An analysis of the social barriers facing young people with disabilities when moving from a secured education environment to work places. This paper examines the hardships and difficulties presented to young disabled people when they have to step out into

Compares 1987 & 1992 films’ portrayals of traditional social gender roles, family values & the threat of sexual deviance. Films make a number of assumptions about gender based on audience beliefs and expectations, and these are derived from the social

An examination of Roosevelt’s New Deal and its attempt to save America from the Great Depression. This paper is about the Great Depression that hit Americans during the 1930’s. The author goes into depth about FDR’s new deal and how

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Examines city’s leaders’ bribery & abuses of power in 20th Cent., racial aspects, campaign funding and term limits. Bribery and Corruption in Boston This paper will analyze the effects of bribery and corruption in the political arena in Boston, Massachusetts.

An essay examining elements of plot, character development, symbolism and themes found in Conrad’s short story. This essay discusses and analyzes Joseph Conrad’s short story The Secret Sharer. The author describes Conrad’s life as a sailor and its influence on

An overview of John Locke’s theories of the nature if ideas, thoughts and innate knowledge. This paper presents an overview of Locke’s theories as outlined in his essay. His arguments against a priori knowledge and the effects of his ideas

A look at how pathological gambling effects the individual. This paper examines pathological gambling as a disease. The author examines the various stages that one undergoes, the threats that gambling imposes and the different symptoms and solutions to the disorder.

This paper outlines Fragile X disorder with a detailed description of the biological cause of the disorder, as well as an explanation of the subsequent communication disorders This paper looks at the debilitating disease called Fragile X Disorder. It examines

A case study examining the relationship between nursing kittens and purring in the domestic cat. The author of this paper conducts a case study on a mother cat and her nursing kittens to show whether or not the kittens purring

This analytical essay explores the relationship between acquiring true power and forgiveness. This paper looks at Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and sets out to prove that Shakespeare believes that true power can only come from forgiveness. Prospero’s transformation from a

A look at the growing trend of students who possess credit cards and the psychology behind buying on credit. This paper examines the popular American trend and phenomenon of buying on credit. It shows that the age of credit card

A paper which discusses the meaning of performance improvement, different methods and first steps in improving a business. The paper shows that the current competitive business environment has resulted in a number of performance improvement methods becoming popular. The paper

A look at the strong and lifelong relationships between African-American women as shown in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Sula. This paper analyzes the close bond, depicted by Toni Morrison in her novels Beloved and Sula, between African-American women that gives

An analysis of the poem “Swammerdam” by Randolph Henry Ash and how it is woven into the novel “Possession” by A.S. Byatt. The paper discusses how A. S. Byatt, in the novel “Possession”, succeeds brilliantly in the monumental technical achievement

An introduction and discussion of the history and current collection of the New York City Bronx Zoo. This paper describes the Bronx Zoo?s history and its purpose. It illustrates today?s exhibitions and programs, which is set in the natural setting

Reasons for & constitutionality of searches, probable cause, seizures & random testing, court cases and role of police. Police have increasingly been called into the public educational setting to insure the safety of high school campuses. Many school districts have

This paper presents a study of Greyhound, a company that initially found success in the bus transportation industry but has since diversified into a wide range of industries. The following paper explores why Greyhound is encountering problems with the symptoms

Examines significance & nature of biochemical activation mechanism of enzymes which catalyze the hydrolysis of ester bonds in phospholipids in animals & plants. PHOSPHOLIPASE & ITS ACTIVATION MECHANISM Introduction Phospholipase refers to a number of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis

Pros & cons of federal regulation. History, court decisions, benefits of deregulation, economic effects, compensation schemes, market efficiency, fairness, ethics. Insider trading is the basing of stock trades in a public company on information that is not known by the

An analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s use of dialogue in his story, The Cask of Amontillado. This paper examines The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and provides a synopsis of the short story. It describes Poe’s use of

A discussion on body image, focusing on the root of why women see themselves the way they do and an examination of ways to deal with this self-image. This paper explores how the media affects the body image of women

Research into the effects of managerial attitudes on absenteeism rates among workers. This paper examines research which assumes that a leader who promotes a diverse work place will receive more rewards in both increased production and decreased absenteeism. The paper

An examination of the role of music in failed personal completeness in James Weldon Johnson’s Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man. This paper deals with how music is used symbolically in James Weldon Johnson’s “Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man,” and the

An analysis of the major components of the Jenny Craig Diet plan. This paper examines the different aspects of Jenny Craig Inc. and its highly successful diet plan in order to determine its overwhelming international success. The paper outlines the

Critical review of work by Daniel Nelson on Taylor’s positive & negative impact on American industry, factory system, management & labor, productivity, innovations. Daniel Nelson, in Frederick W. Taylor and the Rise of Scientific Management, explores and analyzes the techniques

A company profile of Home Depot Inc., including charts and future forecasts. Home Depot is now as much a household name as McDonald’s because of the presence of its stores nationwide. This paper introduces the retail giant which specializes in

A case study of the Denver International Airport project management failure. This paper examines the construction of the airport and the failures experienced during the project such as: inability to define the project objectives, lack of planning, ineffective controls and

This paper presents a detailed report about the development of a strategic human resource model to be used for the company DECO. The paper explains the importance of the human resource department for a business by detailing the role that

An exploration of the various social issues addressed in Maryse Cond’s novel I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem. The paper explores the issues of racism, feminism, religious bigotry, and hypocrisy in Maryse Cond”s novel, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem. The

Review of & personal response to Ute Indian’s struggle to find his place in white culture while preserving traditional cultural connections. When the Legends Die (Borland, 1963) describes the struggle of Tom Black Bull, a Ute Indian born shortly before

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