This paper discusses a Southern California e-commerce company, eConnect. The author presents his/her marketing ideas for the company, including targeted consumer markets. The paper includes charts to support the author’s premises.Located in Southern California, eConnect is positioning itself to become

A comparative analysis of the Human Resource Management (HRM)systems in Japan and Germany This essay analyzes the human resource systems in both Japan and Germany using the analytical framework put forward by Beer et al in 1984. Differences and similarities

An examination of U.S. – Soviet relations under Mikael Gorbachev, and the ending of the Cold War, including the reduction of nuclear weapons. The paper shows how Mikhail Gorbachev attempted to broker peace with the U.S. and it discusses his

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The following paper discusses and defines breast cancer. The following defines and discusses the different types and causes of breast cancer. In addition it looks at how this cancer is treated, the different stages of this illness and the proposed

This paper looks at the question of Physician-Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia. This paper is an analysis of the many different issues and arguments that occur when the topic of physician-assisted suicide is discussed. The paper looks at some of the

A look at the complexities involved in television violence and how it effects children’s lives. This literature review is all about television violence and the effects on youth. The author attempts to examine whether television consumption cause children to imitate

A discussion about affordable housing and whether the community and the black church should be involved in the issue of affordable housing in the United States. The following paper looks at the issue of affordable housing focusing on programs such

This paper discusses the book “Falling From Grace” by Katherine S. Newman. This paper analyzes the book “Falling from Grace” by Katherine S. Newman in which she describes how different prototypical Americans have lost their footing on the upward climb

This paper explores the shifting worldview from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. An examination of shifting world views with emphasis on the changing views in arts, literature, philosophy and in politics. The author compares past views to present views

This paper analyzes the various marketing techniques that the automobile industry uses on the Internet. An examination of 20 sites of automobile manufacturers seeking to understand how car manufacturers use marketing strategies to attract customers. The investigation also reveals the

An overview of the movie “Amadeus.” A discussion of the movie Amadeus; which was directed by Milos Forman, and released during 1984. This paper shows how the film is an adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s Broadway hit, and is considered as

This paper asks the question why more Americans do not vote. This paper looks at what makes a democracy successful and how elections represent the epitome of a democracy. It asks if America is failing as a democracy due to

This is a paper about the life and works of the phenomenal mathematician Archimedes. A look at the different discoveries by Archimedes focusing on what he is most greatly known for – discovering the solution of pi. His approximation of

This is a book-by-book breakdown of the important topics presented by Aristotle of good and the pursuit of happiness in his book Nicomachean Ethics. This is a summary of Aristotle?s Nicomachean Ethics that emphasizes Aristotle’s big influence in the world

This paper focuses on the treatment of African-Americans in television programs spanning decades. This paper focuses on the treatment of African-Americans in television programs spanning decades. Specific shows are discussed (e.g. – “All In The Family”, “Sanford & Son”). Conclusions

An analysis of Charles Bowden’s style of writing in the short story Blue. Through an examination of the actual immigrants crossing border, Charles Bowden uses the short story Blue to minimize the life and death struggle of crossing the desert

Development of blues musical form & use & significance of train symbolism in lyrics, focusing on 1950s song “Night Train.” The purpose of this research is to examine the use of the train as a metaphor in the blues musical

This paper examines the addictive qualities of tobacco and argues in favor of outlawing its use in the United States. This paper presents presents a detailed discussion on why the use of tobacco should be made illegal. The writer takes

This paper reviews the book “Gideon’s Trumpet, about a hobo and real-life convict in Florida in the 1960s whose fight for freedom led to a landmark case being heard in the United States Supreme Court. This is a book review

A discussion of the works of the author Vladimir Nabokov. This paper gives a brief history of the life of the author Vladimir Nabokov and analyzes its effect on his writings which are perceived to be semi-biographical. Vladimir Nabokov wrote

Compares coming-of-age experiences of short stories’ male protagonists. A by John Updike, First Confession by Frank O’Connor & “The Sky Is Gray” by Ernest Gaines. Three short stories, John Updike’s A, Frank O’Connor’s First Confession, and Ernest J. Gaines’ The

This paper is an essay review of the classical musical movie, Singin’ In The Rain. The author states that the movie Singin’ in the Rain, an all American musical classic, is regarded as the best musical on film. The paper

Critiques use in retailing & argues that this marketing approach is rarely used & less effective than some researchers & public believe.

A classification of the different types of sins and the idea behind them This paper discusses the aspect of sins and sin-doing and examines the three types of sins that mankind commits: primal sin, original sin and actual sin and

Examined in terms of incidence, reporting, laws, social aspects, problems of police response, prosecution & court decisions and possible solutions. Provides examples. POLICE RESPONSE TO DOMESTIC DISPUTES Introduction This research examines the issue of criminal justice response to domestic disputes.

A study of the similarities and differences between the two ‘Godfathers of History’ This essay compares the works of Herodotus and Thucydides, and the way in which Herodotus influenced Thucydides’ own views on the writing of history. It examines differences

A persuasive paper about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This paper describes how Lyndon B. Johnson, with the help of J. Edgar Hoover and mob boss Carlos Marcello, was the only person with the motive, means and opportunity to

Examines social, medical & economic need for, goals, alternatives, focusing on Russo bill. The richest country in the world is lagging behind many other countries in offering health care to ALL its citizens. It is time that legislators on both

An overview of the history of women and their status in society from ancient to modern times. The paper discusses the status of women from ancient times in countries such as China, Japan and Egypt, through the Middle Ages, the

A paper which supports the legalization of euthanasia. An argumentative essay in support of the right of a person to choose the time, place and method of his own death. The paper studies the legal and moral aspects of euthanasia

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