Catering Service

4 April 2017

It is recommended that the Corporate Policy and Performance Committee: (i) Note that based on the evidence gathered as part of the review process there are no commercial or other grounds to justify any early consideration of out-sourcing these services. Agree that the detailed use of information gathered for and by the review to develop clear strategies and service improvement plans, would represent a more effective use of available council resources at this time.

Instruct officer to develop a comprehensive action plan dealing with the organisational and strategic issues from the recommendation and to report back to this Committee in two cycles time. Further areas for potential saving are being identified by catering services. These include the potential to make use of spare capacity within pupil transport vehicles to deliver meals to schools which do not have cooking kitchens on site, rather than use taxi delivery.

Also staffing levels are being checked to ensure that there is not an over allocation of staff hours within school kitchens if either uptakes of meals or the school role is reducing. The review of catering services provided within Aberdeen City Council premises has demonstrated significant links to the health issues within the Aberdeen City Profile in the Single Outcome Agreement 2009 – 2010.

The actions resulting from the Catering Services Review must take cognisance of the anti Poverty Strategy with regard to the provision of healthy eating and free school meals in designated areas of deprivation. The outcomes and in particular the promotion and support for healthy eating will link to further plans within the curriculum in schools and policies supporting children. 5. As part of the redesign of Facilities Management the former Resources Management Committee requested that a review be undertaken of all catering carried out within Aberdeen City Council premises. This included school catering, social services catering and civic/other catering services. The scope of the review did not include those catering services currently (or planned to be) subject to external provision such as meals on wheels or Council venues with public catering facilities, other that the Beach Ballroom. . 1. 2 The Best Value Consultancy within the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) was commissioned to undertake the review. 6. 1. 3 The review sought to measure both the direct service delivery and the systems, procedures and structures which support the current ‘internal’ catering services against national benchmarks/best practice as well as the Council’s wider duty of best value in relation to the delivery of these services.

Accordingly, in addition to ‘comparative’ measures on process, cost and service delivery, the review consulted widely with delivery staff, corporate and strategic stakeholders, health agencies, head teachers, parents and pupils, carte managers, residential and day centre customers, trade unions and other stakeholders on ‘satisfaction’ levels with the current and aspirations for the future organisation and delivery of these services.

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