (church-state separation, religious freedom), court decisions on school prayer, vouchers and state laws. ‘ RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS This research paper discusses separation of church and state and other issues relating to religion in the public schools

This paper looks at Hughes’ and Cullen’s artistic blueprint set forth by W.E.B. Du Bois in their protest poems This paper shows how Hughes and Cullen follow Du Bois’ prescription in their creations of black art. The author focuses on

This essay discusses both sides of abortion issues. This essay discusses the reasons many women decide to undergo an abortion, the risks involved, including the health of the mother, and the health of the unborn child. The legal rights of

A paper reviewing the disaster plan for the community of Queens, New York. The paper reviews the disaster plan put out by Queens, N.Y. It shows that awareness about the importance of Community Disaster plans is on the rise and

This paper examines the major theories Wolterstorff has regarding God, and man’s views of death. This paper is a literary analysis of Wolterstorff?s Lament for a Son, It looks at his theories on God in lieu of the loss of

Legal, medical, ethical issues, pros & cons, types of death, patient autonomy, pain management, informed choice and social impact. Research indicates that there are many issues which are not considered in the Assisted Suicide Issue, which typically invokes a knee

A paper which discusses to what extent Lancelot and his love for Guinevere contributed to the downfall of the Round Table, as seen in different versions of the story throughout history. The love story of Lancelot and Guinevere is one

A look at how to effectively implement change in business. This paper takes one through three vital steps in change management. It starts with the need for the changes to be supported by those effected, moves on to consideration and

A look at past and present Australian government policies that address the issue of Aboriginal Health. This paper examines past and present Australian Government policies which have impacted and been implemented to address the issue of Aboriginal Health. The author

This is a paper which compares male and female soldiers and how their bodies react to training. This paper looks at the rigorous training that male and female soldiers go through, and the affect it has on their bodies. The

This paper looks at some of Langston Hughes’ works. This paper examines Langston Hughes contribution to the Harlem Renaissance. The author examines several of his prose and poems that were written about African-Americans and their experiences, both before and during

A discussion of the concepts of sovereignty and security in South East Asia and their importance to stability in the region. This article argues that a new conception of sovereignty is inextricably related to the rise of human security issues.

An examination of the Diceyan model of minimal state and government intervention and its application to European law in the 70’s. This paper analyzes the Diceyan model as a belief in limited government intervention and how this belief is in

Country study: geology, climate, flora & fauna, native population & social development, economics, politics. This document examines a research article relating to the New Zealand financial markets. The article in question is entitled Capital Market Development-New Zealand Case Study published

A detailed analysis of the causes of the February Revolution in Russia (1917) – a paper which asks whether the Revolution was inevitable, or whether it only occurred because of WWI. An essay which discusses the different causes of the

A study on the outstanding commercial success of the Boeing Corporation. This paper examines how past mistakes actually worked in favor of Boeing and became its strengths. The paper describes the current standing of the company in the airline industry

A paper that describes Dante’s journey through his mid-life crisis. A paper which introduces the term ‘mid-life’ crisis. It shows how 14th century poet, Dante, described his own mid-life crisis in his famous work, `The Divine Comedy` and that ever

Compares 1997 films’ financing, audience appeal, characters, directorial styles and plots. The average studio film today costs tens of millions of dollars, while the average independent film exists in a range below $10 million. Such expenditures under both headings have

Outlines the main points of J.F.K.’s life as president. This paper outline three main events in Kennedy’s life as President: his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, the Cuban Missile Crisis and his assassination. Included is a time line of

This essay looks at effective recruitment methods for small businesses. This paper describes the recruitment process beginning from the decision to recruit through to the orientation of the new employee. The author describes this process in a generic form but

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