Compares entrepreneurs’ industrial innovations & labor policies. This research paper discusses the business accomplishments and labor relations of Andrew Carnegie and compares them with a later day industrialist Lee Iacocca (1924- ). The Industrial Innovations of Carnegie and Iacocca Carnegie’s

In the 1960-1970’s a kind of direction in world social thought arose. This is the dependence theory. Other variants of the name of this trend are the dependency theory of development, dependent capitalism, peripheral development, and peripheral capitalism. Dependency Theory

Analyzes short story as example of author’s primitivist aesthetic. Outline. D.H. Lawrence was long a controversial literary figure largely because of his attention to sexual issues in his works. One of his more neglected works is a short story entitled

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This paper explains how and why Spike Lee compromised historical realities in his 1992 film “Malcolm X”. This paper examines how Spike Lee manipulated the Malcom X story in his film by toning down Malcolm’s radical message and even completely

Compares the Nation of Islam with traditional Islam. This paper examines the Nation of Islam as a social movement and tests whether its traditions and roots are really found in traditional Islam. “The presence of God (Allah) is another and

This essay compares the political philosophy of Edmund Burke with that of his leading critic, Thomas Paine. An essay which compares the political philosophy of Edmund Burke with that of his leading critic, Thomas Paine. It argues that Burke’s philosophy

This paper identifies the major issues in U.S. Latin American policy and recommends policy to resolve regional problems. The author feels that major issues in U.S. Latin American policy are the economy and human rights. The paper explores these issues

A look at Kenya’s economy and society today, ten years after the last reform policy. It has been ten years since the last reforms came into effect in Kenya. This paper looks back and sees what has been accomplished. The

A paper which studies how four major religions view life after death. The paper shows that one of the main focuses of religions are the “rewards” of living a religious life exactly what you are going to get at the

This paper examines the approaches to literary criticism of Saussure, a linguist, Freud, a psychoanalyst and Marx, an economist. “Saussure defies the popular notion that language is a process of giving names to ideas we already have (963). In other

This paper looks at the conduct of war over the centuries and the restrictions placed on its conduct. This paper examines the notion of war and justice. It looks at the just war convention and the concept of honor that

This paper discusses the work of Theodore J. Lowi as related to the Republican Party coalition of 1994. This paper first defines and analyzes the Republican Party coalition of 1994 and then moves to the thought and writings of Theodore

A paper which explores of the way science fiction is presented in film and literary form. The paper explores the theme of science fiction in film and literature since its beginnings with Jules Verne’s writings at the end of the

An essay on the Republican governments of the southern United States in the post-Civil War era. This paper examines the social and political elements of the south after the Civil War. It efficiently covers the abolition of slavery, the emergence

This paper discuses the artist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and his painting, The Luncheon of the Boating Party. The author states that in the painting The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir shows the splendor and joy of everyday life. This painting

This paper discusses the role of religion in science since the time of Newton. The author discusses their roles in society over the past few hundred years and how they are deeply entwined, even while holding opposing views. This paper

This paper describes the different types of discrimination in Arthur Miller’s play. This paper discussed the different types of prejudice and discrimination found in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”: . Race, gender, age, religion and class are some of the characteristics

A discussion on how the American Cinema has succeeded in depicting the realities in the present-day America focusing on director Martin Scorsese’s slow burn style in ‘The Color of Money.’ The following paper argues that Scorsese’s ‘The Color of Money’

An exploration of the present sex tourism industry. The writer explores the industry, looking at both its positive and negative aspects and then makes conclusions about whether the legalization of sex tourism is a good or bad idea. “The sex

A discussion of the various topics that the U.S. Supreme Court deals with. A detailed examination of the U.S. Supreme court and the type of matters it addresses. The author argues that issues of politics and political controversies should be

This paper reviews an exploratory research study that examined the abnormalities of the pituitary glands of bipolar and unipolar patients in expectation of finding a cure. The author explains that the research question asked if the pituitary glands of bipolar

A research of the current economic situation in the U. S. and possible solutions. A look at the current recession and how it could be avoided. This paper uses quotes and facts about historical U.S. recessions to discuss the current

An analysis and description of the themes and characters. An examination of Hawthorne’s `The Blithedale Romance`. The author analyzes the two main themes in the novel: transcendentalism and materialism and how they are depicted in the two main characters, Zenobia

A critical evaluation of two sociolinguistic studies which demonstrate the Difference and Dominance positions regarding the differences in female and male language usage. This paper discusses the two contrasting theories regarding gender differences in speech: the Dominance approach and the

An in depth look into the symbolic meaning of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This paper is about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the effects it has had on society and still has on society today. The

A paper which looks at the role of women in Shakespeare’s play, Richard III. A paper which presents a detailed discussion about the role of women in Richard III by William Shakespeare. The writer of this paper brings forth the

This paper examines the assumption that only monsters could have committed the mass murders of the Holocaust. This paper compares two books written about the extermination of Jewish people: ?Ordinary Men,? (Christopher Browning) and ?Resisting the Holocaust? (ed. Ruby Rohrlich)

This paper discusses the Persian Gulf War, the reasons behind its inception, military history, and how the war ended rather quickly. This paper presents an in-depth look at the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991. The author presents a detailed history

Critical review of work on life, political rise, tactics, leadership & popularity of Palestinian leader. Alan Hart, in Arafat: Terrorist or Peacemaker?, presents a well-balanced portrait of the Arab leader Yasser Arafat, demonstrating convincingly that he was indeed once a

This paper discusses violent social behavior, and how it is acquired. This paper analyzes the theory of violence and criminal behavior through the explanation of the theories of containment, learning and social strain. The author uses a case study of

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