This paper looks at the events at the Federal Reserve Open Market committee meeting in October 2000. This paper examines the reasons why the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee at its October 2000 meeting decided to leave the Federal Funds

This essay critically assesses the role of the computer on personal financial planning. The following paper discusses the concept of personal financial planning, including a brief definition of the term. It then gives a short but succinct history of the

An insight into public budgeting in the U.S. This paper argues whether public budgeting is “nothing but a political process that connects the various political and influential figures in the government who decide what kind of budget the people should

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This paper introduces and discusses the life of Nobel Prize winning scientist, Linus Pauling. The following paper discusses the life of Linus Pauling, focusing on his achievements and discoveries. The writer discusses how in 1954, Pauling was awarded the Nobel

This paper looks at the evolution of man up until modern man. An examination of the evolution of man from the earliest Australopithecus through to the three branches of the “family tree” to the dead end species of neanderthalensis and

Compares economic success in Korea with failure in Latin Amer. Govt. & politics, export-industrialization vs. import-substitution economies, leadership, foreign investment, dependency theory. Much of the academic discussion about the political economy of development has turned upon the contrast between East

A look at the difficult procedure of making ethical health care decisions This paper offers a recommendation on a biomedical ethics’ case concerning passive voluntary euthanasia where the patient’s family and health care providers are divided on how to proceed.

The focus of the paper is on discrimination and racism in the South, and how these topics are handled in literature. This paper discusses issues of race and oppression in the novel, “Marrow of Tradition”. The author delves into the

An analysis of the NATO invasion of Serbia by examining international law. This paper attempts to justify the NATO strikes on Serbia by examining international law. This invasion, made for both strategic and moral purposes, and made in part because

A critical analysis of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allen Poe, a lesson in pride and revenge. The following paper endeavors to explore how Poe utilizes the literary tools of repetition, contrast, foreshadowing, irony and symbolism to convey the

A history and analysis of the financial statement of the Boston Beer Company. This paper is an analysis of the Boston Beer Company and shows how by examination of its financial statement that the company has been able to sustain

This paper looks at depression in the elderly which is often undiagnosed and therefore untreated. This paper identifies the causes of elder depression, possible treatments for the disease, and proposes a geriatric intervention program that would reduce depression in the

A comparison of three women in the Bible – Sarah, Rebecca and Hannah. This paper examines three women in the Old Testament. Sarah, Rebecca and Hannah. The writer discusses the significance that these women had in the Old Testament but

A look at the Japanese foreign policy and the changes taking place. The primary focus of this essay is to note the changes taking place within the Japanese decision-making process. The author argues that Japan’s foreign policy is no longer

An exploration of the theme of rebellion and conformity In Jane Eyre. This paper focuses on the elements of rebellion and conformity that make frequent appearances in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, `Jane Eyre`. It looks at the many instances of rebellion

Reviews work on need for shift from Darwinian medicine to evolutionary epidemiology in fight against pathogens from cholera to AIDS. Paul Ewald’s Evolution of Infectious Disease begins with a re-examination of traditional medical approaches to treating and eradicating disease through

Examines groups’ origins, political ideologies, leadership, racial views, public’s attitudes, violence and social impact. Although the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panther Party both employed violence to obtain their objectives, few similarities exist between the two groups. The Ku

An examination of the relationship between two forms of communication – verbal and non-verbal. The paper shows that when we think about communication, we think about the spoken word and that our thoughts are always about the words people use

An examination of various African heroes and related rituals and customs. An analysis of “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe and “Efuru” by Flora Nwapa. The author examines these two novels that center around the lives of the Igbo people

The following paper discusses the biography of Andrew Carnegie, an entrepreneur and founder of the American steel Industry, his life, the major influences and significance of his work and the impact of his life on others. Andrew Carnegie helped build

A description of West German attempts to open political and economic relations with Eastern Europe brought about by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. This paper deals with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The author examines the historical relationship between West

An examination of the role the Seneca Falls convention of 1848 played in the development of modern feminism. In 1848 an abolitionist convention was held in Seneca Falls. This paper analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the Seneca Falls convention’s

The following essay discusses the role of the community police officer in the American society. This essay examines the benefits of community policing. It defines the concept, discusses the job’s expectations and why it is in demand. Results seen from

An examination of the treatment of homosexuality by the law. An argumentative paper outlining how the law treats homosexuality. The author focuses on the history, marriage and adoption rights and benefits of homosexuals and the general effect of these laws

Examines crabs’ complex decision making process in picking shells to dwell in. INTRODUCTION Research is currently being pursued in shell selection by the hermit crab. Hermit crabs usually are found in empty gastropod shells, seeking protection from predators, desiccation, and

Need for, evolution, socioeconomics, role of govt., extractive reserves, resistance to, threat of revolution. Land reform is one of the most complex and divisive issues confronting Latin American societies. Efforts to attain real land reform in Latin American countries generally

An examination of increasing violence in Western society This paper addresses the wide range of studies which indicate that rates of violent crime have increased significantly within Western society since the 1960s. The author argues that the fluid nature of

An analysis of the Mongol Horde invasion. To understand a present-day culture one must look to its past, its formation and foundation. In the case of modern day Russia, the author contends that the domination and repression imposed by the

An examination of power struggles after Stalin’s death. This papers examines the power struggle in the Soviet Union between Malenkov and Khrushchev after Stalin’s death. It discusses the idea that foreign policy and not domestic policy was the key to

Compares learning, cultural, ethical & funding goals of school systems. China and the United States are both concerned with educational policy. Both countries have set educational goals for the year 2000. In each case, the countries are endeavoring to improve

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