Catherine rampell

7 July 2016

Catherine Rampell’s “A Generation of Slackers? Not so much” starts her essay out by quoting strong and negative opinion statements made by people who believes Generation Y are lazy, dumb and etc. From the beginning of her essay Rampell had used a Tone that set out to make readers believe like she was attacking Generation Y but ironically transition the tone of her work into a defense towards generation y. It proves her defense by quoting evidence to support her views of Generation Y (“Today’s young people are very focused on trying to work hard and to get ahead”).

To strengthened her opinion Rampell used flashback to remind readers that the demeanor and the behaviors of Generation Y “Are nothing new-they’ve been levied against generation x and etc. , even Aristotle and Plato were said to express similar feeling about the slacker youth of their times. ” After showing evidence to how Generation Y are not lazy as they seem to be viewed as but instead hardworking and productive as well, Rampell begins to use contrast between Generation Y and Generation X at the end of the essay to support her views.

Catherine rampell Essay Example

One key difference between Generation Y and Generation X is technology. It is agreeably that this generation work ethic are different from the older generation because of the introduction of advance technology to us. Technology may had help boost our grade up into an easy A that still did not stop us to be productive. It was stated that between 1989 and 2006 teenagers who were volunteered doubled to 26. 4% from 13. 4%. This clearly verifies the title of the essay “A Generation of Slackers? NOT SO MUCH!

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